David Macdonald’s Remarks Regarding the Growth and Development of His Company, OSI Group

On September 11th, 2012, the OSI Group celebrated their 20th anniversary of operating in China. The OSI Group began as a small protein supplying firm in the US and opened its first Beijing processing plant in 1992. The biggest break for the business was in 2008 when they provided 113 tons of protein during the Olympic season. After a successful sale that incurred no complaints, OSI became the supplier of many big consumers such as McDonald’s, Saizereya, Starbucks, Yum, Papa John’s Subway and Burger King.

In 2013, OSI’s chief operating officer and president, David MacDonald, stated that China is a big consumer of the company’s products. He explained that China has a prosperous consumer market that is undergoing rapid growth. He revealed that OSI intends to grow with each of their consumers. David stated that OSI values its customer relationships and takes into account all the clientele feedback and suggestions. According to the COO, the client’s fantasies of future products is what they use to conceive new concepts with the help of a talented workforce and more information click here.

Currently, the OSI group supplies to customers in over 16 countries. David said that the firm’s continuous growth is the direct result of the company’s dedicated and passionate chairman, Sheldon Lavin. Despite the differentiated speed at which new operating plants launch every year, the OSI Group has a persistent urge to serve more customers around the globe. In addition to availing products to a bigger population, McDonald revealed that the firm has an understanding of the changing preference in diet among people. The OSI Group has plans to develop more organic and sophistication foods that serve the taste buds and health needs of consumers with diverse citizenships.

David MacDonald is an alumnus of Iowa State University where he earned a degree in animal science. He is the chairman of North American Meat Institute and serves as director for a couple of firms. He serves Marfrig Global Foods S.A as an independent chairman since its acquisition of the OSI Group in Brazil and Europe, and OSI International Foods in Australia as director. David previously worked as a project manager for OSI Industries and is a council member of the board of OSI Groups and what David knows.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Has Signed A Beneficial Partnership That Will Revolutionize Cancer Patients Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth, a healthcare firm, and Allscripts, a healthcare IT solutions provider, recently came together to develop Clinical Pathways program, a technical solution that is customized to allow NanHealth’s eviti access the clinical workflows found in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. The platform integrates eviti regimen with Sunrise order sets to allow providers of a particular treatment option upload them with ease. The main aim of this development is to update patients on cancer treatment processes without doctor’s clinical workflow obstruction. The program also helps doctors choose the most appropriate cancer treatment since they are often exposed to new oncology research discoveries.

The Creation

Clinical Pathways was created with the patient in mind to show real-time information on specific treatments administered to individual patients as well as current state of the disease. It also shows treatment options average costs in comparison with others in the market. Drugs reactions and side effects are also clearly updated. This integration has helped enhance cancer treatments efficiency as well as raise patients confidence that the treatments administered to them are appropriate for their personal diagnosis. Clinical Pathways program was created with the input of most experienced oncologists. It offers patients a library comprising of more than 2700 treatment options for all types of cancer. The library is maintained by oncologists, health care providers, and an advisory board comprising of well-known experts.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. is a group of 5 hospitals that care for cancer patients from all over the world. It is dedicated to helping patients through approaches, such as radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy among other well-researched methods with the aim of improving lives.
Headquartered in Boca Raton Florida, the network operates in other different locations, including Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Phoenix.

Arthur Becker, Tech Mogul, Real Estate Developer, Artist

Well-rounded businessmen are a rare thing to come by these days. Most of them are all about money, and doesn’t care who they have to walk over or what dreams they have to sacrifice to make a profit. One, however, stands out above the crowd. Arthur Becker, the tech mogul who does it all. From real estate to art, this guy really takes the cake.

First off, any man who separates from his wife and still makes it to an event where she’s awarded for her accomplishments is a standup guy. Obviously family values are driven hard into his foundation, and would do anything to make his family happy. In an article on NY Daily News, he even finds the time to pursue a passion of his own, art. That’s right; Tribeca Real Estate is also an art studio where Mr. Becker displays his sculptures and paintings. But that’s not all Arthur Becker is known for.

