Experienced Businessman Alex Hern

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is an experienced businessman that has had a great career from the start because he has his unique way for being to pay attention to the details and the big picture. Right from the start of his working career, he found himself moving up and moving on to other companies that were willing to offer him more.

Throughout his business years working for companies he got to be in almost every department so he saw exactly what it was that made a company great and what it was that would tear it down.

So he went to work for himself after years of experience and thought that he could use his vast skills he learned to help other companies that he saw the struggle. Although the majority of the time small start-up companies need every penny they have all agree that hiring expert Alex Hern is one of the best things they did for their company.



The research-based company Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stanberry. The establishment is a privately owned entity situated in Baltimore, Maryland where its headquarters are situated with other offices in different regions like California, Oregon, and Florida (Prnewswire).

The company specializes in global research-based investments of all fields either involving updates on the trading, economic news, financial information and many more. They are set to give the best advisement newsletter to their clients, having carefully analyzed values as well as alternative strategies on options to take while their clients decide on matters of investing. All this was meant to assure satisfaction in a risk-free environment.

All this was established by core values Stansberry Research wish to uphold their only two simple principles that were set on assuring customer satisfaction was met in a way they would want it for themselves if ever the situation was reversed. The other being, to make sure the work output based on good strategy and research, they would publish the best analytic advice that they would want only their families to read. With this, they claimed their newsletter subscribers were from different regions of the globe hitting the over one hundred mark in numbers of countries.

Through the same principle, Stansberry Research established a no different relationship when it came to their employees in both account-abilities as well as transparency to assure reliability and good work routine in performance. The goal is to establish a global unmatched client service, which had an aim of building a long-term relationship in all this. It would mean benefit to both parties more over the client because it meant the company was to reward them by giving the best products from new opportunities that had not been explored. Moreover, it as well meant a great deal where the clients had access to products all, and for a cheaper price.

For more information about Stansberry Research http://markherringshaw.com/2019/02/13/stansberry-research-has-achieved-growth-and-expansion-that-can-be-attributed-to-its-experienced-team-of-researchers/

Why Ted Bauman Is Concerned About Amazon

If you’re an investor, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with expert Ted Bauman, the economist who’s the editor of a monthly publication called The Bauman Letter with over 100,000 devoted subscribers. Bauman is known for providing critical financial information to help his followers protect their investments. His innovative strategies are also shared in the Smart Money service that he provides, which includes an Alpha Stock Alert and an ETF-trading platform. Ted Bauman’s knowledge and views concerning Amazon are particularly noteworthy because they are contrary to the opinions shared by many experts. Ted has compared Amazon to the Sears catalog that was first published in the late 1980s and provided immediate gratification.

The desire for immediate satisfaction that existed decades ago has not changed. This is partially the reason for Amazon’s success in selling a wide selection of merchandise at affordable prices, and with fast delivery options. Amazon sells nine out of every twenty products purchased online in the United States. Despite the tremendous success of Amazon, Ted Bauman disagrees with those who believe it’s a monopoly. However, he still has concerns about the online retail giant. As a matter a fact, he has major concerns, and one of them is data security. Bauman’s knowledge on this topic is expansive and he has even authored a guide to Internet privacy and security that was recently published.

The guide provides eight recommendations for boosting security, such as using Signal and/or WhatsApp for mobile messages, getting a password manager, using two-factor authentication and using a virtual private network (VPN). Another concern that according to Ted Bauman has with Amazon is the fact that the company is growing increasingly unpopular with suppliers because of pressures to reduce bulk prices. Amazon even removes the merchandise of manufacturers who are not willing to lower their prices. Ted Bauman says that this type of behavior has the potential to trigger government action. Along those same lines, Ted Bauman has an issue with the way in which Amazon negotiates prices for shipping services with the United States Postal Office. He believes the post office and other shipping services end up complying with the demands in order to keep Amazon as a client.

