Sudan Politician- Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese statesman, politician, and a civil servant. He was born on 26th August 1954. He recently published an article on the intellectual property.

Kamil Idris insights on Intellectual property

There exist four major types of intellectual properties; patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. These are laws that are drafted and amended by the government to enable individuals or businesses that have invented something to have the rights to use them.

These laws are essential since they promote growth and development. Moreover, they encourage entrepreneurs to be innovative in creating new products, services, content, songs, among others. Without these laws, you will see another business in a commercial advertisement advertising the same product.

Intellectual property was the key cause of the ongoing trade war between China and the United States. Experts suggest that intellectual property laws are so important such that they cannot just fade in one day since they will continue to play a fundamental role in brand innovations. In today’s world, the intellectual property serves an important purpose. According to Kamil Idris, with the innovation and advancement of the internet, intellectual property laws are crucial due to the increase in internet advancements.

For instance, the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a government agency that operates under the European Union to protect patients. Patents do not represent all intellectual properties. Businesses only fill them. Business individuals are required to file patents to protect your idea from being used by another competitor. This is important in European commerce.

The European Patent Office is responsible for overseeing that all patent laws are followed in a necessary way. For such reasons, the European Union formed the Patent courts that are situated in Germany shifting from Spain. The intellectual property is very fundamental such that the World’s Intellectual property Organization has a World Intellectual Property Day to make the importance of intellectual properties known to individuals. This is a self-funded agency under the united nation. Currently, it has 191 members. The European Union Trade Secrets Directive was formed in 2016 in conjunction with European Council and European Parliament to deal with the intellectual property.


William Saito’s Advice to Startup Firms

William Saito is a renowned Japanese entrepreneur who has vast experience in investment matters. He is also a successful investor who has made a name in the various enterprises that he has ventured into. Recently, Mr. Saito gave his advice on what startup entrepreneurs need to do to get their businesses going. Mr. William Saito believes that times have changed and these days it’s easier to start up a business than in the past time. The cause for this is the high availability of resources. However, he insists that it is essential to at least listen to the experts who have been in the field for an extended period.

The following are William Saito’s beliefs concerning startups investments:


  1. Marketing

Marketing is the only way that clients can get to hear about your clients. Even for the already established businesses, it is crucial to always keep in touch with the customers. This is because the business world is very competitive and a product may lose relevance to clients if it is rarely advertised. William Saito advises that marketing should be one of the primary things that a startup business should not hesitate to invest in. He says that this practice has an immense impact in determining the success of your business.

Your company may be having employees who are highly knowledgeable in marketing. However, William advises startup firms to engage marketing consultants in their operations. This is because the external firms will bring the newest and the most effective marketing techniques that will ensure that success is attained. The external marketing consultancy firms also have hands-on experience having worked with businesses that thrived or failed. They are, therefore, highly likely to advise you accordingly.


  1. Fill a market gap

According to Mr. Saito, many firms have failed because of being started without a particular purpose. You may be having capital but invest poorly because of lack of information. William Saito advises that it is imperative for startup entrepreneurs to first identify a market gap before venturing into any entity. Filling the gap means that there exist customers in the market who are ready to take your product without having to engage in aggressive competition with others who are selling similar products. Having a clear market gap that you intend to fill also makes it easy for you to obtain funding from the financial institutions. They are sure that your venture has high chances of being successful and thus, their money is safe.

Sean Penn Adds Novelist To List Of Accomplishments With New Book; Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

While Sean Penn might be a big name in the movie industry, a lot of people don’t know that this multi-faceted creative is also a writer who is all set to launch his new book. As someone who has been on some of the biggest stages, winning some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, his impact on the movie and cinema industry has been incredible.

News reporting and interviewing was also something that interested Penn since his early days, but was never really something that he was able to take on full time. The acting was always something that managed to take the forefront of the work that he was doing, which is why there was always a lack of writing that Penn would put out. However, he did do some noteworthy interviews with political figures like Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro and many more. He has also conducted interviews with the other side, namely with people like Joaquin Guzman, who was a drug lord more commonly known as El Chapo. These interviews drew a lot of attention because of their hard-hitting and realistic take on the topics that these interviewees were familiar with.

