Bringing Parents And Teachers Together In School

ClassDojo is the all-in-one solution for parents and teachers. This new app is currently being used by thousands of different teachers and schools around the United States. This app gives teachers the ability to send photos, videos, and messages to the parents of each child. It will help connect teachers to parents and keep them on the inside in regards to what kind of progress is happening with their child. If a parent wants to see their child’s presentation in class, it’s possible to share such a moment with this new technology. Teachers and parents are loving this new engaging format where parents can see how their children are doing in class.  Check for more reading.


According to, ClassDojo recently received all the right funding with more than $21 million to help build their team, expand the app’s features, and come up with new ways to help guide this brand in the right direction. This app is going to give you everything one needs to see change in the world of education. This app is measured up against several other similar apps just beginning to get their names out there, but the funding they received is just what they need to further improve their work in comparison to the other sites and companies in a similar field.  Hit this.


ClassDojo is the perfect all in one app for all schools looking to change how they work and function. Bringing the parents closer in will only help guide the students to seeing their families and teachers care and encourage them in class.


Thor Halvorssen is All Things Human Rights

Don’t let Thor Halvorssen’s good looks fool you. The now 40-year-old human rights activists speaks with a flawless American English accent, but he was born in Venezuela. His father was Norwegian and his mother was from South America. His parents met while his father was working for the Norwegian government in Venezuela to help the South American country fight back against drug cartels. Thor Halvorssen’s employment in the country lasted years until his political imprisonment while Thor Halvorssen was a freshman in college in the United States.

Thor Halvorssen helped set his father free from afar, but it was his involvement in this international human rights dispute that really got the ball rolling. He would be much more hands-on going forward.

In 1999, he stormed the building of Lucent Technologies. He demanded that the company stopped using slave labor in China in order to develop their products. He one. Lucent Technologies would now certify every product that they made was free of slave labor. It was his first major victory in a now extensive human rights advocacy resume.

Thor Halvorssen is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He traveled with his Human Rights Foundation to the southern border of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea. There he would hoist high-grade balloons over the demilitarized zone into North Korea. The balloons were filled with all sorts of goodies, including educational leaflets, DVD videos and cash. It was an action that put him on Kim Jong Un’s hit list click here.

The 40-year-old human rights activist is also famous for visiting a political prisoner under house arrest in Ho Chi Minh City. He interviewed the spiritual leader and recorded the interview for the world to see. When authorities showed up to take the cameras and SD cards away, he had his cameraman hide the digital information inside of his body. That’s just how committed Thor Halvorssen is to human rights.

He continues to do good work with the help of the Internet. Using viral content, he does a very good job of educating Internet users about human rights concerns around the world by piggybacking off pop-culture events.

Who Is Misleading Us About Atomic Design Rochester?

The Secret to Atomic Design Rochester
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Facts, Fiction, and Atomic Design Rochester
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Adam Goldenberg Explains JustFab Success

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of the e-commerce, VIP membership subscription fashion company, JustFab. Before co-founding JustFab with his partner Don Ressler, Adam was already a successful e-commerce businessman. He founded the online gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance, which he sold after two years, founded Intelligent Beauty, an online wellness, beauty, and fashion company on Facebook, and co-founded JustFab all in a span of a few years. In just a little over four years JustFab has grown from a start-up to a company that is now operating in five foreign countries as well as the United States. In 2013 alone JustFab negotiated an additional $55 million in funding, acquired ShoeDazzle and launched the brand Fabletics, this has led Goldenberg to predict great things for the future.

Recently Adam Goldenberg shared a few thoughts about what has led to the rapid growth of JustFab. Adam states they are very metrics-driven, this gives the company the ability to learn almost instantly what is selling and to adjust their business plan accordingly. Watching the sales figures daily if not hourly gives the company up to the minute data about what is selling, catching the problem quickly and making necessary adjustments. Adam Goldenberg feels transparency within the business is critical, sharing the bad news is as important as enjoying the good news.

JustFab, primarily based on customer feedback; have a team dedicated to analyzing what their customers are telling them. A good example on MatrixPartners, they soon realized their clients were willing to invest $39.95 for shoes or handbags but would not spend that much for sunglasses and jewelry. Adam is passionate about the company and expects his employees to exhibit that same passion, in other words, employees who are merely putting in their time will not do well at JustFab.

Adam Goldenberg is just as passionate about the products they sell at He feels too many companies spend too much time worrying about their website appearance, commercials, and social media presence, but if customers are not happy with the product, they are unlikely to shop there again. Therefor JustFab not only designs their products, but they also manufacture them as well, assuring exceptional quality control and many return customers.

