Dr. Dov Rand and The Passion He Has To Improve the Healthcare Practice

We have so many things to share about Dr. Dov Rand, the renowned West Orange NJ Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, and this article will be an attempt to give you some of the most relevant information today about him.


The Physical Medicine Advocate

One of the many advocacies of the famous Dr. Dov Rand is physical medicine and rehab. He has spent his life and career in Wayne, NJ to make sure that most of the people in the area can get the best service, recovery, and rehab that they need. They deserve the best service. They deserve the most expert of them all, and in this desire to offer the best, Dr. Dov Rand made sure that he’ll be running his medical practice there.

It may not be as lucrative and profitable to work in New Jersey compared to working in New York, but to Dr. Dov Rand, it’s not all just about the money. It’s about the craft, the service, the dedication and the fulfillment of being with the people who need his assistance the most.

The affiliation that Dr. Dov Rand also has with the Chilton Medical Center is also an indication of the outstanding record, performance, and skills that he can offer to the public. You may also know that Dr. Dov Rand also had his education and training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he had his residency and series of training in practical physical medicine. He also had his internship and med school training at the Howard University College of Medicine and St Barnabas Medical Center. He also got his NJ State Medical License and certification, which makes more people trust him and his expertise in the field that he offers. Discover more in (Northnewjerseyhcg).


The Future Ahead

Some of the many challenges of the modern healthcare industry that Dr. Dov Rand is facing right now is the one involving skin in the game. Many doctors these days take part in big pharmaceutical companies’ games and marketing gimmicks to sell dangerous drugs to people. When this happens, the doctors who prescribe the lousy medicine don’t pay for the price. They don’t pay for the consequences. Fortunately, Dr. Dov Rand is ready to face this challenge and is willing to address and fix it.