The Academy of Art University Equals Oscar Success

The Academy of Art University and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has a brilliant connection. These two fine entities seem to go hand-to-hand to a certain degree. To simply state it, Academy of Art University has played a huge role in motion-picture success. This dynamic school has helped to cultivate talent that has worked on many of today’s hit films. The Best Animated Feature Film for 2018 isCocoa,” and it certainly has a connection to the Academy of Art University. What’s the connection? The connection comes in the form of Daniel Arriaga.

Senior Director of Pixar Animation Studios is Daniel Arriaga, and this fine individual is an alumni of the Academy of Art University. Yes, it’s a small world. Thanks to being of Mexican decent, Arriaga got a chance to implement much of his culture into the film. This cultural history wasn’t an easy task as copious amounts of research was performed. Every fine detail of the film matched Mexican culture to the fullest. This includes a match to the actual music as well as a match to certain celebrations. “Cocoa” is a brave story about a Mexican boy, and his journey through the land of the dead. During this journey, the young boy was searching for his place in the world, but he was unsurfacing his family’s past mysteries.

In addition to winning the Best Animated Film, “Cocoa” won an Oscar for Best Original Song. Arriaga studied in animation and in artistic direction while at AAU. “This movie project was very close to me,” said Arriaga. Having good animation skills can open many doors as Arriaga has advised many students to create a portfolio of adequate work.

What more can you say? What else does this school has to do to show its influence in today’s entertainment business. The Academy of Art University is winning at the game of life. It has helped to produce a huge selection of contemporary stars, and it will continue to do so in the years to come.

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Bob Reina Makes Superb Revenues from Talk Fusion

The simple game changing the fact about network marketing is in how you approach people (first with the people you know), the benefits you share to them and the kind of relationship you establish. This wisdom was shared by Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion. Well, the empire he has created now had dug deep into his time, efforts and resources but eventually did pay off.


Bob Reina was not originally an entrepreneur but a state employee. Disappointed by the paycheck and his time controlling his life with little yield, he sought to find a solution. Not long, he met a man one day while doing traffic control who sold him the idea of network marketing. Thrilled by the ability to increase his income, he ventured into the trade.


His life has been characterized by default happening. In 2004, a video clip that failed to upload lead to the establishment of Talk Fusion company with Video Email as the primary product. The project actualized through IT insight from Dr. Jonathan Chen. Although there were hurdles in empire building, Talk Fusion picked very well through direct selling.


The marketing tools applied by Talk Fusion are Brand building, establishing good networks and enjoy a large number of referral clients. Talk Fusion has also benefitted from Video emails, chats, newsletters, live meetings and shared testimonials in generating a market base. Bob Reina cautions about having the right product at the right time.


About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, a Technology based company that deals with video marketing. His life finally found financial stability after transiting formal form employment as a policeman to network marketing. Through hard work and perseverance, he has made Talk Fusion a leading technology company through the shared vision and leadership.


His most fulfilling moment is when he shares something with the needy or better still help others. He has established a philanthropic company to give back to the community and donating to charity. Talk Fusion University plans are underway which will be free and help businesses excel. Learn more: