Ara-wareness Chakerian on Mental Health

Ara Chakerian is philanthropist and businessman. Ara focuses are on cummunity efforts around health, environment and the development of the youth. In an interview, he answered several questions based around his focuses. He spoke about his latest venture is to provide outpatient radiology. Ara would provide a new device that can help treat depression. The device is called the “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, the promises of the device would become the third pillar in psychiatric care, medication, and in talk therapy. Other doctors, including himself, came to the conclusion learning how to run a clinic and group practice has its difficulty. Ara Chakerian wants to design a health care model suitable for both physician and patients. Currently, Ara opened seven facilities around the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Each room is 3,000 feet for the treatment device and the consultant areas. The philanthropist follows the trends is Digital Health care, telemedicine, and health care apps that assist with the Healthcare system. The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and other digital health devices can pickup changes in patients of depression.

Ara Chakerian talks about Mental Health Awareness month and the importance to observe and be aware of mental health and illness. The event started back in 1949 by the Mental Health America Organization. There are millions of people who work directly and indirectly in the field. There another million who suffer a mental health problem or issue.

Ara Charackerian speaks on the best way to help those in need is to get them a professional. Call for those who need help. Share experiences with another who is also suffering. It’ll help others open up. Changing the stigma around mental health and us words that won’t make sound wrong. Acceptance is the key. Taking care ones own health and becoming well-balanced throughout it. Become a part of the awareness month to know what to do, learn about it, and what is happening with Mental Health all around.

Famous Financial Executive Diplomat Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the Brazilian Finance professional having gained his popularity due to his achievements in financial industries in Brazil. He is a well known expert when it comes to projects relating to infrastructure. More so, his recognition and popularity is gained through his services to the Brazilian government as a business advisor between the government and the private industries and his mode of arrangements is known as Private Public Partnership (PPP). He has been working in several companies all over Brazil majorly as a consultant and honored diplomat. Felipe is a genius when it comes to his education background and do hold more than three degree’s both the master’s and bachelor’s. He is an MBA student having graduated from Fundao Getlio Vargas Foundation as well as a master’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion and his bachelor’s degree in Spanish and History earned from UC Santa Barbra. View Felipe Montoro Jens profile at Linkedin

Currently, Felipe serves in two big positions in Brazilian companies. As the CEO of Energipar Captacao S.A Company whose major operation is security, that is, it acts as an intermediary in securities transactions processes, commodities and securities. And also as a chairman of Concessionaria do Centro administrative do Distrito Federal S.A. He has been into other several companies as one of the boards serving diligently and committed in providing quality services so as to ensure continual development of the company’s striving hard in providing the best and satisfying services to their clients. Being a specialist in infrastructure, he has handed his hand in providing innovative and creative solutions that do enable the government together with corporations utilize resources economically so as to reduce and eliminate waste and thus gaining more profits and being in a stable state financially. Being an admired leader and a diplomat, Felipe is an influential, inspiration and professional person to all.


Agera Energy tailors electricity & natural gas plans

Homeowners understand how expensive monthly energy bills can be. For many businesses, utility costs go head-to-head with other expenses like insurance, payroll, and taxes. According to Agera Energy is aware of these considerable costs and structures initiatives around customers in its territories.

About Agera Energy practices delivering peace of mind along with practical solutions for residential and commercial customers. Agera Energy wants to preserve client budgets, making every dollar count.

Taking advantage of variable rates at the right price point is everyday business. Agera Energy is known for making residential energy planning easy. The retail supplier company supports more options in retail energy choice.

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Passion For His Work Drives Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI IXS. KOI IXS is a full service performance marketing agency that he founded at the age of 21. He believes that his goals are dreams with deadlines and his passion to achieve these deadlines in innovative and effective ways has made him a business success story.

KOI IXS, the marketing agency helmed by Edwin Miranda has made marketing brands a quick and efficient process. He and his talented team combine creativity, strategy and marketing technology to achieve brand success in a competitive market. Edwin Miranda believes that the key to successful marketing of a brand is to use predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics helps companies of all sizes succeed in marketing their brands. He also makes optimum use of technology to improve the growth of the brands of their customers and to provide them with real time data.

