Sharon Prince Providing the Perfect Backdrop for Earth Day

April 22nd is a very important day that should be marked on everyone’s calendar; it is Earth Day. This is a day dedicated to the protection of nature. Sharon Prince is one of the people that do not take Earth Day lightly.


Sharon Prince holds the prestigious positions at Grace Farms Foundation as the Chair-cum-President. Established and gaining prominence since 2009 for its engagement with the important things in life, the privately-run foundation has successfully managed to enhance the lives of several individuals all over the world.

Earth Day Celebrations

At Grace Farms Foundation, Earth Day is celebrated annually with each year having a given aim that the foundation hopes to achieve. 2019 was no different with the foundation aiming to encapsulate the importance of restoring wilderness, developing a sustainable environment for wildlife to thrive and the maintenance of ecosystems and necessary infrastructure to enable native species to return to previously abandoned habitats.

According to Mark Fowler, a director at the foundation, nature connects humans to something real that grounds them and raises their spirits. Providing open space and access to nature brings a quality of life for people.

Miss Prince’s Foundation, therefore, organizes activities on Earth Day to bring nature and humans together. At Grace Farms, Earth Day activities include guided Native Bird walks within the farm that is home to 75 species of birds, various conversations with industry experts on different nature-related topics aimed at inspiring and appreciating the entwined relationship between nature, mankind and the world around us.

Families get to enjoy this day by taking part in family-friendly activities like observing the demonstration on the importance of sustainable ecosystems for pollinators and attending Habitats and Hope workshops that encourage children to learn about animal communities.

Everyone should place high importance on human interaction with nature and nature restoration as Grace Farms does.

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