How Michael Nierenberg Focused On Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights As Assets

As the Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg has a lot of detailed knowledge about the residential mortgage loan investment market. This has been the case since being named CEO and President in 2013, and especially true since becoming Board Chair in 2016. Throughout this time, Mr. Nierenberg has been seen as an innovative leader in the industry because of a variety of high-profile moves he’s made with New Residential. Having said that, one aspect that he’s been focusing on in the past few years are Mortgage Servicing Rights, otherwise known as MSRs.

Throughout Michael Nierenberg’s time with New Residential Investment Corp, he’s always searched for a variety of undervalued assets, especially with MSRs. Through this, he’s found two key factors in determining whether or not they’ll be a successful investment. The first of these is that they have adequate capital resources to continue to expand. The second core principal is also focused on expansion, in this case being able to develop a variety of strong long-term relationships within the industry. If a business can’t meet this criterion, then they’re more than likely not to be a valuable asset, according to Mr. Nierenberg. Because of this approach, Michael Nierenberg has helped New Residential Investment Corp to grow significantly over the past half-decade.

For example, he was one of the main drivers behind the companies growth to managing $118 billion of Mortgage Servicing Rights in 2018 alone. Much of this was because of the innovative and something unique approach that Mr. Nierenberg has taken over his career. A lot of it has also been because Mr. Nierenberg has always taken an opportunistic approach to invest. On top of this, he’s developed an in-depth understanding of residential mortgages that have led him to be one of the foremost experts in the field. This knowledge has also helped drive Michael Nierenberg’s success, as he’s always keenly aware of the potential ramifications of any investment or change in the industry. With that in mind, he’s able to make informed decisions quickly and on a regular basis.


Michael Nierenberg, Thriving In A Tough Business World

Michael Nierenberg earlier in his career worked for Lehman Brothers. In fact this was his initiation into the financial industry. While working for the company, he played a major role in the ‘adjustment rate mortgage business’. The seven year stint was a success which he followed with a better opportunity at Bear Stearns working as the head of the interest rate operation which was coupled with the ‘foreign exchange trading operation’. He worked with the company for over 14 years, serving different leadership roles. Michael Nierenberg was with Bear Stearns up until its absorption by ‘JP Morgan Chase’ in 2008.

Merrill Lynch

Michael Nierenberg later moved to work with Merrill Lynch although not for a long time. The company was later purchased by the ‘Bank of America’. At the Bank he was the ‘managing director’ heading the global ‘mortgage and securities products’. While serving in this capacity, he also spear headed the sales roles. While working here, he also lead in the restoration of the company which was in an international financial crisis. In 2013, he became the CEO of ‘New Residential Investment Corp’. He was also the President of this company.

New Residential

When Michael Nierenberg left Merrill Lynch, the company was in a leadership crisis since the ‘co-chief of bond’ had also retired. Michael however became the chairman of the board and continued to work at New Residential. The New Residential stock rose and continued to improve reaching $16.02. He serves in other capacities at other institutions such as managing director at Fortress. He continues to do well in the business world and his fortunes rises so much so that his net worth is $14.7 million as of 2018.

Michael Nierenberg’s large holding in ‘New Residential Investment’ plays a part in his impressive net worth. New Residential operates from New York and is a ‘public real estate trust’. New Residential subsidiaries are ‘Shellpoint Mortgage servicing’, a mortgage platform and NewRez. New Residential originated from ‘Newcastle Investment Corp’ late in the year 2013. It is publicly traded and Michael Nierenberg was at the helm of the company for over 25 years, which were quite successful.

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Jeunesse Global Offers Products That Redefine Youth

Jeunesse Global is a health and wellness company that offers a range of products called the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System. The company was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis as a way to bring revolutionary products to the marketplace. They are also committed to providing a vehicle for people from all walks of life to reach their full potential through direct selling, with substantial compensation plans.

The products offered in the Y.E.S. system have redefined youth and they provide everyone with a chance to live a healthy life. One of the products offered in the system is NEVO, an energy drink that has been perfected with real fruit juices, such as peach, acerola, orange, apple, mango and white grape. It’s only 50 calories and provides just the right amount of energy. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors.

Naära is a skin product that uses an ‘inside-out’ approach – it’s skin care that you can drink. The benefits are remarkable in that you will see visible results in about four weeks. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, increases skin hydration and promotes normal collagen formation. Naära offers a long list of nutrients, including 8 superfruits, as well as 8 vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

RESERVE is a bestselling antioxidant product offered within the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System. This product contains 5 superfruits and resveratrol, which promotes a healthy heart. It’s a powerful dietary supplement that helps the body fight free radical damage. It also contains green tea, aloe vera and grape seed extracts.

Becoming a Jeunesse distributor is a great opportunity because of the youth-enhancement products that are exclusive and unavailable anywhere else around the globe. Jeunesse also offers a rewarding lifestyle that’s great for anyone desiring more financial security and time freedom.

There are multiple ways in which distributors can generate income through Jeunesse, and they also have access to business tools and training programs 24/7. As a distributor, you can work at your own pace and your efforts will dictate the level of success that you achieve – there are 15 prestigious ranks.

