Restoring Former Potential with Jeunesse

If Jeunesse’s loyal base of followers isn’t the first sign that the wellness company is onto something good, its place in the top 500 list of burgeoning direct sellers should be a fine indicator. For almost a full decade, Jeunesse Global has delivered inspired health products to the world in an effort to change humanity nine steps at a time with it’s renown Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which was developed from complex formulas of nature’s simplest provisions.

The beauty of Y.E.S. is so much more than the all-natural composition, Jeunesse’s fixation with the number 9 or the cutting-edge research that goes into their offerings; it’s the humble admission that they can’t copy the greatness of the human body, only supplement it. The reality is, the most powerful technology on the planet rests nowhere else but inside ourselves, each and every one of us. The wonders of the body’s self-correcting facilities can be realized by providing it with the resources to make it work, and that’s precisely what Jeunesse does.

Rediscover Wellness

Do you struggle to sleep well at night? Are you waking up groggy and unwilling to drink coffee to fix it? Do you experience mid-day crashes or inevitable lapses in focus? Y.E.S. is here to deliver against all of these complications and more with nine product lines that attack a different area of the wellness concept as a whole. Other products emphasize smooth, glowing skin; fitness supplements that burn fat, boost muscle and restrain appetite; and even basic immunity enhancement supplements to protect you from the elements. You can also find antioxidant packages, a two-minute solution to mild skin flaws on the face such as enlarged pores and wrinkles, and a natural brain booster to keep you sharp.

Although it sounds like Y.E.S. is engineered for older folk, it’s truthfully designed with everyone in mind: man, woman, young and old, all walks of life, no exceptions. Those who are young can take advantage of the system to preserve what they still have while the wiser among us have the means of reclaiming what was once theirs. Because Y.E.S. is completely natural, the potential for problems down the road is minimal if the products are used as directed.

The Balm that Saved My Lips

Out with my best friend one night, I watched as he popped a bright coral-colored sphere out of his pocket.

“What’s that?” I asked as he removed the cap and a wave of fruity fragrance hit me.

“It’s an EOS lip balm,” he said excitedly. “It’s the best lip balm I’ve ever used! I have it in every flavor – this one is ‘Summer Fruit’.” See for more.

EOS, an acronym for “Evolution of Smooth”, has been an increasingly popular lip balm brand in recent years. It is known for its distinctive spherical packaging. It comes in a variety of flavors, from “Sweet Mint” to “Blueberry Acai” and is made with all natural ingredients, including shea butter and olive oil. Celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus swear by it, click here for info.

So when I was in line at my local beauty store and spotted a display of the colorful little spheres, I remembered the exchange with my best friend. I had to get one! The vibrant packaging made them all look so appealing, it was hard to choose which one to get. I ultimately went with a pastel green one, “Honeysuckle Honeydew” EOS flavor.

As soon as I got home, I could not wait to use my new lip balm. The moment that I opened it, the light honeysuckle fragrance delighted me. Upon applying it to my lips, it had a delicate honeydew flavor and the texture of the balm was perfection. I had struggled with broken and chapped lips my entire life. I had tried a multitude of lip balms and none had ever truly worked to soothe and heal my chapped lips. I quickly learned that EOS is not like other lip balms. My lips have never been smoother and I now join my best friend in owning every EOS flavor! Discover more here on

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