Now, he’s more of a silent partner, but his first solo development is expected to sell for $52 million. He made his fortune buying tech companies in the early 2000s; but is more recently into real estate in New York and Florida. At 66 this former Bear Stearns stock broker is worth more than his money. He has many hobbies, including painting, sculpting, and collecting ancient currencies from African countries that he reproduces as sculptures.

After college, he spent time at a Buddhist monastery in Vermont, and even stayed a while after leaving said monastery to restore 18th century buildings. His love for architecture and pride in his work can be seen in everything he touches, including his family.

In a report by Huffingtonpost, though he separated from his wife, Vera Wang, in 2012, he has still shown up to a few events where Vera was awarded for her accomplishments. He and Vera have two daughters, and are all on good terms. More details can be found on Madison Partners.

All in all Arthur Becker is a great guy. He does it all, and doesn’t think twice when an opportunity presents itself to do the right thing. He’s an artist at heart and a businessman from out of this world. There isn’t much this guy can’t do.

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JeanMarie Guenot – A Maverick in the Fight Against Cancer

JeanMarie Guenot, Ph.D., began her professional scientific career as chief scientist in clinical research and development for Hoffmann-La Roche. She harbored an intense ambition to discover perceptive cures for serious human ailments. Her earliest career pursuits involved the research of drugs for metabolism related ailments and autoimmune disorders. Guenot’s most recent focus has been in the field of Oncology on guenotllc.com. Today she is at the forefront of the medical fight against the ultimate human disease, cancer.

With over 20 years experience in pharmaceutical biotechnology, Jeanmarie Guenot has focused her immense knowledge towards tackling the problems with cancer attacking drugs. She has extensive experience in the way pharmaceutics relate to the medical profession. Dr. JeanMarie Guenot started completed her undergraduate studies, adding a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. Her PhD gives Guenot the necessary insight to deal with the multifaceted medical and pharmaceutical industries. These skills on amphivena.com allow Guenot to be one of the most highly acclaimed experts in the field of ocular drug deliveries.

In April 2017, she was hailed for beginning a transformation of cancer drug philosophy. Even when current drugs reach the intended target and destroyed cancer cells; often the devastating side effects to adjoining tissue negates any gain for patients. Jeanmarie Guenot is guiding negotiations for a multi-million dollar equity transaction to expand the research of Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50 collaboration, which includes three various phases of cancer drug applications. This is maverick research toward closing the door on cancer in our future.

SKS Ocular
Jeanmarie Guenot’s record of achievements also includes the founding of SKS Ocular, a start-up pioneer in ophthalmic incubators. They specialized in ocular drug delivery and therapeutics for glaucoma patients. Guenot currently holds the highest management office at Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. They are active in pharmaceutical developments exploring innovative treatments for hematologic malignancies and other types of antibody therapies.

Guenot’s project and management experience in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, neurology and ophthalmic illnesses, give her the insightful wisdom to guide cancer treatment forward. She continues to provide leadership and guidance at Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., pursuing on her principal goal, which is to lead a new generation of cancer research. Dr. JeanMarie Guenot is truly a maverick in the fight against cancer.

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Kabbalah Centres Open the Study of Kabbalah to Everyone

Kabbalah is one of the oldest spiritualities in the world. Kabbalah is not a religion, but it originated when the Jewish population was formed along the Jordan River. There were over three million people who made the trek from Egypt to the area of Israel today. This area was only populated sparsely, but the spirituality of Kabbalah existed.

The principles of Kabbalah is the ancient wisdom. From that time forward, the wisdom was studied only between priests and other spiritual leaders and was passed down from generation to generation.

Today, documents have been found and translated into many languages, so the principles can be studied. The students learn to solve the problems in their lives. This practice gained more attention by 1300 AD, but the spirituality was still not available for the average person.