Adam Goldenberg started his incredible career as a teenager, for a time he was the youngest Chief Operating Officer of a publicly traded company. Today Adam’s companies include JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, FL2 and Fabkids, employing over 2000 people and generating annual sales of over $650 million, ranking JustFab among the fastest growing brands in history.

The Q1 Group And Vijay Eswaran: Improving People’s Quality Of Life

In many poor communities throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa, people depend on the Q1 Group for products and employment opportunities.

Since its founding by Vijay Eswaran in 1998, the Q1 Group has provided many people struggling with poverty access to jobs and affordable high-quality products. This has improved their quality of life and created thousands of employment opportunities in the region.

But the Q1 Group is much more than just an employer and the provider of in-demand products, the company is also involved in a wide range of philanthropic activities. Through their charitable arm, the RYTHM Foundation, the Q1 Group donates to local organizations, groups and individuals. Eswaran’s Vijayaratnam Foundation, which was named after his father, provides mentoring and charitable donations to people and groups throughout the areas in which he does business.

The QI Group was formed as a result of Eswaran’s interest in multi-level marketing. He first became aware of the industry during his time working and going to school in London and the United States.

He received professional certification in the field from a U.K. company called CIBA. While pursuing his MBA at Southern Illinois University he also got experience in multi-level marketing by working part-time with the U.S. company Synaptics. When Eswaran returned to his native Malaysia in 1998 he accepted an offer to start a MLM company in the Philippines. That company evolved into the Q1 Group. Learn more about more Vijay Eswaran:

The company sells a wide range of products. They include travel, telecommunications, media, training, wellness, nutrition, corporate investments and luxury products. The company started small, but they have found a large, lucrative market for the products and services they offer.

Today they boast a headquarters in Hong Kong and regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran’s visionary leadership, powerful motivational presentations and effective marketing strategy has lead to the Q1 Group having customers and staff in more than 20 countries.

The Malaysian businessman currently the Q1 Groups Executive Chairman and one of Asia’s 50 richest men. He was also named a Hero of Philanthropy in Asia and has been given numerous other awards and accolades.

Clay Siegall: Leading Cancer Research Into The Future

Seattle Genetics is quickly becoming the top name in cancer research and development of new cancer therapies to help make the word “cancer” become obsolete.

Led by CEO Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has been changing the way cancer is treated with the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), which specifically target cancer cells only, sparing healthy cells. Seattle Genetics has created the first ADC drug “ADCETRIS”. Mr. Siegall’s tireless work in cancer research has helped get ADCETRIS FDA approval in 2011.

Since approval, ADCETRIS has helped many cancer patients in over 60 countries have a better chance of going into a full remission with less harsh side effects as with traditional cancer treatment. This could not be accomplished without Mr. Siegall’s drive to help cancer patients be treated with cutting edge therapies that are less harsh than chemotherapy and radiation.

Mr. Siegall began his career after earning his PhD in Genetics from George Washington University. Clay started as a Research Investigator with Bristoll- Meyers Squibb and has worked his way up the scientific ladder ending with a position at the National Cancer Institute as a Biotechnology Fellow.

Mr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, and not only acts as the CEO of the company, Clay has raised over 1.2 billion in funding for the company’s research and development. Mr. Siegall still keeps his scientific mind sharp as he has published over 70 scientific papers and currently holds 15 scientific patents.

Mr. Siegall is very passionate about helping find ways to cure cancer and leads the scientific community in cutting edge cancer treatments.


Capitol Anesthesiology

Capitol Anesthesiology are experts in their field. They provide anesthesia services for different purposes. They use general anesthesia for extensive surgeries where the patient must be unconscious. This requires the use of more extensive monitoring and control over the patients breathing. An evaluation is performed by the surgeon and anesthesiologist based on the patients general health. Depending on the results the correct type of anesthesia is used.


Regional anesthesia is used for pain control both during and after surgery. Sedative medications are used for a specific area of the body and administered with an IV. Medication is put directly next to the nerves so there is no feeling in the specific body part being operated on.

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Local anesthesia is also referred to as Twilight Sleep and is used in surgeries on the soft tissues. The initial medication is given through an IV to handle any pain and relax the patient. Local anesthesia is then used in the area surrounding the soft tissue so the site becomes numb.


Pediatric anesthesiology is a highly specialized field. Additional certifications are training are necessary. The age, medical condition, weight and size of your child must be taken into account before anesthesia can be administered. Specific plans are required before surgery can be performed.


Childbirth anesthesiology is designed to make labor more comfortable for the expectant mother. When the pain exceeds the woman’s tolerance levels anesthesia is used. A consultation with the anesthesiologist is required.

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A Review Of The Successful Career Of Eric Pulier

Eric is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard University. He is a philanthropist, technologist, author, columnist and successful entrepreneur. Over the years, he has founded and co-founded different businesses. By the time he was in fourth-grade, Eric Pulier had significant knowledge about computer programming. In 1984, when he was finishing his high school, Eric was already running a successful database computer company.

