Lazy Life Hacks

Are you lazy? Maybe you just don’t have time to do things? Try these tips and tricks for lazy hacks by Wengie!



  • Lentil Pizza in a Mug Recipe for a quick dinner that’s vegan friendly and super healthy!
  • Chocolate Mug Cake – also low fat and healthier than regular cake!
  • Want Chips? Hate getting crumbs all the way to your elbow? Try this trick! Roll the bottom of the bag into itself until the chip level is at the top of the bag!
  • Too lazy to get a spoon to eat yogurt? No problem! Just fold the tin lid a few times and you’ve got a makeshift spoon!
  • If your collar needs ironing, but you don’t want to go to get the iron and ironing board, just use your hair straightener!
  • Too lazy to check on your oven? Easy! Just face time or Skype your phone from your computer and then tape your phone onto your oven and leave the light on and you can watch Netflix on your computer without having to worry about it burning!
  • Lose your remote? No problem! Download an app on your phone and it becomes a remote!
  • Hate doing dishes? Easy! Cover your plate in cling wrap before eating and then dispose of it afterword!
  • Lazy Meter Up to 100% on this one! Wear a hoodie backwards and use the hood as a popcorn bowl. Hands free eating!
  • Trying to drink water lying down? Don’t want to spill on yourself? Use a sippy cup!
  • Dont feel like vacuming, but your mom is nagging you to? Just find a youtube video of vacuum sounds!
  • Don’t wnat to do the dishes? Just print out a picture of the bottom of your sink and place it on top! Voila!
  • Make a DIY iPad or iPhone stand with command hooks!




That’s it! All the Lazy Life Hacks you’ll need to know to keep up your favorite lifestyle. Enjoy!