Sources of the article: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/05/ted-bauman-3-stock-market-crash-outcomes/

New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corporation is a successful investment trust which deals with the field of real estate. It is listed in the New York Stock exchange market as a market leader reporting rapid growth and attracting new investors.

Its investment portfolio has, in turn, indicated rapid growth as it identifies new market opportunities for its clients. The company engages qualified personnel which ensures that clients’ needs and expectations are met. It could be attributed to being among the leading causes of the company success.

New Residential Investment Corp has new development projects such as the issuance of shares in an underwritten public offering. It comes after the announcement that the company will engage in an acquisition of shell point partners.

The mortgage service market further contributes to New Residential Investment and is thus a lucrative investment opportunity. It is imperative to note the company uses risk-adjusted rates in its operations which attract numerous investors to the company.

Real estate industry requires that there is a long term stable cash flow and hence the company incorporates the same as one of its operational strategies. Niche markets further result in a high sales turnover rate contributing to the overall success of New Residential Investment Corporation.

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Sussex Healthcare Scales the Heights of Specialized Care Services

Since 1985, residents of Southern England have enjoyed specialized care from Sussex Healthcare. The elderly members of the society have been the greatest beneficiaries of their stellar services. At the heart of their leadership are Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani who have successfully steered the healthcare giver to the success they have enjoyed over the years.

The two are well-versed in matters surrounding the sector and this is clear from the kind of leadership they offer. Sachedina was a practicing dental surgeon while Shiraz had previously managed hotels for a good number of years. They combined their expertise and experience to great effect.

Their adult care network has earned them recognition from all walks of life and they have a couple of awards to show for their services. The decades they have spent together has resulted in a vibrant network that continues to offer good value for money to all their clients. The future still holds a lot of promise for Sussex Healthcare.

The two managers have successfully put together a team of caregiving staff who ensure that clients keep knocking at their doors. They also offer continuous training to successfully meet the dynamic needs of their patients. Their competitive compensation ensures that the team provides nothing short of the very best services.

Sussex Healthcare boasts of over 20 facilities that offer a wide range of services to their clients. Residential houses are reserved for clients seeking full-care services. These houses are supplemented with daycare facilities and ultra-modern gyms.

A good chunk of the elderly clients of Sussex Healthcare have Alzheimer’s or dementia. Younger adults, on the other hand, are diagnosed with different cognitive issues including a host of neurological disorders. The firm has done enough capacity building that allows them to take care of severe and modest needs with ease.

Sussex Healthcare has enjoyed tremendous success over the years as they seek to ensure that their clients live worthy lives. Beyond taking care of the physical health of patients, they provide recreational and leisure programs that go a long way in making lives better. They put into account the patient’s interests to offer personalized programs. The dietary needs are not overlooked either thanks to the nutritious meals offered every other day.

Dr. Saad Saad, the Humanitarian Surgeon

When a kid from the Middle East was fighting for his life after having sustained severe gunshot wound and the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund urgently scouring the world for an expert with the expertise to perform an exceedingly complicated pediatric surgery, Dr. Saad answered everyone’s prayers.

This child was flown to the U.S. by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund so that Dr. Saad Saad could operate on the child, a surgery that lasted seven hour long hours, during which time Dr. Saad Saad fixed all of the child’s internal injuries as well as patched up the kid.

Success has a tendency to invite more requests and as a result of this successful surgery, the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund further sought out Dr. Saad Saad to perform more and more free surgeries on underprivileged children and even make requests for the good pediatric surgeon to travel to Palestine to perform more free surgeries there on improverished children, which Dr. Saad Saad gladly agreed to do. In fact, Dr. Saad Saad made eight total medical missions to Palestine.

The first medical mission to Palestine took place in May of 2008. During this mission, Dr. Saad Saad helped the needy by rendering them medical care.