More recently, Sean Penn decided that he would take a break from his acting career to now focus on his writing since it was something that he has always been meaning to do. He decided to come out with a novel that is titled ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ and is a book that outlines a dystopian environment in which a salesman also works for the United States Government as a contract killer. The book dives into a satirical take on the current governmental scenarios that are capturing the country and is a unique look into the mind and work that Penn wants to put out.

The book has received a good amount of praise from people who have been both captivated and taken aback by the literary work that Penn has put out. The New York Times was one of the first to talk about the book and review it. The correspondents of the paper outlined the book as a good riddle that was wrapped in a reasonable amount of excitement and eccentricity. Overall, the book seemed to see a positive outlook from those who were interested in it.


Writing a book was a far different accomplishment that Penn had made as opposed to what he used to. In a recent interview with Vogue, Penn stated his intention for going down the route of writing a book over screenplays, as he generally is used to. In the interview, he went on to unveil how he wanted to do something that would speak of his creativity, and not something that required the effort of other creative contributors or collaborators.

Graham Edwards: Business Expert, Telereal Trillium CEO and A Member of the CPS

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium, and he has served in this post from 2011. Telereal Trillium is a property company in the UK. Under the Management of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium became one of the largest property companies in the UK. The growth of the company was mainly attributed to, by the negotiations that Graham Edwards led to acquiring of the Trillium, the acquisition led to an increase of the companies’ annual returns. Averagely, the combined annual returns of the two companies amounted to one billion, which made the company the market leader in the outsourcing of property and property investment.

Before working at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards studied at Cambridge University in England where he pursued economics. Graham Edwards is a member of many associations such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants, UK Society of Investment Professionals, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Graham Edwards is respected for his role in the growth of Telereal Trillium and the role he has played as a philanthropist in the society. Subsequently, the Center for Policy Studies extended an invitation to Graham to be a member of the institution. CPS is a think tank that develops, evaluates, and promotes policies that will facilitate the flourishing of the society.

In February, CPS announced that Graham Edwards was going to be a member of the research institute. He was going to act as the chairman of the Housing Policy Group which was a new area that the company had taken an interest in. Graham Edwards has a vast experience in the field of housing, and it is expected that his experience and knowledge will be used to assist the institution to bring change in housing policies. Therefore, his primary role will be to work with the house experts to create and analyze and housing policies to bring change in house ownership and building in the state (



The Grand Announcement of Telereal Trillium’s CEO Graham Edwards

It comes as a shocker to many when the Director of the Center for Policy Studies (CPS) announced CEO Graham Edwards as the new Chairman of the brandy Housing Policy Group and consequently as a Research Fellow in CPS. The announcement of the new team follows their launch of New Generation initiative in November 2017 which aimed in coming up with a team of people who can formulate new policies so as to enable development of post-Brexit Britain which will be rich in radical policy ideas (Facebook).

This new generation will offer voters a more promising future that will meet their needs and desires. As a result, CPS launched 4 main policy programs which Alex Morton will oversee. They are basically dealing with 4 main issues that affect citizens. They include; Business and Enterprise, Taxation and Cost of Living which is headed by Tom Clougherty who will work on simplifying taxation systems, Welfare- headed by Racheal Wolf who will remodel the welfare systems, and Housing which is headed by Graham Edwards.

Graham Edwards is currently the CEO of a privately owned Telereal Trillium Company which is one of the largest companies in the United Kingdom. Despite his numerous duties in the property company, he has got an appointment with the CPS which probably is due to his commitment and diligence. Under Graham Edwards’ leadership, Telereal has grown to be a market leader in outsourcing properties making it have annual revenue of more than 1 billion Euros.

Graham Edwards natured his investment skills when he joined the prestigious Cambridge University where he pursued Economics and later worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as the Fund Manager. He has various business interests which include software development, real estate, and even mining.

He is an investor and an extreme philanthropist. Graham Edwards also serves in One Voice Europe, British Friends of Hebrew University and in Portland Trust in Boards and Committees. He is a very active member of UK Society of Investment Professionals. He is the CEO and consequently a Co-owner of Castle Water which the leading private water retailer in the UK. Graham Edwards like Skiing and a great tennis player.

Igor Cornelsen the Banking Investment Manager

Mr Igor Cornelsen Is a renowned investment manager. The entrepreneur was born in Curitiba Brazil on October 4th, 1947. It is interesting, however, that Mr Cornelsen started his career life as an engineer. He joined the Federal University of Parana school of Engineering to pursue the prestigious and competitive course in the year 1965. Igor took on Engineering for two years before deciding to switch to study Economics at the same school. He graduated three years later and went on to work for an Investment Bank.

