Article Title: And Citrus Product Provider San Miguel Partnered Up Through JD’s Platform

Article Text:, China’s biggest retailer, partnered up with San Miguel and other international fruit producers to deliver more choices of healthy food for its customers. San Miguel is known for its high-quality citrus produce which comes from the Southern Hemisphere. Jingdong Shegxian or is currently the most visited e-commerce platform in the country.

The partnership is in line with’s initiative called the “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” which was announced in Hong Kong. This initiative’s goal is to boost the fruit an vegetable market of the country, which helps in transforming the national diet healthier. In addition to San Miguel, JD also partnered up with other high quality fruit providers named Zespri and Wonderful Citrus. Products of the 18 countries will now be available in JD’s online platform, which is being used by millions of people in China and all around the world.

San Miguel and JD’s partnership is a win-win situation for both the company. By using JD’s platform, San Miguel can introduce its products to one of the biggest markets in world. In addition, is taking a great leap in one of its major initiatives with San Miguel and other company’s help. JD was able to grow by sharing its platform to online as well as offline stores locally and internationally.

Wu Zhenzhi, the General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division explained that the initiative is their mission to “encourage consumers to eat better.” Since its inception, Jingdong Fresh has been improving its reach to customers in order to be able to roll out on a global scale. The Initiative is not the only initiative JD have. They also implement “Boundaryless Shopping” which aims to provide their consumers with a platform where they can buy whatever they want, whenever they want it, and wherever they are.

San Miguel Commercial Manager Andres Haloua stated that this partnership will bring the company closer to its customers. And by using e-commerce, they will be able to deliver more variety of their products to the Chinese market. With their partnership, San Miguel is also proud of the trust that their customers are putting in their products and leadership.

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Article Title: How Is Giving AI Startup Companies A Chance To Showcase Their Products

Article Text:, also known as Jingdong, is a company in China that is currently allowing different startups to showcase their AI technology to the world., who is actually the largest retailer in all of China, has recently launched a new program known as JD’s AI accelerator. This program allows AI startups as well as companies who are just starting out to show off and demonstrate their new AI technology. The startups recently showcased were from a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, the legal business, and education.

Some of the projects are already being used by right at this very moment. One example of this would be the top company FaGouGou, which is a company that provides legal services that are powered by AI. The company has been working with’s legal team to help develop a chatbot to help people with legal advice and other legal services. This system is helping many of’s suppliers and partners with quick answers to any legal questions they may have about things such as financing, labor issues, or certifications.

An example of another startup that was showcased was one that was using AI to improve the way customer’s shop for wine. The app produced by this company, known as 9KaCha, uses’s current SnapShop technology to allow users to take photos of wine and then analyze them as well as provide recommendations. The app has a large database of wines that it is able to analyze and give information about, such as color, origin, or taste. is a company who is working hard to provide its resources to companies in China who are wanting to be successful with their new AI technology. offers things such as mentoring or training in areas such as financing, management, and marketing as well as offering them the technical support they need. Companies are also offered access to’s application scenarios that will help allow them to get their product out into the real world. 80 percent of companies that have participated in the program have succeeded in debuting their products for use by everyone.

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How Michael Nierenberg Focused On Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights As Assets

As the Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg has a lot of detailed knowledge about the residential mortgage loan investment market. This has been the case since being named CEO and President in 2013, and especially true since becoming Board Chair in 2016. Throughout this time, Mr. Nierenberg has been seen as an innovative leader in the industry because of a variety of high-profile moves he’s made with New Residential. Having said that, one aspect that he’s been focusing on in the past few years are Mortgage Servicing Rights, otherwise known as MSRs.

Throughout Michael Nierenberg’s time with New Residential Investment Corp, he’s always searched for a variety of undervalued assets, especially with MSRs. Through this, he’s found two key factors in determining whether or not they’ll be a successful investment. The first of these is that they have adequate capital resources to continue to expand. The second core principal is also focused on expansion, in this case being able to develop a variety of strong long-term relationships within the industry. If a business can’t meet this criterion, then they’re more than likely not to be a valuable asset, according to Mr. Nierenberg. Because of this approach, Michael Nierenberg has helped New Residential Investment Corp to grow significantly over the past half-decade.

For example, he was one of the main drivers behind the companies growth to managing $118 billion of Mortgage Servicing Rights in 2018 alone. Much of this was because of the innovative and something unique approach that Mr. Nierenberg has taken over his career. A lot of it has also been because Mr. Nierenberg has always taken an opportunistic approach to invest. On top of this, he’s developed an in-depth understanding of residential mortgages that have led him to be one of the foremost experts in the field. This knowledge has also helped drive Michael Nierenberg’s success, as he’s always keenly aware of the potential ramifications of any investment or change in the industry. With that in mind, he’s able to make informed decisions quickly and on a regular basis.


Article Title: New Drones In Indonesia With

Article Text: recently launched a inventive campaign to initiate making deliveries to Indonesia using commercial drone technology.

