Jason Hope: Funding Research Organizations for Scientific Advancement

Jason Hope has been working closely with the SENS Research Foundation for years, and he is one of their primary sponsors. A hardworking entrepreneur and a futurist, Jason Hope is known for his quest to help research facilities all over the country by providing them with funds. He believes that doing so would allow the research organizations to find out new discovery, leading to advancements in science and technology. His decision to choose an organization is based on their capability to deliver the technological advancements that he is picturing. He is focused on helping research facilities that are working hard to discover anti-aging medications and the promotion of the Internet of Things. This is how he discovered the SENS Research Foundation, which is one of his favorite organizations that has been receiving a lot of funds from the entrepreneur.

The SENS Research Foundation is researching about anti-aging medications, and since December 2010, Jason Hope has been providing them with additional funding. He initially provided $500,000 towards their research on how to fight to age, and the research facility has been using the money that they are receiving to conduct experiments and studies that will lead them to the treatment that they have been looking for. Through the years of researching about anti-aging treatments, the SENS Research Foundation discovered that the most effective way of treating aging is by slowing it down by regenerating the cells. The SENS Research Foundation believes that the world is just a few years away from the introduction of a true anti-aging medication, which will be stemmed from their research about cell regeneration.

Jason Hope is also an avid supporter of the Internet of Things, and he believes that the technology involved in the communication of two different devices will play a huge role in the development of future industries. According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things has been transforming businesses all over the world, and the technology is also used in a lot of areas including education, health, and the government, among others. In the future, the Scottsdale-based businessman believes that the Internet of Things will play a major role in managing all aspects of life, and he feels excited about it.


ClassDojo Raises Additional $35 Million For Its Classroom Communication App

Most people nowadays use messaging apps to contact other people rather than phone calls or other methods. This trend is used in people’s personal and professional lives. It has now also made its way into classrooms. ClassDojo is a messaging app that allows parents and teachers to stay in contact and support the student’s learning. This app is very popular which led to is recently raising $35 million in venture funding.

This was the Series C round of funding for ClassDojo. It was led by GSV with other major funding companies being Lyft, Dropbox, and Spotify. SignalFire, which has provided funds to companies such as Grammarly and Zume, also took part. General Catalyst and UnCork Capital were also involved. The money they raised will be used to expand the ClassDojo app and to introduce a new service, Beyond School. This is a subscription service that will help kids develop better studying habits and being more mindful of their schoolwork.

ClassDojo was co-founded by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. Sam is the chief executive officer while Liam is the chief technology officer. They have raised $65 million so far and it is believed their company is worth about $400 million. ClassDojo was valued at almost $100 million four years ago so it has really grown in the past few years. 2 in 3 schools have teachers that are using this app in their classrooms.

The United States is the biggest market for ClassDojo. It is also being used in 180 other countries and has been translated into several languages. Countries outside the US where it has seen a lot of teachers adopt this app are Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, and the United Arab Emirate. Its growth has been fueled by word of mouth which has meant that they haven’t had to spend much on marketing.

ClassDojo was designed to help create classroom communities. The goal is to create a positive culture in classrooms where parents know what is happening day-to-day. Teachers can easily communicate with parents about anything they feel the parents should know.

Download the ClassDojo App https://www.amazon.co.uk/ClassDojo/dp/B01AIM0EGO

Alex Hern and Tsunami

Alex Hern

For the past 25 years, Alex Hern has been in the entrepreneurship field, where he has been dealing with the technology companies on the incubation process. Expert Alex Hern has served in managerial positions in different companies including; INKT, which is the company behind the modern day yahoo search engine and MSN. He has also held managerial position in other companies that include; Cloudshield, Triton Network System among others.

Tsunami traces its origin to the new computer era where the market was in need of as new software. This software would help in the functionality of this modern computer which is termed as a transition period from computer that was dependent or rather were driven by the central processing unit to the modern that relied on graphics processing unit. This will be in the current software like the windows, android version among other features.

Alex Hern states the sector behind his business success is time management where he dedicates most of his time in focusing on how to shape and achieve personal as well as the objectives of the entity. In conclusion, Alex Hern is an entrepreneur who has gained his extensive knowledge through working as managing director, the chief executive officer as well as board member for various companies. He has been a co-founder of various companies including Tsunami.

The Power of Talkspace an Online App Therapy

Talkspace is an application that can be installed and integrated in smart phones, tablets or IPhones that enables one to access confidential and affordable online therapy. Much to our daily expectation, one need to always live a happy and healthy life and with this app, one can access health care, therapeutic and psychological facilities at their own environments at any time possible. The therapy app was founded in the year 2012, June by Oren Frank and Roni Frank and its headquarters is based in New York, United States.