At this time with minimal technological advances, the mathematical computation skills of an engineer were famous in the banking industry. These engineers were able to calculate compounded interests with sliding rules. Within no time at all, Mr Igor Cornelsen made a name for himself and got transferred to Rio. He was still working as an investment banker. Igor proved to be the best and earned a promotion to the Board of Directors than the CEO at Multibanco. He left to join Unibanco after the Bank of America acquired his company. After Unibanco, Mr Igor joined Libra Bank PLC and his fortunes changed for even better. His skill saw him progress then shift to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank as a member of the Board of Directors and the Brazilian representative. After seven years Mr Igor Cornelsen left the Board of Directors to start his own company as an Investment Manager.

In an interview with Idea Mensch, Mr Cornelsen shares his experience in the over forty years he has been in the banking industry. According to the entrepreneur, the idea to start an investment management company came naturally given his history with banking. A typical day in his company office involves early rising and constant updates with the current state of the market. He keeps himself busy by studying several different economies and companies while making changes to his investments accordingly. He sometimes attends meetings and symposiums and exchange views.

This investment professional ensures his ideas bear fruit by studying the best investment options and taking the right action. His efforts to create trends in the market is what excites him the most. His most significant positive habit is spending the time to acquire the right market information from Reuters. His advice to young entrepreneurs is to read a lot. His most critical belief is to base arguments on facts rather than let other people’s opinions influence yourself.

Southridge Capital is Providing Clients with Customized Financial Solutions

In the current world of business, the financial industry contributes to a vital intermediary role in creating a healthy economy in the world. From moving money from various entities that have excess funds to firms that need funds, this industry is engaging in activities that include investing, insurance, securities as well as trading. That is where Southridge Capital comes in. The company provides advisory services structured to finance public companies. Besides, it is committed to assisting clients to meet their objectives by providing a whole spectrum of viable financial solutions. Check out for more details.

Over and above the stated services, Southridge Capital continues to pride itself in the core executive team that is qualified to provide financial expertise through executing competent financial plans. Right now, the company has invested in about $1.8 billion in assets since 1996. Coupled with the fact that it has financed more than 200 public companies, Southridge Capital is well aware of its clients’ concerns given the ever-transitioning market shifts.

Beyond that, Southridge Capital has ensured that it has a secure customer service that is always available to answer client’s questions. From the team, clients can receive all financing techniques to grow their companies.

Under the service scope of Southridge Capital, all services are catered for. These services include financial analysis, in which, the company customizes designs with highly detailed information. Other scopes of services include projecting financial statements made to be line with the financial operational assumptions. Also, Southridge Capital focuses its services on the optimization of balance sheets. In this case, the company helps other companies to maintain a stable balance between the debts accrued and the equities. Over and above that, this service scope entails the access of various mechanisms aimed at supporting businesses.

At Southridge Capital, clients are always put first. Before anything, the company understands that businesses need structuring. Therefore, Southridge has mastered the art of implementing solution-based financial structures for the companies. Besides, there is always the window period made with specific approaches to stabilize their financial positions. Coupled with the fact that Southridge Capital assists companies with their creditworthiness, many clients continue to flock to the company to seek financial assistance.


How Matt Badiali Has Become a Successful Specialist in Natural Resources

Some of the experiences people go through in life are not good but they are meant for good. Such experiences could be tough on you but they are aimed at benefiting other people some time to come. At the same time, tough moments and some life problems are necessary for finding most of the lasting solutions in different aspects of life. If you talked to Matt Badiali about this, you would realize that this is not just a philosophy to him but a real-life experience. Matt saw his father struggle in his investment endeavors while he was young, and this is what caused him come up with an idea to help people get out of their financial constraints. Read more about Freedom Checks at

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt serves as the senior manager. His vast experience and academic qualifications have enabled him to write great articles on how best people could invest. It was in 2004 when Matt started his investment advisory when he was working on his Ph.D. During that time, Matt happened to find a friend who needed some help on how he could advance or develop his investment methods. Matt was not just working for Banyan Hill Publishing, but he was also working as an editor for Real Wealth Strategist. Read this article at Money Morning.

