Keeping Fugitives In Prison Using Securus Technologies

When my fugitive task force gets the call of a fugitive that needs to be found, we spring into action utilizing a number of key resources at our disposal. First thing we do is to reach out to family and friends of the suspect to see if anyone will cooperate. When this doesn’t pan out, we will even do some surveillance on these folks just to make sure they are on the up-and-up. We even make used of anonymous informants if they are willing to talk to authorities.


This was not going to be this case with this suspect because he was deep i hiding and hot contacting anyone he knew. He would strike when he needed cash or drugs, leaving a wake of destruction behind. The only piece of the puzzle we had was his brother already in the local jail. Our other resource, the inmate call monitoring system, was going to help us break this case wide open.


Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in the jail, and it allows officers to pick up on conversations from the inmates using the LBS software. We trust this company because their CEO, Rick Smith, says all of his employees work towards keeping the world a safer place for all. Already installed in 2,600 prison systems, we knew we had a great tool for closing the gap on this fugitive.


As expected, his brother could not keep quiet and was talking on the phone to his family about his sibling. His conversations were short, but he did tip us off to a location where the inmate could be in hiding. That night, we surrounded the location and took the fugitive down as he walked to the store to get some smokes. No injuries, no violence, just a capture thanks to Securus Technologies.

Things Ideamensch Learned About Investor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly loves to share his viewpoints on the market and show investors how they can run their own portfolios without needing a broker which is what his newsletters are all about. He’s the author of “Profits Unlimited” and “True Momentum” which provide tips on various stocks to investors and offers insights to the markets.

Mampilly was interviewed by Ideamensch who he told about spending time throughout his day reading and watching market news as he updates his portfolio for his followers. He said one thing that’s helped him become successful over the years is looking at other viewpoints and figuring out where he could be wrong in order to do better.

Mampilly has been a professional investor for over 20 years and has a degree from Fordham, though he later said if he were to go back and do it over again he would probably skip college to become a self-taught investor. The bank he began at was Deutsche Bank, and he moved up the ladder in banking several times from researcher to portfolio advisor. He went from banking to hedge funds and joined one of the fastest-growing hedge funds at the time, Kinetics International Fund. Paul Mampilly grew this firm’s AUM dramatically from $6 billion to $25 billion and investors even saw returns of over 26% annually.

Paul Mampilly was the top winner of the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition in 2008 for turning an investment at the height of the financial crisis into a 76% gain. A few years later Mampilly had earned enough to retire and did, though in reality it was the next step towards helping people in a way he felt Wall Street didn’t. He became a private investor who focused on startup company stocks and his biggest investment was Sarepta Therapeutics whose stock turned into a hefty gain in a short time. He also was an early investor in Netflix, CEMEX and Facebook. He became a publisher for Banyan Hill in 2016 when he wrote “Profits Unlimited.” That newsletter generated a large following of over 60,000 very quickly. Even more investors are slated to join the “True Momentum” subscriber list.

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Talos Energy: First Foreign Competitor In Mexican Waters In 80 Years

A well has just been placed offshore in Mexican waters. This is something that has not been done in nearly 80 years and is a result of Mexico’s decision to allow foreign and competing companies backing into their oil market. The well is collaboration between Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas, Talos Energy from Houston, and Premier Oil Plc from London. These are the first companies that are allowed access to Mexico’s oil field since the beginning of the county’s oil industry in 1938. Ever Since, it has been dominated by the Petroleos Mexicanos, a state run monopoly.

The well that they are digging is called Zama-1 and it reportedly holds somewhere between 100 million and 500 million barrels of oil. It will take around three months for the project to be completed and it will run Premier Oil about $16 million. According to Elaine Reynolds, Edison Investment Research analyst, the basin is likely to be highly successful due to its structure and location. Another analyst from Canaccord Genuity believes this project tis revolutionary for the energy market and it will be a point of major interest this year. Premier has a 25 percent stake in the company. Sierra has a 40 percent stakes and Talos has a 35 percent claim to the well. Talos is also the operator of the well.

Talks Energy has $600 million in backing and they are currently in possession of assets that are located in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos was recently given the honor of being award the best place to work out of small businesses in the area. They were given this honor by WorkplaceDynamics. They provide all their employees with a fair salary, but the big bonus is that each and ever employee is given a piece of equity in the company.

Talos Energy’s subsidiary, Talos Production LLC, acquired the Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. in 2013. The Energy Resource Technology GOM brings in an average of over 16,000 barrels of oil every day and the majority of these are oil-weighted. This is a big step for Talos because it follows the Energy Resource Technology’s success in the Wang exploration.

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Summer Woes: How to Prevent 3 Common Summer Mistakes

Although many of us are happy that it’s the summertime, we often forget about a few summer mistakes that can happen if we aren’t too careful. Believe it or not, there is a such thing as having too much fun! We’ve provided you with three common summer mistakes and how to fight them successfully this year.


Summer Mistake #1: Boredom/not planning enough.

Are you trying to conquer boredom this summer? One easy way to eliminate that is to watch television. If you don’t have much to watch, you can always order Netflix and stream it on your TV to enjoy. However, if you’re more interested in going outside and enjoying the weather, you can always look up events in your local city! Make sure to take advantage of festivals, concerts, and camping trips. See also


Summer Mistake #2: Not taking care of your skin.

A lot of us think we’re too cool for sunscreen. Make sure that you take care of your appearance by wearing your favorite sunblock. Remember, SPF is your friend! Additionally, you’ll want to take care of your lips. EOS lip balm has incredible flavors you can choose from to keep your pout shimmering and hydrated. Don’t forget about their body lotion, either; you can smell appealing and feel super soft for your summer crush. Additionally, EOS products are 95% organic, hop over this site.


Summer Mistake #3: Not pacing yourself during drinking.

During the summer, we tend to find reasons to spend more time outside than in other seasons. One common thing people do while outside is drink alcohol, whether it’s a delicious margarita or a cold beer. If you have a problem with pacing yourself while drinking, then either try to make an effort to control yourself or don’t do it at all. You might end up in the ER with something broken!  Learn more here on!


These are three common summer mistakes, but luckily, they aren’t hard to fix. With a nice sphere of EOS lip balm on your lips and sunscreen on your face, you’re set to go.

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Netpicks Teaches People How To know Their Drawdown

Everyone has their drawdowns. However, they can actually learn about their drawdowns if they take their time. This is one of the best things about trading. People can get knowledge about their performance if they take their time to study. However, a lot of people don’t know how to get the information they need. Fortunately, Netpicks has information on what people can do to learn about their drawdowns. Netpicks has laid it out so that it is simple to learn. The activity of learning the drawdown period takes a few steps to get down. However, the one who is organized and thorough in his research is going to get the needed information. For the latest updates and news from NetPicks, check this link.

One place to look at for information on your drawdowns is the trading system. Each trading system that one uses has a drawdown number. This will help the trader determine when he could expect to make a winning trade again. Another thing to look at is the magnitude of the drawdown. One thing that is common is that people are surprised with how much of an effect their drawdown has with their account. There are many cases when people believe they can live with a certain drawdown only to realize that it has left a huge impact on their account.  Related article on this helpful link.

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Another important thing for people to realize is that it is possible that their worst drawdown has not happened. While people love to avoid drawdowns, the important thing to be understood is that only the people that never trade are the ones that are going to avoid the drawdowns. Therefore, the next best thing to do when it comes to trading is to make sure that one is prepared for a drawdown in a way that they can easily recover from it. This is applicable to any market that they trade in.   Continue reading here,

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White Shark Media Teaches One of the Most Important Business Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing is one of the most prosperous areas of the late years, and it is growing exponentially fast as one of the jobs to look for shortly if you’d like to enter the field of propaganda and marketing strategies.

As the most used media nowadays, the internet has become the most prosperous place to advertise and raise awareness of a product or service. The influence and potential of social media rest on the reality that everyone is connected nowadays, and entrepreneurs are fighting to get the highest amount of attention from customers and clients who surf the web every day.

If you have a business or is considering making your own company from the group and creating a startup, you can’t just leave digital marketing behind and think about it later. Timing is the most important aspect of a successful company, and your digital advertising will make your business skyrocket in the early stages of its development… If done right.

Luckily, the internet itself has tons of tutorials just about everything. One of the most well-written and updated websites with solutions for digital marketing is the White Shark Media. It is a digital network where you can learn about the strategies involved in getting your brand on the internet and making people notice it and spread the news. White Shark Media is well recommended because it is also certified with feedback from real entrepreneurs who are registered in their program and have found success just by reading and learning from the latest marketing strategies that are posted continuously in the feed of their website.

By joining the team at White Shark Media, you are being part of a community of entrepreneurs and marketing planers who work together in helping each other and learning more together.

The company was founded in 2011 and has already grown as one of the most prominent online strategy courses you can take up in 2017. Although the specialization of the staff is advertising on the internet, they are well-versed in both offline and online marketing, with years of experience in the market.

Founded by Alexander Nygart, who is the CEO of the company, his partner Andrew Lolk, and the Chief Business Officer Gary Garth, they have developed a website where you can learn more about the marketing industry and join the team to keep learning and improving your capabilities of either creating your own business or raising awareness of a brand or service that you already own.

Digital Marketing is also a well-paid job that is needed by every corporation of medium, small of big size, so it is a knowledge that will never feel out of use in the near future.

Tony Petrello: A Business Leader and a Generous Giver

Anthony Petrello is a renowned businessman. He’s also an academician who has attended some of the best learning institutions in the US. He went to Yale University and Harvard Law School. Tony has a Juris Doctor Degree and a Masters in Mathematics. He’s known for his great leadership and communications skills. Mr. Petrello currently serves as the CEO, chairman, and president of Nabors Industries.

