Preventing Crime through technology: A new reality-Securus Technologies

Preventing Crime through technology: A new reality

Securus Technologies, whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, is a provider of technology aimed at providing solutions for the safety of the public. The company offers criminal justice and civil technology in order to abate crime. The solutions offered include correction, investigation, and monitoring.

Those working in correctional facilities, such as prisons and jail officials, all over the United States made positive comments about the use of technology in crime prevention. These officials have the task of solving and preventing crimes as well as making confinement environment safer and better.

According to Richard Smith, the chief executive officer and chairman of Securus Technologies, the company develops a new service or product at least once every week aimed at helping corrections officials and law enforcement agencies prevent and solve crimes. Feedback from the use of such technology records that the society, and this includes inmates, parolees, and their families are safe. According to Smith, the core business of Securus Technologies is building safety into what the company does. It is the company’s honor to serve and protect.

According to one of the customers, the information provided from phone calls enabled them to get a search warrant for a staff member who was corrupt. The corrupt member was arrested on allegations of introducing contraband. In this case, the monitored calls gave information the use of alcohol by inmates, sale, and use of drugs in the correctional facility. There were also reports on access to cellular devices, conversations that were suspicious, threats, money transfer, fired shots and even an admission by a civilian who sold discounted prescription drugs.

Secures Technologies can boast of satisfied clients who have greatly benefitted from their services. The company’s work has helped revolutionize the incarceration environment and helped the correctional facilities improve the safety of the public in their respective jurisdictions.


Keeping Fugitives In Prison Using Securus Technologies

When my fugitive task force gets the call of a fugitive that needs to be found, we spring into action utilizing a number of key resources at our disposal. First thing we do is to reach out to family and friends of the suspect to see if anyone will cooperate. When this doesn’t pan out, we will even do some surveillance on these folks just to make sure they are on the up-and-up. We even make used of anonymous informants if they are willing to talk to authorities.


This was not going to be this case with this suspect because he was deep i hiding and hot contacting anyone he knew. He would strike when he needed cash or drugs, leaving a wake of destruction behind. The only piece of the puzzle we had was his brother already in the local jail. Our other resource, the inmate call monitoring system, was going to help us break this case wide open.


Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in the jail, and it allows officers to pick up on conversations from the inmates using the LBS software. We trust this company because their CEO, Rick Smith, says all of his employees work towards keeping the world a safer place for all. Already installed in 2,600 prison systems, we knew we had a great tool for closing the gap on this fugitive.


As expected, his brother could not keep quiet and was talking on the phone to his family about his sibling. His conversations were short, but he did tip us off to a location where the inmate could be in hiding. That night, we surrounded the location and took the fugitive down as he walked to the store to get some smokes. No injuries, no violence, just a capture thanks to Securus Technologies.

Securus Technology calling systems fight crime through high technology

Prison communication systems have long presented a catch-22 to administrators and staff. While it is only humane to allow inmates to communicate with their loved ones on the outside, prison phone systems have often presented a serious challenge to the maintenance of security within the facility.


Gangs often use prison telephone systems for illicit activities and in the furtherance of criminal enterprise. For almost the entire history of prison calling in the United States, administrators and staff struggled to get a grip on the problem of prison calling facilities being used for illegal activity by gangs or even by individual prisoners.


However, over the last decade solutions have slowly come online that promise to almost completely eliminate the scourge of illicit activity being carried out over prison communication systems. Securus Technologies, the leading provider of inmate communication solutions in the United States, has developed a suite of high-tech products that allow prison communication systems to remain almost entirely free of illegal activity and communications that may compromise the safety and security of the institution.


Through the use of highly sophisticated algorithms that make use of artificial intelligence such as neural networks and machine learning, Securus has created systems that enable all communications taking place on the prison’s communication systems to be constantly and simultaneously monitored. These systems don’t just monitor all communications in a passive way. They actively sift through all words in the context of all conversations, only bringing those conversations to the attention of corrections officers which are most likely to present a serious threat to the institution and its safety.


The use of sophisticated, automatic prioritization of caseloads allows prison guard to efficiently create workflows that ensure their attentions are only drawn to the most serious threats at any given time. Through systems like this, Securus is helping to create a safer prison environment by getting the right tools into the hands of the brave corrections officers who keep our nation’s prisons safe.


Reasons why Securus is a top inmate communication company

Securus Technologies is a corporation that has a reputation for providing different services to correctional centers and prisons. The primary service that the firm is known for is setting up telephones and video recording communication facilities for families to have a real time with their imprisoned member. The company is based in Dallas, Texas where it has served the majority of correctional centers. This is the reason behind its good reputation and reliance in many prisons in this city.

The company understands the need to keep conversations secure and private. The telephone booths are well-positioned giving each prisoner a nice time to talk with the visitors on any matter without the information being heard by others. Due to security reasons in most state prisons, it is a requirement that the conversations are recorded but must be stored in secured drives. Securus is trusted in recording keeping all the communications that happen on a daily basis away from unwanted parties. The prisoners are assured of their safety, proper investigations, and fair trials.

The calling rates per minute are reasonable compared to the state-set limits. The company is dedicated to ensuring people can talk for a long time as possible so that they do not feel separated from their families.

Securus Technologies has overcome many challenges in efforts to provide the best services for the inmates. The company has an enormous number of customers who are about 1.2 million. The services are offered in the entire country serving over 3,450 correctional facilities. The high revenue that is raised annually from the call subscriptions is used to make the services better and better. More prisoners still prefer this network which is available every day.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Has The Best Prison Call System

Securus has the best prison call system that our family has used, and we are all maintaining the system on our devices because the app is so functional. We have been wondering how we are going to make the most of the system, and we discovered from PR Newswire that it was actually a video call system. The video call system is very nice because it is so easy to use, and we are also very happy with the way that it works because we get instant connections to the people that we want to talk to.
The video calls are very clear, and they make it very easy for us to see what is going on. We work with a lot of inmates that need someone to believe in them, and that is why we are here in the first place. We are going to check on every single person that we can, and we are going to do it very often because it only takes a touch of the button in the Securus app.

I have gotten a lot of people into this ministry because they can use Securus to talk to the people they are helping, and I am very happy with the results. We are changing a lot of lives, and we are making it a lot easier for everyone to have the kinds of results that they think will be best for them. We do not want to waste our time on something that does not work, and we want to see everyone face to face.

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