One thing to note about Matt is that he is an academic giant. He has done Earth Science from Penn State University where he graduated with his first science degree. He later moved to Florida Atlantic University and got a master’s degree in Geology. These freedom checks have floated because of the Statute 26-F Government Policy that gives tax cuts to companies whose nature of the job is in the field of energy production, distribution and storage. The knowledge Matt has when it comes to the types and quality of metals, natural resources, and energy is unique. Finding investment opportunities in natural resources is not easy but Matt has helped other interested investors find a place in this field. Real Wealth Strategist is the newsletter he often uses to do this. Anyone looking for a reliable, first hand, and real natural resources stock could get the help they need from Matt’s newsletter.

Matt is a well-traveled man across the world. Some of the reasons for his wide travels include exploring new investment opportunities, visiting mining sites, and speaking with other mining experts. He has managed to travel to countries such as Iraq, Haiti, Singapore, Switzerland, Peru, and Hong Kong. It may not be possible to count the oil projects, company headquarters, and mines he has visited. He has been so vocal when it comes to interrogating other CEOs who deal with natural resources. Matt has also been involved in analyzing different types of geologic data.


Jeff Yastine: Dedication to Others

Dedication is something that is required to succeed in anything. No matter where a person goes or does that will need dedication to make it successful. It makes all the differences in the end even when others try o use shortcuts or tricks to get ahead. Dedication is even more important when someone goes to do something for someone else. It is very negative to provide a service to someone without a giving your all or best. One person that never has trouble giving his best is Jeff Yastine. View Jeff’s profile on

Jeff Yastine is a man that is dedicated to whatever job he is doing. He is in charge of editing total Wealth Insider at the company Banyan Hill Publishing. He has a lot of experience as a stock market broker and investor and that helps him in his place at Banyan Hills when it comes to giving ideas to investors. He is also a journalist oft he financial variety to add to that knowledge. Jeff Yastine has accomplished much in his career including getting an Emmy nomination for his work s a news anchor and correspondent. His career and experiences over the years haw prepared him for a job at Banyan Hill Publishing. He was one of the people warning others about the real estate stock market crash in the mid-2000s. He has rubbed shoulders with great businessmen lie Warren buffet in his day and its all to the advantage of the investors whom he gives advice to with powerful passion and dedication every year at Banyan Hill Publishing. Follow Jeff Yastine on

Banyan hill Publishing is a company that gives market advice to investors. They have a goal to help people achieve liberation from monetary issues. They do this though their websites, and publications which are handled by people like Jeff Yastine. The global network of financial experts that the company has are all experts and are willing to give the experience and knowledge they have to help others. That is why Jeff Yastine is such a perfect match for them. He has the experience, platform and most importantly the dedication to help others with financial advice.


Will A New Fundraiser Finally Help The RealReal Go Public?

“The RealReal has made a modest profit selling luxury name brand items secondhand, including apparel from such big names as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Even so, the company still hasn’t gone through with a promise to go public on the market. Their IPO has been delayed, as private fundraising efforts endeavored to raise more capital. Past efforts earned the company $170 million in capital in the last seven years, but the company still remains private.

Now, The RealReal’s CEO Julie Wainwright is again promising to take the company public, after a new fundraising project helps to earn an additional $100 million in capital. While some may be beginning to doubt if The RealReal will ever go through with their initial public offering, there may be some good reasons for both the delay and for the additional round of fundraising projects.

One concern is that The RealReal executives feel uncertain that their current condition will appeal to investors. If that’s the case, they may be holding off on the IPO, until they can present a more solid offering. Additionally, Wainwright may feel her company needs more time to establish itself. Raising capital to market The RealReal and expand the business may help prove it has the kind of staying power that will appeal to public investment groups.

The latter motivation for keeping the company private may be closer to the truth. If Wainwright and her executives are seeing a broader market for second-hand luxury items than they had expected, they may be holding off, until the company can expand a little more. If growth is expected, it may be wiser to hold off until The RealReal can offer a more promising outlook and ask for a higher price for its public shares.

The RealReal works much like a consignment store. Sellers ship their used items to the store, which then turns around and sells the items to consumers. When an item is bought, the money paid for the item is divided between The RealReal and the original seller. The original seller usually receives 50-60% of the sale price, which serves as an incentive to attract more sellers with top quality used merchandise to sell. Additionally, The RealReal protects consumers by authenticating each item. This helps ensure fakes and forgeries rarely make it to the buyer.”