Kabbalah Centres are Open For All Who Are Interested

Throughout history, the study of Kabbalah was confined to small groups of religious men, mostly Jewish rabbis, and other “holy men.” But in 1922, everything changed. RavAshtag, an elder in Kabbalah, founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Jerusalem, Israel.

The opening of a Kabbalah Centre was epic because he opened the study of Kabbalah to anyone who was interested. Ashtag trained other instructors and elders in the spirituality, and in the 1950s, Rav and Karen Berg came to the Centre to study.

The Bergs stayed for 10 years, and in 1965, they moved back to the U.S. and founded a Centre in NYC. It was the first in the U.S., and they began to translate ancient documents into English and other languages, so they could be studied and read full article.

Kabbalahists believe that joy is in every human being, but it needs to be revealed. Instructors teach students the principles of Kaballah so that the student is able to make better choices in their own lives.

By 2016, there were five cities in the U.S. with Kabbalah Centres and 40 cities worldwide. The Centres hold classes for students, offers books and products for sale and holds events so the students can have fellowship. The Bergs teach volunteering in the community as an act of acquiring the giving spirit as well as helping the people in need. Karen Berg emphasizes this activity and Kabbalah of Website.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is made available in the Kabbalah Centres, and the Centre in Los Angeles is the home for Kabbalah University, which is online.

How EOS Has Brought A Surge Of Growth to Oral Care

Oral care is one of the most important aspects of health. Many people take excitement with oral care when it comes to brushing teeth and taking care of the mouth as a whole. However, there is one aspect of oral care that is very likely to be neglected more than others. This is the type of care when someone takes care of their lips. One thing that needs to be recognized is that the lips could be very dry in such an easy way. It also does not help when there is very little in options when it comes to taking care of the lips.

When lip balm was first introduced to the world, it was only from Chapstick. This product came in the form of a tiny stick that was easy to lose. There were also no flavors to it until a little bit later. However, there were still the same ingredients and issues that come with the lip balm. This has remained the same for almost a century. Eventually, a group of people have decided that it is time for some kind of change to the market so that people will have something that is deeply rejuvenating.

This is where EOS lip balm has come in for people. The EOS lip balm company has designed and brought forth a ton of other types of flavors and varieties for people to enjoy. They get to choose from different methods for applying the lip balm on their lips. This has been such a hit with people to the point that more people started buying lip balm. They have gone directly to the EOS products. This shows that EOS is no company that people should leave alone. There is a lot of advantage that comes with using EOS lip balm over other forms of lip balm from Chapstick.

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The Trump Market

Since the election, the stock market has been going crazy. There is more volatility than ever before, but the market overall has been positive.

Tim Armour is one of the leading people in the market today. A lot of people listen to what he has to say one a variety of subjects. If you are interested in what he is going to do, you need to spend some time listening to him. Tim Armour has a lot of knowledge that investors love. He recently gave his thoughts on how the market is doing and where he sees it going.

Tim Armour

From the time he started in the business, Tim Armour has always wanted to help others in any way that he can. He is one of the leading people in the industry because he understands market trends and how to react to them. These are people who constantly get in and out of the market. Studies have proven that this is not the way to succeed over time.

Overall, Tim Armour is one of the leading voices in investing today. He is excited about the projects that he is working on with Capital Group. Not only that, but he is wanting to take things to the next level in his life and career for the benefit of others.

Learn more about Timothy Armour: http://citywireselector.com/manager/timothy-d-armour/d24059

Preserving Water with Wessex Institute

With a rapidly growing population coupled with diminishing fresh water resources, it is important to focus on actions and procedures that can be integrated to help sustain the current economy. Even though the Wessex Institute of Technology journals polar ice caps are melting and the rising sea level, fresh water is still becoming a highly sought for resource.

Historical droughts taking place all over the globe that and the improper disposal of plastics has our economies on the verge of a water crises.The Wessex Institute has a course that focuses on the potential positive impact of rectifying the dynamic system of our global water supply and how it affects our economies.