Dr. Saad Saad chose to personally travel to Palestine to perform free surgeries there on improverished children for the following reasons: first, Dr. Saad Saad wanted to help the needy people of his motherland, who would not otherwise have been able to receive any medical treatment whatsoever. Put differently, Dr. Saad wanted to give something to his fellow countrymen by bringing the medical skills he had acquired in the United States to Palestine with his eight medical missions.

Moreover, Dr. Saad Saad wanted to impart the skills he had acquired to the young, new Palestinian pediatric surgeons of Palestine. In this way, following Dr. Saad Saad’s departure from Palestine these doctor can better provide medical care to the locals.

Furthermore, Dr. Saad wanted to do something to support the local economy of Palestine by eliminating the necessity of having to travel to Israel to perform the surgeries so that the cost thereof is not deducted from taxes collected from Palestinians for Palestine.

In addition, by Dr. Saad Saad performing surgery in the country of Palestine and training the new local surgeons there, the costs associated with transporting patients to Israel for surgeries are eliminated, and patients and the Palestinian government may also avoid paying much of the cost associated with the treatments.

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The future seems very promising for Madison Street Capital

Following its recent awarding of the M&A Deal of the Year Award, the Future for the Chicago based investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital seems very promising. This firm received this award during the M&A Advisor organized 13th Annual Turnaround Awards. This investment banking firm has built a reputation for itself around the world as the top firm in its sector. This award comes following the firm’s superb assistance and advisory to its client Sachs Capital Group. Thanks to its important role, this client was able to complete the RMG Networks take private deal successfully.


Exemplary commitment and teamwork


The CEO and Founder of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway came forward to thank the organizers of this awards ceremony for seeing the commitment of his company to providing clients with top-notch services. He went ahead to congratulate the staff at this company for their efforts and teamwork in fostering the success that the company currently enjoys. In his speech, Charles Botchway went ahead to assure the clients of his firm that they plan to offer even better services. He said that this award was a challenge to the company to even go above what the customers may expect in terms of service.


The highly competitive stage


The 13th Annual Turnaround Awards was a highly competitive stage with 275 companies and firms from all around the globe competing for different categories. Madison Street Capital took home the crème de la crème of the awards, the M&A Deal of the Year Awards. Other categories in these awards were Professional of the Year, Service of the Year, Firm of the Year, Transaction of the Year, and Refinancing of the Year. The awards were judged by a jury of industry experts drawn from different sectors.


About Madison Street Capital


This is an investment banking firm that has its business fingers all around the globe. Mergers and acquisitions, valuations and financial opinions and advisory are some of the specializations of this firm. Madison Street Capital prides itself in helping its clients successfully navigate through today’s tough business market. This investment banking firm has been part of some of the most excellent deals in the industry. The latest of this was the Sachs Capital Group take-private deal of RMG Networks, the one that earned it this award. Currently, this firm seems set to improve its services significantly and aiming for even bigger goals.


The company is also taking the interests of its clients seriously by ensuring that they are accomplished. Madison Street Capital has a team of executives who work around the clock to facilitate effective services delivery to the customers. These professionals are highly qualified to handle all matters of interest to players in the industry.


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Sandy Chin’s Reading Program

After seeing a need for books at an elementary school, Sandy Chin jumped into action. The school that Sandy Chin would be helping is called PS11. This school is for students of low income housing. Shen wanted to make sure that the students had books readily available to them for during the summertime. Reading during that three month break of school can be very important for students. It helps them to keep their minds fresh, and remember everything they learned during the previous school year.

A lot of times when children do not read during the summer they will fall back on their reading skills. Sandy Chin is also helping local libraries to start reading programs for the students that will run over the summer. A lot of parents cannot afford to buy their children books, so being able to help put books into the hands of children is something that makes Sandy Chin feel very good about. To jump start her idea of putting books into the hands of children Sandy Chin started a book drive at PS11. People could come to this book drive and donate their used books for children in need. They would then hand the books out to the children in hopes that over the summer the children would have the material they need to keep reading. The response to the book drive was overwhelming, they received over three thousand books in one week!