Eric served as The Harvard Crimson’s editor. He published many articles for the widely read paper. His pieces were insightful. In 1991, Eric moved to Los Angeles to focus on his dreams. The entrepreneur contributed towards the success of many firms, including Media Platform, Desktone, Akana and Digital Revolution. The others are ServiceMesh, US Interactive and TM Forum, which was previously known as the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

As a venture capitalist, Eric has invested in various organizations, including Monitor Ventures, eCompanies and Trident Capital. He sits on the Painted Turtle’s board. This summer camp caters for the needs of children having chronic illnesses. Eric is also a member of XPRIZE Foundation’s innovation board. He continues to mentor and provide his insights on different topics.

Eric is renowned around the world for his success with the ‘Bridge to the 21st Century.’ The event was held in commemoration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration. Thousands of people attended the multi-day event in Washington DC. Members of the US Supreme Court, Senate and Congress graced the occasion. Almost all the news stations in the United States featured Eric discussing about the event. He raised all the required funds through personal and corporate donations. Eric ensured that the equipment were shipped in and used appropriately. In addition, he successfully managed the construction elements, including networking, press, power, staffing and security.

Later, Pulier worked closely with Al Gore and his professional team in technology and healthcare committees. Eric is remembered for providing real-time conversation with shuttle astronauts from the Space Shuttle.
Over the years, Eric has supported philanthropic activroblems faced by disadvantaged communities and children withities. He focuses more on using technology to address the intractable pin the United States and around the globe. In 2012, Eric authored ‘The Enterprise Industrial Complex,’ which was featured on Forbes Magazine. In 2005, Hugh Taylor and Eric co-authored ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA.’

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Sam Boraie’s Success With Boraie Development

The New-Jersey based company, Boraie Development is one of the leading development corporations in the United States. Most of its projects are based in New Brunswick. Over the years, the company has put up multi-use facilities. To this end, new residents have settled in the city. In addition, these projects have attracted small businesses to the area due to the increased office and retail space. The Atlantic City has been recovering from the economic turmoil. Boraie Development has greatly contributed to the rejuvenation of the city.

Sam Boraie asserts that the corporation has strategic plans. He contends that in the coming years, these plans will be implemented in a systematic manner. Sam is optimistic that with the development of more projects, the city will continue to rise and become New Jersey’s economic hub. The son of Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development, believes that the revitalization process incorporates huge projects that necessitate massive funding. The company continues to engage with investors and companies to accelerate different programs.

Sam Boraie posits that Boraie Development has been engaged in intensive marketing campaigns. The company believes that through their promotional strategy, many investors from New York City will be attracted to the city. In the recent past, the company partnered with Shaquille O’Neil. Sam is mandated with the duty of ensuring that the company acquires new strategies of growing faster and achieving set goals. He is one of the company’s vice presidents.

The company has a vast plan for redeveloping the city. Beyond constructing their own apartments, the corporation is also partnering with other companies to develop more projects in different parts of the country. Boraie Development is known to work with experienced property managers and real estate companies that seek to manage, develop and sell various high-end projects across the nation.

Some of the projects that have been completed by Boraie Development include The Aspire. This 238-unit project is close to the New Brunswick Train Station. It is also proximate to the One Spring Street. The 25-storey building has a roof deck, health club and many other amenities. In addition, the company owns The Beach, which has 250 units. This project is near the Atlantic Ocean and Boardwalk. In Newark, Boraie Development has constructed the Albany St. Plaza. Its office space is 250,000 square feet while the retail space has 20,000 square feet.

Sam ( spends most of his time in the family business. In addition, he is involved in various charitable initiatives. Sam has donated to the State Theatre of New Jersey. Moreover, he has engaged with Elijah’s Promise to deal with the issue of poverty affecting New Jersey community. This organization seeks to end hunger and decrease unemployment in the area. Over the years, Elijah’s Promise has provided food and many other items to the people of New Jersey.

A Top Technology Institute In The UK

Wessex Institute of Technology is found in the New Forest National Park in England. It is an educational and research institute where the overall goal is to increase the transfer of knowledge between academics and professionals of different disciplines. The institute accomplishes this goal through three different ways; research, publishing, and holding conferences.
Wessex has collaborative partnerships with several universities through which it funds and supports research programs. The institute also holds about 25 conferences a year through which it completes its objective to transfer knowledge. The publishing arm of the institute, WIT Press publishes the proceedings of these conferences, produces journals based on the research Wessex engages in, and puts out a number of edited works and specialized research monographs. Follow their page at
Wessex has an annual award event where they give the Prigogine Medal to a top ecology researcher. They also have the George Green Medal to recognize outstanding research.
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