Agera Energy Making Energy Plans Easy

More states are providing residential customers with their choice for energy plans. That has lead to a couple of great things including competition among suppliers that has enabled lowering of energy cost, improving customer services and product alternatives becoming readily accessible.

By choosing Agera Energy, clients have taken the initial step into having energy independence as they can leverage their results and take action on the decision they make. Agera Energy guarantees residential customers with the capability to view options of rate plans in natural gas and electricity at once. Enrolling takes a few minutes, and all that is required is your utility bill.

Residential clients enjoy product rate options that are broken0out according to term length. Now you can benefit from green energy alternatives whereby the success recap enrollment is immediately sent to your email. Besides, renewal information is sent before your contract expires. Agera Energy ensures clients befit from continuous market intelligence.

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Michael Nierenberg, Thriving In A Tough Business World

Michael Nierenberg earlier in his career worked for Lehman Brothers. In fact this was his initiation into the financial industry. While working for the company, he played a major role in the ‘adjustment rate mortgage business’. The seven year stint was a success which he followed with a better opportunity at Bear Stearns working as the head of the interest rate operation which was coupled with the ‘foreign exchange trading operation’. He worked with the company for over 14 years, serving different leadership roles. Michael Nierenberg was with Bear Stearns up until its absorption by ‘JP Morgan Chase’ in 2008.

Merrill Lynch

Michael Nierenberg later moved to work with Merrill Lynch although not for a long time. The company was later purchased by the ‘Bank of America’. At the Bank he was the ‘managing director’ heading the global ‘mortgage and securities products’. While serving in this capacity, he also spear headed the sales roles. While working here, he also lead in the restoration of the company which was in an international financial crisis. In 2013, he became the CEO of ‘New Residential Investment Corp’. He was also the President of this company.

New Residential

When Michael Nierenberg left Merrill Lynch, the company was in a leadership crisis since the ‘co-chief of bond’ had also retired. Michael however became the chairman of the board and continued to work at New Residential. The New Residential stock rose and continued to improve reaching $16.02. He serves in other capacities at other institutions such as managing director at Fortress. He continues to do well in the business world and his fortunes rises so much so that his net worth is $14.7 million as of 2018.

Michael Nierenberg’s large holding in ‘New Residential Investment’ plays a part in his impressive net worth. New Residential operates from New York and is a ‘public real estate trust’. New Residential subsidiaries are ‘Shellpoint Mortgage servicing’, a mortgage platform and NewRez. New Residential originated from ‘Newcastle Investment Corp’ late in the year 2013. It is publicly traded and Michael Nierenberg was at the helm of the company for over 25 years, which were quite successful.

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Why Equities First Holdings Is Different

No doubt a refreshing approach to lending, Equities First Holdings offers stock-based loans for individuals and enterprises looking to pursue endeavors at reasonable prices. Created by Al Christy, Equities First Holdings is touted as an exemplary financial institution. Hallmarked for their revolutionary tactics that bode well for a borrower’s success, Equities First Holdings is revered by the masses. Security-based lending offers low-interest rates between three and four percent, ensuring that borrowers aren’t flushing money down the toilet.

What’s more, borrowers are compensated based on the value of their stock. Unfortunately, stock-based lending has been cast in a negative light. Other companies who’ve adopted this same method are notorious for funneling the stocks into the open market and keeping the matured value for themselves. Fortunately, Equities First Holdings boasts a high degree of transparency and integrity, guaranteeing that such unsavory schemes would never unfold. As the company progresses, EFH will become a household name.

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