Edwin Miranda finds that one of the main secrets of his success is his habit of rising early. This habit not only helps him succeed in business but also helps him spend quality time with his family. He also believes in taking bold decisions in business and having a passion to achieve goals is the key to success. He advices young entrepreneurs that they should not be limited by the mistakes they make but treat them as a process of learning to make their business better.

Edwin Miranda is an entrepreneur who relentlessly strives to achieve the impossible and make the success of the brands he markets possible.

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Gareth Henry Review

Gareth Henry is a managing director. He is talented and knowledgeable in identifying viable investments. Being the global head of a company, Gareth is exhibited excellent leadership skills and analytical capabilities. Gareth also has a vast experience in the field of economics.

His understanding of the investment industry is as a result of extensive research alternative asset management. Gareth has also cultivated a reading culture. Before joining this company, Gareth Henry worked at the Fortress Investment Group.

In Fortress, he headed the department of Investor Relations. Gareth made a significant contribution to marketing Fortress Investment Group. His passion coupled with hard work has steered the growth of the company.

He has continued to successfully manage the pension funds and the sales of the company. Gareth can identify opportunities. His enthusiasm and innovativeness make him an exceptional financial expert. Under his management, the company has experienced great success in the investment industry.

In a recent interview, Gareth states that he has chosen 20 mentors from whom he seeks advice. He believes that every leader should have the humility to accept good advice. He understands that mentorship is imperative for one to succeed in business.

Gareth Henry is dedicated to helping their client investors make and manage their wealth. His advice to entrepreneurs is to be open to new ideas and learn from other people. Learning is continuous and therefore listening to other people can help in generating ideas. Gareth Henry upholds the values of integrity and self-discipline in his business endeavors.

Gareth Henry pursued a degree in Actuarial Mathematics at Edinburgh University. Being right in numbers prompted him to seek a course in mathematics. His education helped impact him with skills that are crucial for his line of career. Therefore, this laid a solid foundation for his success as an investor relations expert.

Through his education, Gareth Henry understood the concepts of risk management and how to apply them in the investment industry. He also stresses the importance of quantitative investing which is a vital technique in forecasting future trends.

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Alex Hern and Tsunami

Alex Hern

For the past 25 years, Alex Hern has been in the entrepreneurship field, where he has been dealing with the technology companies on the incubation process. Expert Alex Hern has served in managerial positions in different companies including; INKT, which is the company behind the modern day yahoo search engine and MSN. He has also held managerial position in other companies that include; Cloudshield, Triton Network System among others.

Tsunami traces its origin to the new computer era where the market was in need of as new software. This software would help in the functionality of this modern computer which is termed as a transition period from computer that was dependent or rather were driven by the central processing unit to the modern that relied on graphics processing unit. This will be in the current software like the windows, android version among other features.

Alex Hern states the sector behind his business success is time management where he dedicates most of his time in focusing on how to shape and achieve personal as well as the objectives of the entity. In conclusion, Alex Hern is an entrepreneur who has gained his extensive knowledge through working as managing director, the chief executive officer as well as board member for various companies. He has been a co-founder of various companies including Tsunami.

The Power of Talkspace an Online App Therapy

Talkspace is an application that can be installed and integrated in smart phones, tablets or IPhones that enables one to access confidential and affordable online therapy. Much to our daily expectation, one need to always live a happy and healthy life and with this app, one can access health care, therapeutic and psychological facilities at their own environments at any time possible. The therapy app was founded in the year 2012, June by Oren Frank and Roni Frank and its headquarters is based in New York, United States.

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Talkspace began as a group therapy termed as Group Internet Platform, but later on due to technology and knowledge of the founders, it evolve to a company offering online therapy and most people could access it, since they seek medication from the licensed therapist and professionals who are committed and contented to provide quality and efficient consultation to their clients. Considering this importance of moving to online, clients’ privacy is paramount and thus data is encrypted and each client could only be served by same therapist each and every time they seek consultation. The application enables consultation with the licensed therapist through text, audio and even video chat and calling. Because of this, the physical challenged persons can as well access the therapy easily with no problems.

