Jackson Hildebrand Is MB2 Dental Solutions’ Newest CFO

In one of their announcements, the dental support organization MB2 Dental Solutions announced that they are welcoming Jackson Hildebrand as the new Chief Financial Officer of the organization. Hildebrand is now managing the financial department of MB2 Dental and the 91 practices under MB2’s belt. The CEO if the network is happy to welcome Hildebrand in the family.

According to MB2 Dental Solutions’ CEO Chris Villanueva, the organization was in need of a special individual who has firsthand experience in finance but will also understand the practices in dentistry. Villanueva found Hildebrand to fit the bill and believes that he is a key player for the success of the company.

Hildebrand gained his finance experience when he worked at a private equity firm. He revealed that he always wanted to work at a portfolio company and wants to get involved in a day to day basis. He also revealed that he is glad to have the opportunity to work in a company with incredible potential. The newly-elected CFO also commends the company for maintaining a tight-knit and community after getting a lot of short term growth in the industry. For him, MB2 Dental Solutions is also a perfect fit.

After graduating from Texas A &M University with a Masters in Accounting, he first worked at KPMG based on Washington, DC. After that, he worked as a Finance Director at TPG Capital, where he managed the accounting and the financial operations of buyout funds. He is currently living in the Dallas area together with his wife and his two kids.

It can be remembered that MB2 Dental Solutions successfully raised a $93,000 fund for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The organization helped support employees that are impacted in the Houston area. The amount was 94 percent of their goal, which was $100,000. All the donations are taken to MB2 Dental affiliate offices and churches in affected cities. Among these cities were Beaumont and Victoria in Texas.

Chris Villanueva was grateful for all the help that the MB2 Family offered for their employees and for the other people affected by Hurricane Harvey. He also stated that he is proud to see each member pick up one another during the times of disaster. Because of this, a video was released in order to celebrate the hope and encouragement that is present in the MB2 family. Villanueva also stated that this is a reminder that MB2 family will always be there for each other.

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Neurocore – A New Approach To Depression Treatment

Millions of people suffer from depression, and each and every individual experiences depression for a slightly different reason. Traditional approaches to depression such as medication and counseling may not work for everyone. Oftentimes, an individual may be living a completely normal life with very little to worry about and still find themselves suffering from depression. The problem is there are so many different medications and treatments available for depression that it can be hard to pick the right one without knowing the true cause of an individual’s depression.

Neurocore is working on a new approach – treating depression by looking at the source, the brain. By using methods such as advanced EEG technology and brain mapping, Neurocore clinicians are able to see exactly what is going on in the brain to cause symptoms of depression. This technology can also be utilized to find the source of other mental illnesses such as ADHD and anxiety. They can even treat sleep disorders. Neurocore uses an approach called Neurotherapy. By analyzing data from various brain scans, they can develop custom treatments for patients.

Neurotherapy works by training the brain to react certain ways to different scenarios. The ultimate goal of Neurotherapy that Neurocore aims to meet with their patients is generating positive “alpha” brain waves. These positive brain waves further help cure depression and can keep it from becoming a problem in the future. Unlike antidepressants which may have to be taken for a lifetime in some cases, Neurocore’s method has the potential to cure an individual’s depression without the need for lifetime treatment. Neurocore’s innovative approach to Neurotherapy is likely to become the future, especially with individuals reluctant to take medication. Along with depression and sleep disorder treatments, they also can treat migraines. Lastly, they have a treatment program for aging individuals looking to limit the possibility of memory issues. All around, Neurocore is leading the way in mental health diagnostics and treatment.

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