Glen Wakeman, Transforming The World Of Business

The world of business is continually transforming, Glen Wakeman and his team at Launchpad Holdings, LLC is not only up for the challenge, but is embracing it. How may you ask? Glen Wakeman and his global experiences spanning three decades are how. As the CEO, co-founder and co-developer of Launchpad, his SaaS firm is addressing basic business problems and have developed a solution. Before focusing on these solutions, let us focus a little bit more on this extraordinary businessman, Glen Wakeman.

Mr. Wakeman earned his undergraduate degree in economics and finance from the University of Scranton in 1981. He continued his education and earned his MBA degree in finance from the University of Chicago in 1991. He is the founder of Nova Four, a business accelerator that provides strategic advice and access to capital for developing companies. He has over 20+ years’ experience at GE Capital and has successfully held management positions that granted him to live in six countries and conduct businesses globally. Currently, he is the CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC since 2015 (

Launchpad Holdings, LLC is a fusion of his business experiences in the global business market. After seeing a pattern with many start-ups, having a great idea but fail in execution, Launchpad was created to help to overcome this hurdle by providing a solution to this problem. Mr. Wakeman in a recent interview with CEOCFO Magazine was asked, what is the basic process of Launchpad? He responded, “The basic process is to follow a guided tour of establishing a business, including everything from legal entity to marketing (Ceocfointerviews). It’s an online software as a service that takes a client through a series of thoughtful questions and helps provide answers. The result is a presentation document that enables fundraising.”

His focus now is to implement a fast and easy business plan and provide a structured way of thinking for start-ups. By focusing on this specific niche problem and provide a solid, manageable and executable solution, Glen Wakeman and his Launchpad team are transforming the world of business one start-up at a time.