Focusing on Michael Phelps, one of the celebrated American swimmer and athlete, at one point of his life he got to surpass his illness that affected him mentally through the power of Talkspace. Currently, he partners with the company as one of the board members so that he may bring hope to many who are depressed and mentally ill. With his partnership, many will be able to benefit from him since he went through a lot and he is ready to help at any cost.

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Sussex Healthcare’s Legacy Moves Into The Future

The concept of what makes a good healthcare facility is not boiled down to a simple check list. A location has to find the balance between offering quality service that make patients want to show up, and the personality to make them stand out. Sussex Healthcare is a UK based facility that has had overwhelming success in the region. It was founded by a hotel owner and dentist, which gave the facility a unique blend of service and hospitality that was never seen before in the area. However, times are changing and a company must evolve to stay current. Gazette Day recently published a article describing how this company is changing with the times.

The patients are the lifeblood of a medical care facility. If they don’t receive quality treatment, they will spread negative information and new patients will stop coming. Sussex Healthcare strongly believes in investing in the team of nurses of doctors, as they are the first ones seeing patients. They should be equipped with the knowledge to handle any illness, and the social training to give each individual specialized care they deserve. One of the nurses, Lynn Lovett, describes how much she enjoys her interacts with patients in the Upper Mend. She hopes that her presence brings joy to these individuals who are near the end of their life.

Sussex Healthcare goes above and beyond to ensure the facility is always looking to the future. They have an advanced IT team who works around the clock to keep everything functioning. In addition, they ensure all systems are using the most up to date technology. Lynn Lovett also expands on how she performs educational recruitment campaigns to bring in new patients who might be looking for treatment. Sussex Healthcare believes that having new individuals come and go, keeps the flow of ideas from drying up.

Sussex Healthcare loves to the smile on their patients faces when they leave with a satisfied experience. The living facilities have a variety of features to make everyone feel at home. While the medical treatments are always using the most advanced options.

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Experienced Businessman Alex Hern

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is an experienced businessman that has had a great career from the start because he has his unique way for being to pay attention to the details and the big picture. Right from the start of his working career, he found himself moving up and moving on to other companies that were willing to offer him more.

Throughout his business years working for companies he got to be in almost every department so he saw exactly what it was that made a company great and what it was that would tear it down.

So he went to work for himself after years of experience and thought that he could use his vast skills he learned to help other companies that he saw the struggle. Although the majority of the time small start-up companies need every penny they have all agree that hiring expert Alex Hern is one of the best things they did for their company.



The research-based company Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stanberry. The establishment is a privately owned entity situated in Baltimore, Maryland where its headquarters are situated with other offices in different regions like California, Oregon, and Florida (Prnewswire).

The company specializes in global research-based investments of all fields either involving updates on the trading, economic news, financial information and many more. They are set to give the best advisement newsletter to their clients, having carefully analyzed values as well as alternative strategies on options to take while their clients decide on matters of investing. All this was meant to assure satisfaction in a risk-free environment.

All this was established by core values Stansberry Research wish to uphold their only two simple principles that were set on assuring customer satisfaction was met in a way they would want it for themselves if ever the situation was reversed. The other being, to make sure the work output based on good strategy and research, they would publish the best analytic advice that they would want only their families to read. With this, they claimed their newsletter subscribers were from different regions of the globe hitting the over one hundred mark in numbers of countries.

Through the same principle, Stansberry Research established a no different relationship when it came to their employees in both account-abilities as well as transparency to assure reliability and good work routine in performance. The goal is to establish a global unmatched client service, which had an aim of building a long-term relationship in all this. It would mean benefit to both parties more over the client because it meant the company was to reward them by giving the best products from new opportunities that had not been explored. Moreover, it as well meant a great deal where the clients had access to products all, and for a cheaper price.

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