BrightPast Goes International!

Recently, BrightPast, a reputation management company, have announced the launch of their expanded product contributions and service coverage.BrightPast’s services have officially gone international. They can now provide their services to clients in any country around the world that speaks English.

A company spokesperson claimed that over 90% of consumers will do their research on a company before buying a product or service from them. Sometimes it only takes one bad article or review to lose potential customers. In addition, one negative comment on the first page of a Google search could cost a company millions of dollars in revenue.

This company has helped hundreds of companies clean up their online reputation. They claim they can help any business and expect no payment until after they’ve successfully removed any negative online content. They expect no money until the client is completely satisfied with a spotless internet profile.

BrightPast has worked with lawyers, doctors and executives who have had bad publicity. Politicians and celebrities have even worked with them to help remove personal negative comments online.

They don’t just remove unwanted URLs from any Google search results. They also take an additional step of replacing those negative comments with positives ones. This commitment to assisting clients in maintaining their reputation is what sets them apart from other reputation management companies.

BrightPast has 3 main steps in assisting clients: 1. They work on suppressing any negative content even on the farthest pages of Google 2. They promote the positive aspects of their clients by creating unique websites and press releases that paint them in the best light 3. They continuously monitor and maintain the clients’ online content daily and alert them of any changes.

Their team has been on the cutting edge of internet search technology since the 1990s. They’ve invented technologies to help manage clients’ online reputation faster and effectively. They are also the only company of its kind that is confident enough to charge clients absolutely nothing until their goals have been reached.