Sussex Healthcare Scales the Heights of Specialized Care Services

Since 1985, residents of Southern England have enjoyed specialized care from Sussex Healthcare. The elderly members of the society have been the greatest beneficiaries of their stellar services. At the heart of their leadership are Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani who have successfully steered the healthcare giver to the success they have enjoyed over the years.

The two are well-versed in matters surrounding the sector and this is clear from the kind of leadership they offer. Sachedina was a practicing dental surgeon while Shiraz had previously managed hotels for a good number of years. They combined their expertise and experience to great effect.

Their adult care network has earned them recognition from all walks of life and they have a couple of awards to show for their services. The decades they have spent together has resulted in a vibrant network that continues to offer good value for money to all their clients. The future still holds a lot of promise for Sussex Healthcare.

The two managers have successfully put together a team of caregiving staff who ensure that clients keep knocking at their doors. They also offer continuous training to successfully meet the dynamic needs of their patients. Their competitive compensation ensures that the team provides nothing short of the very best services.

Sussex Healthcare boasts of over 20 facilities that offer a wide range of services to their clients. Residential houses are reserved for clients seeking full-care services. These houses are supplemented with daycare facilities and ultra-modern gyms.

A good chunk of the elderly clients of Sussex Healthcare have Alzheimer’s or dementia. Younger adults, on the other hand, are diagnosed with different cognitive issues including a host of neurological disorders. The firm has done enough capacity building that allows them to take care of severe and modest needs with ease.

Sussex Healthcare has enjoyed tremendous success over the years as they seek to ensure that their clients live worthy lives. Beyond taking care of the physical health of patients, they provide recreational and leisure programs that go a long way in making lives better. They put into account the patient’s interests to offer personalized programs. The dietary needs are not overlooked either thanks to the nutritious meals offered every other day.