Francisco Domenech and his achievements

Francisco Domenech is a former Director at the Office Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. He served there for three years. His roots are traced back to San Juan, Puerto Rico where was born on the 29th of April, 1978. He grew up and spent his childhood and teenage years in Ocala, Florida. While living in Florida, he schooled at Blessed Trinity Catholic School and later joined Forest High School. Looking deep into his educational background, he is a two times graduate at the University of Puerto Rico, the Rio Piedras campus. He first obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. In the year 2003, from the University of Puerto Rico School of law, he received his Juris Doctor degree. Visit Francisco Domenech at SlideShare.

Francisco Domenech was also the President of the General Students Body Council during his 1999 to 2000 academic year at the university which was once held by a stakeholder. Other top positions he held while still in university include, serving as an Academic Senator, the President of the University’s College of Social Sciences and also got involved in the international rounds of the Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition where he was ranked fifteen percent of oralists.

His professional background started as early as when he was at the age of twenty-seven years .he argued on behalf of Puerto Rico Senate. He also comes in front of the Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court. He became the Director of the Legislative Services of Puerto Rico in the year 2005 after being jointly appointed by the Senate of Puerto Rico president. He has since then continued to work together with other executives with the aim of getting the people`s voice heard.

He now maintains the position of a bipartisan government affairs firm in Puerto Rico, Politank. He has supported many philanthropic endeavors through years both individually and through his lobbying firm Politank. Through the firm, he has shined light on many people and given them better-living standards. To mention few, they include the Clinton Foundation, Museum Art of Puerto Rico Academic Seminars amongst other significant similar philanthropic endeavors.

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End Citizens United Ambitious Strategy to Oust Super PACs

End Citizens United, a political action committee is keen on transforming the campaign finance system in the United States. It plans on collecting millions of dollars to fund Democratic candidates in the 2016 general elections running for various Senate and House elective posts across the country. The group has so far collected over $2 million from regular citizens’ donors. It has a target to raise around $25 million to $30 million to finance Democratic candidates as explained by Richard Carbo, End Citizen United’s communications director.


Their ultimate goal is to pass a statutory amendment to repeal the Supreme Court’s decision favoring Citizens United, made in 2010, which saw the formation of super PACs and gave free rein to dark money splashed into politics. More than 320,000 individuals have signed End Citizens United’s appeal challenging Congress to pass the reversed legislation. The group recently aligned with the Hillary campaign dubbed “Ready for Hillary.” The new team promised to lend out its mailing list purported to reach over 4 million prospective liberal supporters.


End Citizens United also publicized its backing of 11 Democratic candidates, key among them; Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado and ex- Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. Carbo said it’s an unprecedented move because they believed they have the right candidates to amend the existing laws once elected into office. That means supporting candidates for the controversial campaign funding restructuring which will face Citizens United — including those under attack by the wealthy Republican Koch brothers and other super PACs groups.


End Citizen United plans on allocating a budget to finance the candidates through polling, television ads, and direct mailers. Carbo reiterated that a campaign budget averaging $30 million could signify a major ad buy that may perhaps “impact a House race.” The group has since received 136,000 donations from grassroots followers with donations averaging $15.


End Citizens United History


End Citizen United was established on March 1st, 2015, as a Political Action Committee financed by working class donors. We are devoted to opposing the terrible effects of Citizens United and restructuring our campaign funding system. We have five members of staff, including senior adviser Valerie Martin, a former campaign member on Sen. Claire McCaskill 2006 election team from Missouri, and Reed Adamson, a campaign manager who helped Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider win in 2012.


Our ultimate goal is to prove that the grassroots are fighting against the growing insensitivity of billionaires frustrating us with election buyouts. This will build a broad coalition and pressure lawmakers to modify campaign funding legislation. We support Democratic candidates for modification to our campaign funding system and help to overthrow Citizens United. We support candidates under attack by wealthy donors and special commercial interested parties and their Super PACs networks of dark money. Democrats are against Citizens United, and we think significant reforms can occur with their leadership.


George Soros Election Results


George Soros has had a great career in many levels of government. Despite starting from nothing, he quickly took care of business by moving to another country and graduating from school. There are a lot of people who are ready to take things to a new level in their life like he did. With all of the changes that are coming down the road in the economy, George Soros wants people to be prepared. He currently believes that a lot of the political systems in our country only favor the wealthy. He wants to see income moved around to other people, not just those who are the wealthiest among us. Over the long term, it will be interesting to see whether his wishes are granted. A lot of people today are looking forward to taking their life to a new level. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

George Soros

When he was young, George Soros grew up in poverty. A lot of people do not know the stories about how he was able to rise from the ashes and attend school at a young age. With all of the experience that he garnered, he is now one of the leading economic minds in the world. A lot of people today go to him for advice on a variety of subjects. Not only that, but he is ready to take things to the next level in a variety of areas on He has a lot of experience in learning how to invest for other people, especially when it comes to invest in the right areas. At one time, he was investing in asset classes that other people had not heard of. He is a great example of going against the flow and how it can help you in certain situations. Over the long term, he has been proven right more than wrong.

Next Steps

One of the things that has defined the life of George Soros is the fact that he is involved in politics. Whether you agree with his politics or not, George Soros is constantly trying to advance the causes that he believes in. That is why so many people are excited about what the future holds in this area. If you want to invest in the right ares of the economy, you need to figure out a way to make that happen. Many people follow what he says on personal finance and politics. If you are ready to take things to a new level politically, donating to his foundation is the way to go. However, you need to make sure that you understand all of the political causes that he donates to.

In the past election cycle on, he was really into getting certain people elected. George Soros has been outspoken against certain people like Donald Trump, who is now going to be the President of the United States. It will be interesting to see what George Soros has planned next for his life.

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