James River Capital’s CEO, Paul Saunders takes us through the issue of burnout

There is no disputation that most employees are passionate about their profession. However, at some point, it is easy even for passionate employees to feel overwhelmed by work issues. This when coupled with the pressure of their personal lives, can easily cause them to slip into a burnout. Even though it might not seem like that much of a big deal, a burnout is something to worry about as it tends to take a toll on the employee’s output, thereby affecting the productivity of the entire firm. Paul Saunders, the man holding the reigns of James River Capital, urges employers and those in leadership positions to take the necessary action to curb burnout among employees. Learn more: https://twitter.com/jamesriver_cc

Paul Saunders has been leading the said company for more than a decade and throughout his leadership position has witnessed how negatively burnout can affect a business. Thanks to his impressive leadership acumen, Paul Saunders is usually able to detect and avert burnout from miles away. This explains why James River Capital has been growing with each wake. Here are some of the factors that according to Paul Saunders cause burnout among employees and how those in leadership can prevent it.

Lack of control

Most workplaces often have specific schedules which the staff members are expected to follow. While this is quite okay as every business must have a particular order of doing things, some workplaces often create extra tight and unrealistic schedules, setting the bar too high. For a while, the staff members will manage to stick to these plans, but soon, they’ll start feeling overwhelmed by the expectations they are supposed to meet. They will start seeing themselves as failures when they fail to meet these expectations and this when combined with what they are going through in their personal lives can cause a mental and physical breakdown.

In respect to that Paul Saunders urges leaders to give the employees the freedom to create their schedules. They should work with them in creating such plans and setting objectives that are beneficial to them as well as the firm. Doing this enables them to regain control over their work and motivates them to work towards achieving these goals.

Lack of confidence

An individual who once took the lead role in group tasks is more likely to start taking the back seat when they are going through high levels of stress. A staff member who was once jovial and social with other employees will slowly begin keeping to themselves when they are stressed as they tend to lose confidence to associate with others. To help them regain confidence and control on their lives, Paul Saunders urges leaders to work with and help them set small achievable goals so they can start being sure of themselves once again.

James River Capital

This is an investment advisory firm situated in Richmond Virginia. It was an alternative asset department of a much bigger firm but began its independent operations in 1995 when Paul Saunders, the CEO and Kevin Brandt bought it off. It is now a registered company with a value of $570 million.

End Citizens United Supports Progressive Candidates Refusing Corporate PAC Money

Many Democratic candidates across the United States are refusing to accept campaign donations from any corporate PAC. This refusal, which includes everyone from the Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Conor Lamb, who is closer to the center, has fast become a litmus test for progressivism this election cycle. When a political candidate makes this pledge it excites their base and shows them that they aren’t the lapdogs of corporate interests.

End Citizens United is a PAC which supports the Democratic candidates who make this pledge. They say that voters across the nation are very angry with the status quo as well as special interests and wealthy individuals having a bigger voice than anyone. This PAC says that this problem is worse than ever and largely caused by the Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates to endless spending by corporations and the 1 percent. They are fighting to get sensible laws passed that will restore sanity to what these special interests can spend on a political campaign.

To date, 185 Democratic candidates have made this pledge to refuse corporate PAC money. This pledge is partly credited with Connor Lamb winning his upset election earlier this year. In New York City, Ocasio-Cortez had made this pledge and that is partially why she was able to beat the incumbent, Joe Crowley, who was accepting money from corporate PACs. End Citizens United has endorsed both of these candidates.

The communication director for End Citizens United is Adam Bozzi. He said that most candidates are not getting the bulk of their money from corporate PACS but still matters to reject that money because in a tight campaign every dollar counts. He said the message is important, though, that the candidate is saying that if they get to Congress they will put their constituents interests first.

End Citizens United was established in the wake of the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that lets people and corporations spend as much as they want on politics. They support pro-reform candidates who pledge they will support tougher campaign finance laws. It is time to put an end to U.S. elections being bought is their main message.

Jeff Yastine: Dedication to Others

Dedication is something that is required to succeed in anything. No matter where a person goes or does that will need dedication to make it successful. It makes all the differences in the end even when others try o use shortcuts or tricks to get ahead. Dedication is even more important when someone goes to do something for someone else. It is very negative to provide a service to someone without a giving your all or best. One person that never has trouble giving his best is Jeff Yastine. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.com.

Jeff Yastine is a man that is dedicated to whatever job he is doing. He is in charge of editing total Wealth Insider at the company Banyan Hill Publishing. He has a lot of experience as a stock market broker and investor and that helps him in his place at Banyan Hills when it comes to giving ideas to investors. He is also a journalist oft he financial variety to add to that knowledge. Jeff Yastine has accomplished much in his career including getting an Emmy nomination for his work s a news anchor and correspondent. His career and experiences over the years haw prepared him for a job at Banyan Hill Publishing. He was one of the people warning others about the real estate stock market crash in the mid-2000s. He has rubbed shoulders with great businessmen lie Warren buffet in his day and its all to the advantage of the investors whom he gives advice to with powerful passion and dedication every year at Banyan Hill Publishing. Follow Jeff Yastine on stocktwits.com.

Banyan hill Publishing is a company that gives market advice to investors. They have a goal to help people achieve liberation from monetary issues. They do this though their websites, and publications which are handled by people like Jeff Yastine. The global network of financial experts that the company has are all experts and are willing to give the experience and knowledge they have to help others. That is why Jeff Yastine is such a perfect match for them. He has the experience, platform and most importantly the dedication to help others with financial advice.

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