Malini Saba is a Master in Financial Matters

Malini Saba has become one of the most important people in the financial world. She has become one of the top investors, and there is no doubt that she is an inspiration to all that see her work. I have seen what she has done as an investor, and I have been impressed by the path that she has traveled. There is a level of inspiration that comes with her humble beginnings and rise in the financial world.


I don’t think that I know of any people that have taken the time to actually go through free lectures and build a presence in the financial industry. She has worked wonders, and I am pleased with what she has been able to accomplish. Saba has shown me that there may be some dominant men in the financial world, but there are a lot of women that have the same type of business mindset. I believe that her strong will to dapple in risky technology stocks has paid off. She has made millions and proven that women can do the job that men do just as well as men. In her case, Saba proved that she could actually do the job better than most men.


Saba is certainly the leader that I point to when I want to get inspiration for the major that I have. I am majoring in Finance, and I think that the industry is a tough one if you don’t take risks. What I have learned from Malini Saba is that you have to take the risks if you are going to reap the high returns. When she invested in PayPal it was a risk, but this was certainly a risk that was worth taking.


I know that Malini Saba must have made some decisions with stocks that she regrets buying, but I like the fact that she learns from mistakes. That is what has made things work for her. She never seems to wallow in the mistakes that she has made. What she has managed to do instead is learn from her failures. I think that this is what made her a stronger investor.


Today Malini Saba has her own company called Saban, and people are also benefiting from her non-profit organization as well. People have been seeing the work that she has done, and all of the praise is well deserved for her contributions to society.