Making sure that children read is important. Making sure that they have the materials they need to do this can be difficult. Books can be expensive, and when parents are already struggling to provide it makes it that much harder for them to provide books for their children. Having people like Sandy Chin to help out with issues like these is great. Sandy Chin wants children to continue to learn and get the most out of their education. Sandy Chin is helping our children read.



How Jason Hope Contributes to the Betterment of the Globe

Jason Hope is among famous, renowned individuals whose success trajectory is fascinating. Jason’s distinct profile incorporates his profession as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He built his charitable foundation while attending different institutions including the University of Arizona State where he earned his finance degree. He enhanced his studies at W.P. Carey Business School where he graduated with an MBA. His academic excellence championed for his acquisition of international recognition in the business segment. Not only did Jason focus on his growth but also the expansion of others. This motive influenced his decision to serve as a mentor among entrepreneurs and scholars.

Philanthropist Jason Hope helps SENS Research Foundation in their course directed towards fighting for anti-aging studies. In 2010, he gave away $500,000 to the foundation. His generous contribution helped SENS Foundation establish a laboratory famous as the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Jason Hope stated in an interview that he was grateful to help the foundation because he believes in its innovative capabilities, which fights to age. He said that the company aims at finding treatments for degenerative illnesses, which destroy the body. Over time, he has analyzed some of the operations of the SENS Foundation, which involve the establishment of the AGE-breaker program.

The organization illustrates that a drug that aligns with the AGE-breaker standards should break down AGEs and other advanced glycation products. An AGE is a metabolic waste that accumulates in the body resulting in degenerative processes. Jason Hope foresaw the abilities of this company and thought it wise to entrust his funds to them for the actualization of the anti aging research procedures. Jason Hope is fascinated with not only health but also technology. He possesses a strong belief about the internet of things. Recently, he launched his E-Book concerning navigating the internet of things. His first book provides a detailed definition of IoT and how it will influence the different areas of life including home appliances, security systems, and vehicles. Jason upholds that technology is the next big thing in the world focusing on how it will alter interactions, businesses and other essential components. Jason’s e-book provides a clear picture of the globe in the future.

A Professional Entrepreneur, Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a successful entrepreneur who owns shares in Fortress Investment Group LLC. a global investment manager. He is also the co-CEO of this company, and under his leadership, the company has rapidly grown increasing its stake capital asset from $400 million to approximately $41.4 billion assets. On 27th December 2017, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank Group, and since then Wes Edens together with his partners have been leading the company independently. The company headquarters is in New York.

Prior to founding Fortress Group, Mr. Wes Edens served as the managing director of BlackRock Financial Management Inc., a private equity fund where he managed the BlackRock Asset Investors. Formerly, Mr. Edens was a shareholder and operating officer at Lehman Brothers. Wes Edens attended Oregon State University where he studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Under his leadership, Fortress group has invested in various industry-leading businesses and has as well owned facilities such as healthcare, real estate media, and entertainment. In 2014, he founded New Fortress Energy, a company that’s focused on changing the world to a better, clean and safe place for living through introducing re-usable energy sources. In the same year, Mr. Wes Edens became a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, and he has steered the efforts of creating a new arena at the city of Milwaukee for the NBA franchise. The recently launched $524 million Fiserv Forum is a centerpiece project of Bucks that intended to transform acres of unused land into a vibrant entertainment district.

Besides his successful career, Mr. Edens is a sports lover. His interest in games started at a tender age. He was raised in the rural area of Montana ranch where he actively participated in outdoor sports such as ski racing, horse jumping, and mountain climbing.

Mr. Edens has also been extending his hand of humility giving back to the community. Eden together with the help of his family, they have founded Edens Family Fund, a center for climate research at Princeton University. He has also endowed a professorship at Macalester College in St. Paul as well as the Edens Professorship in Global Health.

Read more: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Wes_Edens