With so many detrimental practices of large corporations whose sole purpose is profit and a growing population, which is still far from reaching its ceiling, the water crises will be on our doorstep in the near future, with some places already having a small glimpse of the potential future. This study will be essential in preventing unnecessary conflicts that revolve around water and look for ways of maintaining sustainability of our current and future water supply.


What Is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a well known new app that is now being used by more than 80,000 different schools across the nation. Their goal is to take it to as many schools as possible, and allow for kids and parents to have a better experience at connecting with their teachers. The app gives teachers the power to bring the parents into the story. Teachers can message parents, send them pictures or videos, and even just provide everyday knowledge to the parents about the child’s success and development. Parents want to be in the know about their kids today, especially since parents are very rarely in touch with teachers.  Check this related site.

Visit the App’s linkedin.com page

ClassDojo is the ultimate solution to your problems in today’s world where parents don’t get updates on their kids. Teachers may also find it tough because they want to keep parents updated on what their students need to grow and improve, and let them in on what they could do at home to improve their education. Small things like that can enhance a child’s way of learning. ClassDojo is by far one of the best apps because it takes this industry to a new level. Receiving millions of dollars in funding, they hope to score a bigger and better design where additional features are added to help improve its general function. ClassDojo is thinking of every option possible to create a successful opportunity for growth. It’s the best app that only needs time to grow and improve what they already have. It’s already helped countless schools.  Check on amazon.com.

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End Citizens United Ambitious Strategy to Oust Super PACs

End Citizens United, a political action committee is keen on transforming the campaign finance system in the United States. It plans on collecting millions of dollars to fund Democratic candidates in the 2016 general elections running for various Senate and House elective posts across the country. The group has so far collected over $2 million from regular citizens’ donors. It has a target to raise around $25 million to $30 million to finance Democratic candidates as explained by Richard Carbo, End Citizen United’s communications director.


Their ultimate goal is to pass a statutory amendment to repeal the Supreme Court’s decision favoring Citizens United, made in 2010, which saw the formation of super PACs and gave free rein to dark money splashed into politics. More than 320,000 individuals have signed End Citizens United’s appeal challenging Congress to pass the reversed legislation. The group recently aligned with the Hillary campaign dubbed “Ready for Hillary.” The new team promised to lend out its mailing list purported to reach over 4 million prospective liberal supporters.


End Citizens United also publicized its backing of 11 Democratic candidates, key among them; Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado and ex- Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. Carbo said it’s an unprecedented move because they believed they have the right candidates to amend the existing laws once elected into office. That means supporting candidates for the controversial campaign funding restructuring which will face Citizens United — including those under attack by the wealthy Republican Koch brothers and other super PACs groups.


End Citizen United plans on allocating a budget to finance the candidates through polling, television ads, and direct mailers. Carbo reiterated that a campaign budget averaging $30 million could signify a major ad buy that may perhaps “impact a House race.” The group has since received 136,000 donations from grassroots followers with donations averaging $15.


End Citizens United History


End Citizen United was established on March 1st, 2015, as a Political Action Committee financed by working class donors. We are devoted to opposing the terrible effects of Citizens United and restructuring our campaign funding system. We have five members of staff, including senior adviser Valerie Martin, a former campaign member on Sen. Claire McCaskill 2006 election team from Missouri, and Reed Adamson, a campaign manager who helped Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider win in 2012.


Our ultimate goal is to prove that the grassroots are fighting against the growing insensitivity of billionaires frustrating us with election buyouts. This will build a broad coalition and pressure lawmakers to modify campaign funding legislation. We support Democratic candidates for modification to our campaign funding system and help to overthrow Citizens United. We support candidates under attack by wealthy donors and special commercial interested parties and their Super PACs networks of dark money. Democrats are against Citizens United, and we think significant reforms can occur with their leadership.