Worthwhile Attention Given to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

Depression is a mental illness that affects almost 16 million adults in the US every year. Research has shown that it often begins in adulthood and is a more common occurrence in women. However, it can happen to anyone at any age without an obvious cause. Almost two-thirds of people who struggle with depression do not seek help for this condition, possibly because of the stigma surrounding depression or mental health as a whole. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

An article that was written earlier this year highlighted the eight facts which show the impact that depression has;

– Depression doesn’t necessarily have an outside cause

– Several kinds of depressive disorders exist

– Symptoms of depression are not always obvious

– Depression takes a toll on your body physically and not just mentally

– The leading cause of death in young people is suicide. Depression is one of the major causes of suicide.

– According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the major causes of disability within the age-group 15-44. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

– Research on depression is not well funded.

– Depression no matter the severity, can be treated.

At Grand Rapids Neurocore Center, we provide testing and focus on natural treatment for depression and other disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, ADD, sleep disorders, memory, and autism. Before we embark on treatment, a test is conducted to understand your neuro profile which will help us to create personalized solutions to help treat a condition or take back your performance to optimum levels. Taking drugs merely masks the problem instead of addressing it. Neurocore’s main focus is fixing it and not just covering it up.

Grand Rapids Neurocore Center utilizes technology to identify and address symptoms. We create a secure and personalized program based on our in-depth assessment and your individual brain map to help train your brain. This comprehensive evaluation includes brainwave analysis using heart rate and breathing analysis, qEEG technology, and other diagnostic tests to paint a picture of what is going on in your brain. Your brain map then becomes a map in designing a personalized solution. The neurofeedback sessions train your brain to function more efficiently providing lasting results.

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