As of January 8, 2019, the first commercial drone landed in Indonesia after the Indonesian government approved of the capable drone’s commercial flight plans. The monumental feat is revolutionary, as it highlights accessibility to Southeast Asia, paves the necessary foundation for future delivery regions. Richard Liu primary focus commercial drone technology is to establish a link between rural villages and consumer product delivery.

In 2007, Richard Liu hired a logistics group to assess China’s consumer data. In their report, the team discovered economically rural buyers were at a disadvantage when it came to successful product delivery. eagerly sought innovative ways to mitigate the logistical challenges being inevitably faced by the unfortunate lack of rural customer accessibility. At this moment,’s strategy team arrived at drone technology as a probable solution.

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Edwin Miranda, The Founder Of KOI IXS

Edwin Miranda is the founder of KOI IXS and the current CEO. KOI is a top marketing organization that relies on its performance to grow. Edwin focuses on helping brands across the globe to create a stable market, have a steady customer base and establish great interactions with their consumers. Edwin as a leader has faith in performance marketing as an essential element of growth. Edwin Miranda is helping brand firms be up to date with the growing market. As the CEO of KOI IXS, Edwin is delighted to be working with a team of skilled and self-driven employees.

Edwin Miranda supports his employees to be creative and uses their abilities to the maximum. He then uses these skills to grow and expand KOI. Edwin keeps in mind the company’s vision and applies employees’ talents in the vision for development. Edwin Miranda’s day begins at 5.30 am. He first checks new briefings from clients and work projects and the latest news stories before going for a 30 minutes run. Miranda’s leaves for work at 7.30 am where he has to attend meetings, talk with his clients and work on pending projects. Edwin Began working on KOI out of passion and desire. He believes that as an entrepreneur passion is a key to bringing great ideas to life.

Edwin Miranda believes in Predictive Marketing and Attribution. Over the year technology has improved rendering most operations easy to run; before it was challenging to analyze the performance and results of clients and market. The use of technology has made predictive analysis simple. Technology has been used to grow company’s customer base and to identify risks in the market. Currently, firms can predict sakes through online platforms improving growth in a company. Edwin is encouraging entrepreneurs to learn from their mistakes and be passionate about what they are doing. Miranda also use to do lists to accomplish tasks.

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James River Capital’s CEO, Paul Saunders takes us through the issue of burnout

There is no disputation that most employees are passionate about their profession. However, at some point, it is easy even for passionate employees to feel overwhelmed by work issues. This when coupled with the pressure of their personal lives, can easily cause them to slip into a burnout. Even though it might not seem like that much of a big deal, a burnout is something to worry about as it tends to take a toll on the employee’s output, thereby affecting the productivity of the entire firm. Paul Saunders, the man holding the reigns of James River Capital, urges employers and those in leadership positions to take the necessary action to curb burnout among employees. Learn more:

Paul Saunders has been leading the said company for more than a decade and throughout his leadership position has witnessed how negatively burnout can affect a business. Thanks to his impressive leadership acumen, Paul Saunders is usually able to detect and avert burnout from miles away. This explains why James River Capital has been growing with each wake. Here are some of the factors that according to Paul Saunders cause burnout among employees and how those in leadership can prevent it.

Lack of control

Most workplaces often have specific schedules which the staff members are expected to follow. While this is quite okay as every business must have a particular order of doing things, some workplaces often create extra tight and unrealistic schedules, setting the bar too high. For a while, the staff members will manage to stick to these plans, but soon, they’ll start feeling overwhelmed by the expectations they are supposed to meet. They will start seeing themselves as failures when they fail to meet these expectations and this when combined with what they are going through in their personal lives can cause a mental and physical breakdown.

In respect to that Paul Saunders urges leaders to give the employees the freedom to create their schedules. They should work with them in creating such plans and setting objectives that are beneficial to them as well as the firm. Doing this enables them to regain control over their work and motivates them to work towards achieving these goals.

Lack of confidence

An individual who once took the lead role in group tasks is more likely to start taking the back seat when they are going through high levels of stress. A staff member who was once jovial and social with other employees will slowly begin keeping to themselves when they are stressed as they tend to lose confidence to associate with others. To help them regain confidence and control on their lives, Paul Saunders urges leaders to work with and help them set small achievable goals so they can start being sure of themselves once again.

James River Capital

This is an investment advisory firm situated in Richmond Virginia. It was an alternative asset department of a much bigger firm but began its independent operations in 1995 when Paul Saunders, the CEO and Kevin Brandt bought it off. It is now a registered company with a value of $570 million.

Why Agera Energy has Been Helpful to Customers

Agera Energy opens its doors in 2014, and they have grown to nearly 1.8 million customers. Many of the customers are offered several different energy solutions such as electricity and renewable energy. Agera offers natural gas to its’ potential clients. They offer energy solutions to commercial and residential customers.

Agera Energy is a retail energy supplier who uses direct sales to generate revenue. They compete against other suppliers. Agera ensures their sale force is trained to help clients make a good decision regarding the products that are offered. Agera Energy provides energy efficiency Services to helps customers save money and energy. Agera Energy keeps the process of purchasing energy solutions as simple as possible. They are able to educate potential customers of the products they offer.

Agera Energy use of led lighting solutions makes them an attractive option for commercial customers. Many businesses find energy cost very expensive, and with Agera, Commercial customer can save nearly 20 percent energy cost. The LED lighting will allow you to reduce the amount of maintenance required because of the bulbs last 5 to 8 years. The use of LED lighting reduces power consumption and it translates saving money on energy cost. Agera Energy ensures customers are treated well and make the potential customers their main focus of Agera’s LED light solution will help the environment because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Agera makes its solution cost-effective, and good customer service allows a variety of billing options that will be helpful for potential clients.

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Jeunesse Global Offers Products That Redefine Youth

Jeunesse Global is a health and wellness company that offers a range of products called the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System. The company was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis as a way to bring revolutionary products to the marketplace. They are also committed to providing a vehicle for people from all walks of life to reach their full potential through direct selling, with substantial compensation plans.

The products offered in the Y.E.S. system have redefined youth and they provide everyone with a chance to live a healthy life. One of the products offered in the system is NEVO, an energy drink that has been perfected with real fruit juices, such as peach, acerola, orange, apple, mango and white grape. It’s only 50 calories and provides just the right amount of energy. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors.

Naära is a skin product that uses an ‘inside-out’ approach – it’s skin care that you can drink. The benefits are remarkable in that you will see visible results in about four weeks. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, increases skin hydration and promotes normal collagen formation. Naära offers a long list of nutrients, including 8 superfruits, as well as 8 vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

RESERVE is a bestselling antioxidant product offered within the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System. This product contains 5 superfruits and resveratrol, which promotes a healthy heart. It’s a powerful dietary supplement that helps the body fight free radical damage. It also contains green tea, aloe vera and grape seed extracts.

Becoming a Jeunesse distributor is a great opportunity because of the youth-enhancement products that are exclusive and unavailable anywhere else around the globe. Jeunesse also offers a rewarding lifestyle that’s great for anyone desiring more financial security and time freedom.

There are multiple ways in which distributors can generate income through Jeunesse, and they also have access to business tools and training programs 24/7. As a distributor, you can work at your own pace and your efforts will dictate the level of success that you achieve – there are 15 prestigious ranks.

Passion For His Work Drives Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI IXS. KOI IXS is a full service performance marketing agency that he founded at the age of 21. He believes that his goals are dreams with deadlines and his passion to achieve these deadlines in innovative and effective ways has made him a business success story.

KOI IXS, the marketing agency helmed by Edwin Miranda has made marketing brands a quick and efficient process. He and his talented team combine creativity, strategy and marketing technology to achieve brand success in a competitive market. Edwin Miranda believes that the key to successful marketing of a brand is to use predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics helps companies of all sizes succeed in marketing their brands. He also makes optimum use of technology to improve the growth of the brands of their customers and to provide them with real time data.

Edwin Miranda finds that one of the main secrets of his success is his habit of rising early. This habit not only helps him succeed in business but also helps him spend quality time with his family. He also believes in taking bold decisions in business and having a passion to achieve goals is the key to success. He advices young entrepreneurs that they should not be limited by the mistakes they make but treat them as a process of learning to make their business better.

Edwin Miranda is an entrepreneur who relentlessly strives to achieve the impossible and make the success of the brands he markets possible.

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A Professional Entrepreneur, Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a successful entrepreneur who owns shares in Fortress Investment Group LLC. a global investment manager. He is also the co-CEO of this company, and under his leadership, the company has rapidly grown increasing its stake capital asset from $400 million to approximately $41.4 billion assets. On 27th December 2017, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank Group, and since then Wes Edens together with his partners have been leading the company independently. The company headquarters is in New York.

Prior to founding Fortress Group, Mr. Wes Edens served as the managing director of BlackRock Financial Management Inc., a private equity fund where he managed the BlackRock Asset Investors. Formerly, Mr. Edens was a shareholder and operating officer at Lehman Brothers. Wes Edens attended Oregon State University where he studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Under his leadership, Fortress group has invested in various industry-leading businesses and has as well owned facilities such as healthcare, real estate media, and entertainment. In 2014, he founded New Fortress Energy, a company that’s focused on changing the world to a better, clean and safe place for living through introducing re-usable energy sources. In the same year, Mr. Wes Edens became a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, and he has steered the efforts of creating a new arena at the city of Milwaukee for the NBA franchise. The recently launched $524 million Fiserv Forum is a centerpiece project of Bucks that intended to transform acres of unused land into a vibrant entertainment district.

Besides his successful career, Mr. Edens is a sports lover. His interest in games started at a tender age. He was raised in the rural area of Montana ranch where he actively participated in outdoor sports such as ski racing, horse jumping, and mountain climbing.

Mr. Edens has also been extending his hand of humility giving back to the community. Eden together with the help of his family, they have founded Edens Family Fund, a center for climate research at Princeton University. He has also endowed a professorship at Macalester College in St. Paul as well as the Edens Professorship in Global Health.

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