At the beginning of his career, Anthony worked as a managing director at Becky & Mackenzie’s law firm. His position at the company allowed him to build connections with top business leaders from other firms. In 1991, Petrello was elected into Nabors’ board as a director. He was appointed the VP of the company because he helped Nabors Industries achieve a lot when he acted as the chief operating officer. Many of Tony’s friends expected his appointment as the company’s CEO because he’s a hardworking man.

Petrello took office as the chief executive officer of Nabors after Eugene Isenberg resigned from the position. Although this office came with more responsibilities, Tony was determined to lead the company. He believed he was qualified for the job. Since Mr. Petrello had served in various positions, he had acquired enough skill and knowledge to help him oversee all the operations of the firm. What’s more, he worked closely with Isenberg. Therefore, he had learned how to develop strategies and implement them to improve the sales and profits of Nabors Industries.

Together with his wife, Cynthia, Tony participates in a number of charitable activities. The couple has partnered with the Jan and Dan Research Institute to try and discover treatments for cerebral palsy. His daughter, who was born with a rare disorder, has inspired him to fund institutions that carry out medical research. Mr. Petrello also donates to the Texas Children Hospital. He believes the less fortunate should receive quality healthcare –just like those who are well-off.

ClassDojo has raised $21 million in a Series B round of funding


ClassDojo has raised $21 million in a Series B round of funding that was led by General Catalyst. The Company got new investors that include GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.

ClassDojo is an education start-up that is based in San Francisco and has been in existence since 2011. The objective of the company is to develop an application that connects students, teachers, and parent all year round. Through the platform, parents and teachers can communicate consistently and share information about the student’s activities as well as social and behavioral development at school. It breaks the traditional norm whereby parents only got to know about their children activities during the parent-teacher meetings that are held mostly once per semester.

The funding ClassDojo received was closed late in 2015. According to the co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the capital that was raised from the Series B round of funding will be used to research and try and figure out the type and kind of content that and app features that will add value to parents who use the app. While doing this, they are not only focused on its use at school but also at home. They intend to make it useful to parents so that they can get a guide that will help them support and enhance the learning and development that their kids are doing at school.


The ClassDojo app allows teachers to schedule activities and make it known to parents that are using the application. They can take photos and videos and post them on the platform of all student activities throughout the day.


When the start-up was starting in 2011, they looked at what other similar startups were doing. Some of the things that they noticed is that most edtech startups were creating content that they were selling to students, teachers, and parents. ClassDojo decided to do it differently by developing a platform that was free and easy to use so that they could create a culture and community between students, parents, and teachers.


Since they started, the platform has grown and is now used by more than 8500 teachers in various schools across the United States. Most teachers that are using the app are those teaching kindergarten through to 8th grade. Focus is on distributing the app to more teachers, not only in the United States but also in other countries.




George Street Photo and Video Provides Great Site Options

One of the most significant and important days in anyone’s life is their wedding day. To make sure that this day is properly captured and remembered, it would be a good idea to hire a top videographer for your special day. One of the top videographers and photographers to consider is George Street Photo and Video.

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations is a national company that has the ability to handle weddings and other special events all over the country. George Street Photo and Video is best known for being one of the top site selectors in the country. Regardless of where you live, they will be able to find some of the best backdrops possible for your shots. George Street Photo and Video can take both wedding day and engagement party photos, which will help you to build the perfect wedding day picture book to look at for years to come.

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Lip Balm Upstart EOS Reaches Out To All

Lip balm was always meant the small tube of Chapstick for all. It included the tasteless variety along with the boring cherry or mint flavors.

This was the story seven years ago. It has all changed today. There are orbs of lip balm that can be seen popping up almost everywhere. They are called EOS. These are pastel colored orbs that look so elegant and lovely. First, they started with Walgreens and moved on to, and now to Target. These have highly innovative flavors that include honeydew besides grapefruit. There are a host of celebrities who can be seen endorsing them.

EOS refers to Evolution of Smooth. This company is worth $250 million today. Today it is having the second highest sales in lip balm today. The first place is occupied by Burt’s Bees. EOS has already managed to displace Chapstick along with Blistex.

Currently, over a million units of EOS are selling each week. The future prospects also look good as the lip care market has been projected to increase all around the globe. It is expected to reach $2 billion by 2020. In addition, the demand for natural products is always on the rise. It is a specialty of EOS, read this article.

This company started as a small startup. The attention of the company was on creating products as well as distributing them. This was when they came across the lip balm. It appeared to them to be a prime candidate as it lacked innovation. Here innovation was only in terms of cutting cost. The competition was only on price. Hence EOS looked upon this as an opportunity for them. See also for more.

Earlier, lip balm was considered to be a unisex commodity. This is when EOS did consumer research and realized that women used this product much more. They faced another issue of losing their lip balm in their big handbags. So pots of lip balm came about, shop now at