Check out opencounseling.com to learn more about Talkspace

Talkspace began as a group therapy termed as Group Internet Platform, but later on due to technology and knowledge of the founders, it evolve to a company offering online therapy and most people could access it, since they seek medication from the licensed therapist and professionals who are committed and contented to provide quality and efficient consultation to their clients. Considering this importance of moving to online, clients’ privacy is paramount and thus data is encrypted and each client could only be served by same therapist each and every time they seek consultation. The application enables consultation with the licensed therapist through text, audio and even video chat and calling. Because of this, the physical challenged persons can as well access the therapy easily with no problems.

Focusing on Michael Phelps, one of the celebrated American swimmer and athlete, at one point of his life he got to surpass his illness that affected him mentally through the power of Talkspace. Currently, he partners with the company as one of the board members so that he may bring hope to many who are depressed and mentally ill. With his partnership, many will be able to benefit from him since he went through a lot and he is ready to help at any cost.

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Experienced Businessman Alex Hern

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is an experienced businessman that has had a great career from the start because he has his unique way for being to pay attention to the details and the big picture. Right from the start of his working career, he found himself moving up and moving on to other companies that were willing to offer him more.

Throughout his business years working for companies he got to be in almost every department so he saw exactly what it was that made a company great and what it was that would tear it down.

So he went to work for himself after years of experience and thought that he could use his vast skills he learned to help other companies that he saw the struggle. Although the majority of the time small start-up companies need every penny they have all agree that hiring expert Alex Hern is one of the best things they did for their company.


Jojo Hedaya App and the Solution for Unwanted Email

When Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald first met they had a frustration that immediately bonded together under a common effort to solve a problem. That problem was simply how to separate the wheat and the chaff in your email folder. They both found it difficult to carry out a day’s work without being delayed by not finding what you needed in your email folder. Problems ran from having sent emails not acknowledged or even lost. There was not enough time in the day to unsubscribe to all the newsletters or blogs that were at one time necessary but now could be put at least on a back burner.

Letting Users Know about Unroll.me

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald applied themselves and within a few months, they had written code that would solve their problem. While developing an app over several versions they worked with marketers that made their app known to others. The result of mass marketing gave them thousands of users who found their app necessary for their work. In a short time Unroll.me became one of the top 10 apps. in the Apple online app store.

An Algorithm that Understands

After studying for a suitable name Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald agreed upon Unroll.me. Unroll.me allowed the user to do several things. First, the user could go to a mail folder where all his incoming communication were automatically sorted into smaller folders. Their algorithm divided email into several groups, the expected, the unexpected, which was then again divided into junk and to be sorted later. After the user worked with Unroll.me the algorithm could begin to understand what each sender meant to the receiver. Lastly, if the user wanted to unsubscribe to a list they could also do that.

Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is one of the co-founders of Unroll.me, which was acquired in 2014 by Rakuten Intelligence. Jojo Hedaya is a New York native where he lives with his wife and son. Jojo Hedaya attended the City of New York University where he acquired degrees in Philosophy and Business. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald started Unroll.me in 2011 while still students in school. Jojo Hedaya enjoys spending time with his family. He is an avid fan of the New York Nicks.


Jason Hope Guides Others On The Application Of LoT

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, and a philanthropist. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a holder of a degree in finance from Arizona State University and a master’s in business administration from W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. As a highly learned businessperson, he is interested in making the business environment suitable for everyone. He has been trying a number of initiatives that are aimed at helping as many people as possible find space in the business sector. He has a website which connects budding entrepreneurs with financiers. His main goal is to help those in the technology industry to find partners with whom they can develop their ideas. For the years he has been in the tech industry, Jason Hope has found that the ability of businesses to adapt to the most recent technologies as well as preparing for what will happen in the future are key factors that can determine success or failure of a business.

Jason Hope, a self-declared futurist, can tell what will happen in the future. He studies the current technological trends and predicts what will be happening in the coming years. Before the internet of things became a reality, he had predicted that it would happen. While many people doubted that it would become a reality, Jason Hope was convinced and in fact, went ahead to commentate aggressively about the coming of a new era of internet of things. Those who follow his advice can attest that they have seen positive results by preparing in advance for what would happen later.

Jason Hope has supported the internet of things, and by writing an eBook that is available on Amazon and which educate the masses on the reality of the internet of things and the impact, it will bring in our lives. He also used the eBook to inform the masses about some of the things they should be careful with when dealing with internet of things. Although it considered it a distraction, the impact it will bring will leave a long-lasting mark in human life. The way we are used to doing things will change completely, and machines will be taking over. For instance, people will be waking up to my machines that have already prepared for them, breakfast. With the internet of things, it will touch almost every aspect of life as we know it today.