Agera Energy tailors electricity & natural gas plans

Homeowners understand how expensive monthly energy bills can be. For many businesses, utility costs go head-to-head with other expenses like insurance, payroll, and taxes. According to Agera Energy is aware of these considerable costs and structures initiatives around customers in its territories.

About Agera Energy practices delivering peace of mind along with practical solutions for residential and commercial customers. Agera Energy wants to preserve client budgets, making every dollar count.

Taking advantage of variable rates at the right price point is everyday business. Agera Energy is known for making residential energy planning easy. The retail supplier company supports more options in retail energy choice.

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Gareth Henry Review

Gareth Henry is a managing director. He is talented and knowledgeable in identifying viable investments. Being the global head of a company, Gareth is exhibited excellent leadership skills and analytical capabilities. Gareth also has a vast experience in the field of economics.

His understanding of the investment industry is as a result of extensive research alternative asset management. Gareth has also cultivated a reading culture. Before joining this company, Gareth Henry worked at the Fortress Investment Group.

In Fortress, he headed the department of Investor Relations. Gareth made a significant contribution to marketing Fortress Investment Group. His passion coupled with hard work has steered the growth of the company.

He has continued to successfully manage the pension funds and the sales of the company. Gareth can identify opportunities. His enthusiasm and innovativeness make him an exceptional financial expert. Under his management, the company has experienced great success in the investment industry.

In a recent interview, Gareth states that he has chosen 20 mentors from whom he seeks advice. He believes that every leader should have the humility to accept good advice. He understands that mentorship is imperative for one to succeed in business.

Gareth Henry is dedicated to helping their client investors make and manage their wealth. His advice to entrepreneurs is to be open to new ideas and learn from other people. Learning is continuous and therefore listening to other people can help in generating ideas. Gareth Henry upholds the values of integrity and self-discipline in his business endeavors.

Gareth Henry pursued a degree in Actuarial Mathematics at Edinburgh University. Being right in numbers prompted him to seek a course in mathematics. His education helped impact him with skills that are crucial for his line of career. Therefore, this laid a solid foundation for his success as an investor relations expert.

Through his education, Gareth Henry understood the concepts of risk management and how to apply them in the investment industry. He also stresses the importance of quantitative investing which is a vital technique in forecasting future trends.

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Why Ted Bauman Is Concerned About Amazon

If you’re an investor, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with expert Ted Bauman, the economist who’s the editor of a monthly publication called The Bauman Letter with over 100,000 devoted subscribers. Bauman is known for providing critical financial information to help his followers protect their investments. His innovative strategies are also shared in the Smart Money service that he provides, which includes an Alpha Stock Alert and an ETF-trading platform. Ted Bauman’s knowledge and views concerning Amazon are particularly noteworthy because they are contrary to the opinions shared by many experts. Ted has compared Amazon to the Sears catalog that was first published in the late 1980s and provided immediate gratification.

The desire for immediate satisfaction that existed decades ago has not changed. This is partially the reason for Amazon’s success in selling a wide selection of merchandise at affordable prices, and with fast delivery options. Amazon sells nine out of every twenty products purchased online in the United States. Despite the tremendous success of Amazon, Ted Bauman disagrees with those who believe it’s a monopoly. However, he still has concerns about the online retail giant. As a matter a fact, he has major concerns, and one of them is data security. Bauman’s knowledge on this topic is expansive and he has even authored a guide to Internet privacy and security that was recently published.

The guide provides eight recommendations for boosting security, such as using Signal and/or WhatsApp for mobile messages, getting a password manager, using two-factor authentication and using a virtual private network (VPN). Another concern that according to Ted Bauman has with Amazon is the fact that the company is growing increasingly unpopular with suppliers because of pressures to reduce bulk prices. Amazon even removes the merchandise of manufacturers who are not willing to lower their prices. Ted Bauman says that this type of behavior has the potential to trigger government action. Along those same lines, Ted Bauman has an issue with the way in which Amazon negotiates prices for shipping services with the United States Postal Office. He believes the post office and other shipping services end up complying with the demands in order to keep Amazon as a client.

Sources of the article:

New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corporation is a successful investment trust which deals with the field of real estate. It is listed in the New York Stock exchange market as a market leader reporting rapid growth and attracting new investors.

Its investment portfolio has, in turn, indicated rapid growth as it identifies new market opportunities for its clients. The company engages qualified personnel which ensures that clients’ needs and expectations are met. It could be attributed to being among the leading causes of the company success.

New Residential Investment Corp has new development projects such as the issuance of shares in an underwritten public offering. It comes after the announcement that the company will engage in an acquisition of shell point partners.

The mortgage service market further contributes to New Residential Investment and is thus a lucrative investment opportunity. It is imperative to note the company uses risk-adjusted rates in its operations which attract numerous investors to the company.

Real estate industry requires that there is a long term stable cash flow and hence the company incorporates the same as one of its operational strategies. Niche markets further result in a high sales turnover rate contributing to the overall success of New Residential Investment Corporation.

