Wengie Recap: Complete Face Massage Tutorial

This Face Massage Tutorial, which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqNfWfRx8lM, opens with the ever-lovely Wengie giving an introduction to the topic of facial massage. Wengie gives viewers a brief history of massage’s origins, as well as her personal reasons for preferring facial massage, which include that it is a more natural way to care for one’s skin. She also says that facial massage is popular in Korea for its many benefits for one’s skin, including reduction of sagging skin, brightening of the complexion, improvement of dull skin, smoothing out of age spots & discolorations, remedying of bags and puffiness under the eyes, reduction of bloating, and removal of toxins from face.
In order to maximize the benefits received from facial massage, Wengie suggests that viewers make massage a regular part of their skin care routine, and to drink plenty of water, particularly after a session.
Viewers will need two things to perform their own facial massages: a facial massage tool and a facial oil or cleansing oil.
Wengie suggests three options for the massage tool: a Chinese spoon, a Daiso plastic massager, or a stone crafted tool. Both the Chinese spoon and the Daiso are relatively inexpensive, but Wengie recommends a stone crafted tool as an investment for those who want to actively include facial massage in their daily regimen.
For the oil part of the equation, viewers can use their regular cleansing oil or facial oils such as rose hip, coconut, olive, or almond oils. Wengie recommended hemp oil for those who are more prone to breakouts and problems with acne. Not only will these protect the user’s skin from damage during a massage, but they will moisturize too.
According to Wengie, there are a few key things to remember during facial massage. Apply firm pressure, but not to the point of pain. Use your other hand to hold your skin taut if necessary.


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