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Serge Belamant Bringing Trust To Transactions

Serge Belamant: also known as the father of modern cryptocurrencies is the patent holder and inventor for the blockchain technology we know today. Born in France and migrated to south Africa, a humble son of a tiller to what some people call the “Bill Gates of South Africa”. Yet another tech-whiz to bypass a college degree for a successful career making a name for himself in the private tech sector, working with giants such as IBM and others in finite element analysis on applications designed to monitor and analyze large civil engineering projects like dam water levels and road network analysis. He was able to move his programming methods to banking for RSA systems that are still used today.

Serge Belamant’s methods have changed the financial markets methods of communicating and currencies as we know it. Future minded with a strong work ethic Serge eventually founded Net1 Technologies in 1989. Within 10 years Net1 Technologies bought the Cash Payment Services (CPS) from the First National Bank of south Africa and increased the speed and security of the welfare grant systems for many impoverished South African farmers. Eventually growing Net1 Technologies into a billion-dollar company by the mid 2000’s with several innovative security technologies.

Serge Belamant’s methods are used every time you use an ATM or POS systems today. In 2017 Serge stepped down from Net1 Technologies due to fraudulent law suits and various smear campaigns, all which proved to be untrue lead Serge to start ZILCH technology limited. Protecting people’s money and identities with blockchain technologies has made even the most stalwart security skeptics trust crypto currencies that have become prevalent in the markets today. The impact of the crypto currency market is still being felt by banks as people trust markets less after financial ups and downs, having reliable ways to protect client identities and funds becomes increasingly important. Serge Belamant has helped the securities of banking and transactions become a safer with every new tech he produces.

To Learn More Click This Link : patents.justia.com/inventor/serge-christian-pierre-belamant


William Saito’s Viewpoint on Russia’s Potential in Becoming a Tech Leader

William Saito is known to be a Japanese-American businessman, former Japanese strategic and political advisor and an expert on cybersecurity. He has been a tech world member for many years; he landed his first ever internship in computer programming when he was ten years old. He started his software company while still in college, in his dormitory room. The firm ultimately became I/O Software; it was instrumental in the software space in Japan and developed authentication tools like fingerprint recognition cooperating with Sony.


Technology is quickly changing family life structure; this is causing average homes to become a silent field of battle for global corporations. This has been made possible through the acquisition and recognition of product brands. Russia sticks out when it comes to lack of technological prominence. From 2008 to 2012, while Dmitry Medvedev was serving as the president of Russia, William Saito tried to bridge a recognized gap between Russia and the other parts of the world in terms of technological innovation. Saito extensively discusses that in his memoir and noted one of his first meetings as a consultant with a world leader.

Together with the chief executive officers of Cisco, Twitter, Apple, and Google, he discussed the future of technology in Russia. William Saito stated in chapter sixteen of his biography that the government in Russia has become aware that their country’s economy is largely dependent on the sector of energy, mostly oil and gas. Therefore, for Russia, technology will have to focus on those factors to be successful. He continues saying that investments should be made, but the questions about that focused around where, how, and when to install these investments.


Saito sought to help the nation understand its position in the global technology revolution, and he’s using his knowledge drawn from global tech innovation, particularly with regards to the policy-driven tech innovation of William Saito. The things that were discussed in that meeting included what Saito and Silicon Valley tech innovators believed were the main Silicon Valley success. The message in the discussion was clear: Russia has to expand its reach plus find ways of funding startups and also contribute to the national architecture promoting technological pursuits.





Alex Hern Influences the Growth of Technology


Alex Hern is an individual who has been invested in the technology industry for over 25 years. He has been involved with the development of all kinds of modern day internet features including email, searching, and web directory. Alex Hern has also worked with the development of military technology. He soon founded Tsunami to further create technology for the next generation. Alex Hern was recently interviewed by Ideamensch to learn the approach to his business career. Visit tsunamixr.com to know more.

The concept for Tsunami came from the fact people and companies were going to need updated software. The industry was transitioning from CPU-driven to GPU-driven systems. Unlike many of his peers, Alex Hern prefers to focus on a singular tasks at a time. He cites multitasking for leading to unsatisfactory work output. His ideas flourish most at night when its quiet, and he focus on fleshing out those thoughts. Alex Hern takes a very linear approach to his business. Learn more about Alex at UCSD.edu.

When it comes to running the business, Alex Hern believes in two aspects that help him succeed. The first is waking up early and having a consistent sleep schedule. Alex Hern firmly his focus is what allows the business to prosper. His ability to view the business as a marathon rather than a sprint, helps him pace himself on decisions. Looking ahead, Alex Hern is curious to see how AI and machine learning develop. While at the same time looking at our how VR changes with new technologies. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and Alex Hern has been individual helping to forester its development. He was there in the early days of the internet to spread the newest features to consumers like email and web searching. These days, Alex Hern focuses on the potential graphic engines and how they will impact VR. There is no doubt of his impact on the development of technology during the last 25 years.

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