Understanding Kevin Seawright

A financial professional, Kevin Seawright is known for his ability to assist the local community on the East Coast when it comes to developing their financial skills. Born and raised in America, he has over the years acquired massive skills and experience in the financial department. Kevin has worked in the financial field for over fourteen years with specialty in different sectors. These include business penetration, team enclosure as well as administrative operations. Currently, Kevin Seawright serves at the Newark Economic Development Corporation as the chief financial officer as well as the vice president.

Since the start of his career, Kevin has managed to portray positive impacts in all the positions that he has served. An influencer, he changes financial areas such as revenue plans. Throughout his career, Kevin has earned a reputation as a professional in business management. Before going to his current position, Kevin worked in Real Property Solution. He is known for designing the accounting forum which was for the Baltimore commission. Baltimore commission is a company that serves the retired and aging people. The accounting forum which is among his greatest achievements helped the company in saving funds.

Kevin Seawright is an alumnus of the Mendoza College based in Indiana. It is here where he was able to acquire his Business Administration masters. His current position at Newark involves assisting businesses diversify as well as encouraging business startups. In the past, Kevin served at Tito Contractors where he served as a strategic partner. Kevin has also been featured in a number of media outlets such as epodcastnetwork.com, Market Watch, Worldclassmagazines.com, and the Market Wired. Kevin is currently a member of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and the American Society for Public Administration among others. In 2010, he was awarded the Bridges to the Future award due to his expertise in finances. Read more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/12/21/kevin-seawright-rps-solutions-teams-up-with-christ-haven-pentecostal-church-for-christmas-toy-drive/

Felipe Montoro Jens: The Financial Expert

Felipe Montoro Jens from Brazil is a great expert in the finance industry. He is the CEO of Energipar Captação, a company where he got a huge part of his experience while working as a director. He also holds a chairman position in Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal. He has worked in Enel Group in structured finance and project development section. He has also served in Paulo Olivero De Melo and Luciano NitriGuidolin among others. Read this article about Montoro Jens at empresassa.com

Educational Background and Career

Felipe Montoro Jens went to the Getulio Vargas Foundation where he pursued a degree in business. While in school he joined a group of best performers where he gained the knowledge and skills he required to start his career in the business industry. With his focus lying mostly on the global side of the business, he went to Thunderbird School of Global Management, a constituent of Arizona State University. In other fields, he studied at Oregon University then later moved on to UC Santa Barbra. He attained a degree in Spanish and History and a Masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotion.

Felipe Jens immediately found avenues in the Brazilian corporate business. He was flexible and accepted various board affiliations, and he further explored newer industries. He dealt with chemical development, water and waste franchises, and energy generation among others. This extensive experience has made him be a widely renowned fellow in the world of infrastructure. He has also built his knowledge of advising business plans and strategies between the government of Brazil and the private sector.

The Bottom Line

Felipe Montoro Jens is an entrepreneur and a charismatic leader. He believes in always improving on what he has done long ago. He is passionate and would like to motivate team members. He advises people always to be focused on the bigger picture and get to know what to be done to achieve it. He is ever curious and serious when looking for information. He loves family and adores a healthy life. Read more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/160655/investimentos-em-infraestrutura-sao-peca-chave-para-que-mato-grosso-amplie-sua-exportacao-de-soja-destaca-felipe-montoro-jens


Famous Financial Executive Diplomat Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the Brazilian Finance professional having gained his popularity due to his achievements in financial industries in Brazil. He is a well known expert when it comes to projects relating to infrastructure. More so, his recognition and popularity is gained through his services to the Brazilian government as a business advisor between the government and the private industries and his mode of arrangements is known as Private Public Partnership (PPP). He has been working in several companies all over Brazil majorly as a consultant and honored diplomat. Felipe is a genius when it comes to his education background and do hold more than three degree’s both the master’s and bachelor’s. He is an MBA student having graduated from Fundao Getlio Vargas Foundation as well as a master’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion and his bachelor’s degree in Spanish and History earned from UC Santa Barbra. View Felipe Montoro Jens profile at Linkedin

Currently, Felipe serves in two big positions in Brazilian companies. As the CEO of Energipar Captacao S.A Company whose major operation is security, that is, it acts as an intermediary in securities transactions processes, commodities and securities. And also as a chairman of Concessionaria do Centro administrative do Distrito Federal S.A. He has been into other several companies as one of the boards serving diligently and committed in providing quality services so as to ensure continual development of the company’s striving hard in providing the best and satisfying services to their clients. Being a specialist in infrastructure, he has handed his hand in providing innovative and creative solutions that do enable the government together with corporations utilize resources economically so as to reduce and eliminate waste and thus gaining more profits and being in a stable state financially. Being an admired leader and a diplomat, Felipe is an influential, inspiration and professional person to all.