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Investment Expert Ted Bauman Outlines Possible Crash Scenarios And Investment Protection Advice

Investors, economists, and stock market analysts alike are all following the current trend of reflecting on their successes and sharing valuable tips with the public. Whether they do it through interviews or their own publications, the public is very intrigued. Ted Bauman is an expert analyst with positive opinions on the current bull market.

Bauman’s advice is sound, and comes from his decades of education studying both economics and history, along with his experience working in the nonprofit sector and time spent living in South Africa. According to Ted Bauman, there are essentially three scenarios that would take place leading up to a stock market crash.

The first, describes Bauman, is a return back to an average ratio. Using the CAPE ratio, which is formulated to account for price-to-earnings, Bauman notes that the ratio is currently at a record historic high. If it were to return to its average, that would mean a drop of over 35%. It would take over a year for this to happen, and its two effects would likely include investors bailing in order to find profits once they realize that their investments would not return (with an adverse effect, and more appealing asset returns.

Second, Ted Bauman believes that a scenario could take place where investors begin to identify yield curve from the United States Treasury. If this is taken into account, it is likely that bond markets won’t be expecting anything out of the ordinary within the economy for the next few years.

Ted Bauman’s last scenario includes a drop in the economy due to rules-based selling, which would be followed by a partial rise recovery. Bauman relates this scenario to a similar one: the Dow Jones largest percentage drop in one day, which occurred in 1987.

With the goal in mind of educating his readers and investment followers, Ted Bauman has a few tips in mind to encourage them to protect their investments. First, investors should focus on diversifying their portfolios and reducing their risk. Next, any stocks purchased should be those that have a low rate of volatility. Third, utilize help of an expert, if possible, to revisit current investment strategies; also, be sure that any of these strategies have been designed with the potential of a fast crash. Last, Bauman advises his readers to avoid immediate action in the face of a sudden crash.

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Randal Nardone Discusses Why Small Organizations Find It Difficult To Provide Customized Financial Services

The aspect of providing tailor-made financial products and services may seem easy to a significant number of individuals. However, Randal Nardone understands that any type of service provided by a financial institution is complex and requires strategic plans to formulate and implement. Recent reports highlight that Fortress Investment Group has started provided customized financial services to its customers. This has led to customers from other organizations calling for their investment partners to implement the same strategy.

However, not all the companies have the capacity to provide their customers with an opportunity to formulate and implement particular financial products. A large number of companies are only able to offer the standardized products that one can quickly get from the market. Randal Nardone notes that building capacity is a difficult achievement that is just set aside for huge organizations.

Building capacity entails making sure that an organization can be able to accomplish various goals and objectives in different parts and departments within the company. One of the most crucial aspects of building capacity is ensuring that the organization has the necessary funds. It was evident that a considerable number of customers would demand customized investment opportunities from the company. However, only the companies that have the finances required to formulate a financial product for any customer who visits the premises of the company.

Randal Nardone continues to discuss that it’s not the finances that are important to the organizations interested in building personalized financial products in the organization but also human capacity. In as much as technology has taken control in most of the financial organizations, human knowledge and input remain to be important in development of business organizations. This means that all the workers working in a particular organization can develop a customized product that is similar to customer demands.

Randal Nardone continues to highlight that all the systems within the organization must support the initiative so that it can work effectively. All the departments within the company must be structured in such a way that they can allow the company to formulate customized financial products without difficulties. The management of the organization must also support the initiative.

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Randal Nardone’s Steps To Top

Randal Nardone’s Steps to Top

Randal Nardone is a successful entrepreneur whose success and fame is majorly connected to Fortress Investment Group that he participated in its formation in the year 1998. Using his vast knowledge and experience in law and finance, Randal Nardone has contributed to the success of company in many ways. Right now, he is one of the principles of Fortress alternative investments firm and he works for the company in its headquarters. Randal has also assisted the company in making useful and sensitive decisions that have had the company going for decades through sitting in board meetings. Randal started his career by working at Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm where he served as an attorney. He was introduced to the financial industry at Blackrock Financial management.

Randal is an educated man who has a bachelor’s degree in biology and English he attained from the University of Connecticut. He also has a bachelor’s degree in law he attained from the Boston University School of Law. When Randal Nardone joined financial industry, he realized that a lot of companies were being closed after being declared bankrupt. After conducting numerous researches as to why those companies were being closed after operating for years, he learns that these companies were being closed due to lack of competent management. That is when the idea of finding a solution for management incompetence in the investment sector. That is when Randal Nardone met Wes Edens and Peter Briger who also had the same ideas. That is when they decided to start Fortress Investment Company that was meant to manage various investments.

Fortress recently announced that they had closed a deal with SoftBank to sell the company for over two billion dollars. SoftBank is one of the biggest banks in Japan and it has been interested in buying Fortress for some time. When Randal Nardone about his point of view regarding Fortress’ move; he stated that this was good since it will give Fortress a chance to expand its market into Japan. He also stated the deal was not going to affect the company’s operations in any way.

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