Visit: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/

Dan Bethelmy-Rada – Lessons that can be learned from this young Global President of L’Oreal Professional Products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada heads the L’Oreal Professional Products Global president. He is young, only 40 years old and he is currently the youngest DMI General Manager in the whole company. Mr. Dan Bethelmy-Rada took over from his predecessor in 2015 January. He has served the company for close to 15 years. He is known to be good at what he does. In an interview, here is what we managed to capture about Bethelmy-Rada the pressure as well as perks he goes through as the president of this big corporate. We also sort to know how he managed so well to balance between career and family.

How he started off in the beauty industry

He explains that he has spent a big chunk of his life moving internationally. He was born in Venezuela, lived in the US for 10 years, then to Paris at 16. He fell in love with photography and loved the challenge of finding beauty even in the undervalued places and subjects. After campus International Business at Sorbonne University, he was ambitious of starting a career an international brand, building marketing initiatives as well as growing a presence worldwide. After finishing MBA, he was appointed to the position of Product Manager for LaScad and basically that’s how the journey started.

How he brings Ideas to life for the global brand

He explains that he loves photography and ideally he finds inspiration from photos as art exhibitions. He enjoys putting his ideas into photography and giving his concepts life through photography. While Dan Bethelmy-Rada says that this is not the final product, however, he likes communicating through photography, even when he is spurring a brainstorming group with a group. He also draws inspirations from trending reports as well as social media, which he doesn’t take for granted. His team brings the ideas to life and it is great.

The advice he would give his younger self

There is more time for one to continue learning and continue growing thus there is not the right time for one to start living their dreams. Bethelmy-Rada says that when he was a student he couldn’t wait to kick start his career and become successful. Nonetheless one has time but the key word here is to enjoy every moment as it comes.

Deirdre Baggot, the Pioneer of Bundled Payments Model

Deirdre Baggot, the current Vice President of The Camden Group, is one of the most respected personalities on matters concerning bundled payments. As the pioneer of bundled payments, she has been the most reliable source of information on the payment model. For this reason, the US Congress invited her to clarify the effectiveness and possible application of bundled payments. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services also appointed Deirdre to carry out an expert review of Bundled Payments for Care Initiative. Additionally, she has also served as the leader of the Bundled Payment Demonstration for the Acute Care Episode. Learn more on medicaldailytimes.com

Deirdre Baggot is an extensively experienced and expert in the healthcare sector. She made her debut in the sector way back in 1997 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she worked for six years. She began out as a resource coordinator and staff nurse. She also served as the manager, hospital administration group. Later on, Deirdre moved to Ann Arbor in Michigan, where she joined the University of Michigan Health System. She worked as a business analyst and an administrative manager.

In 2006, Deirdre joined the Cardiac and Vascular Institute, which is a subsidiary of SCL Health. At the institute, she served as a senior administrator, leading a team of 450 workers. Her primary roles included payer contracting, acquisitions, business development, recruiting, and marketing among other tasks. Her most significant accomplishments at SCL Health include, among others, adding an extra 11 clinic locations as well as hiring key personnel, which turned out to be very supportive in the future.

Deirdre Baggot has received several awards for her extemporary work on the development of bundled payments practice. She has also been invited to several high profile medical conferences to deliver expert speeches. Some of the important conferences that Deirdre has addressed include the American College of Healthcare Executives, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Medtronic, the American Heart Association, Bundled Payment Summit, American College of Healthcare Executives, Pay-for-Performance Summit and Bundled Payment Congress, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association among many others. Deirdre has also authored more than twenty papers on healthcare reform, payment transformation, and bundled payments.

Read more: https://www.ecgmc.com/thought-leadership/blog/p/26


How Have Past Experiences Helped Shape Peter Briger’s Success?

Experience and expertise in distressed and bad debt have earned Peter Briger the nickname, distressed debt titan in the investment world. In the last two decades, he has also displayed exemplary leadership and finance skills as a founding principal and current Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group, LLC. But how did he get here and how has his experience in both the alternative investment world as well as banking helped shape his achievements?

Past experience

Peter Briger started his career in finance at Goldman Sachs soon after graduating from Princeton University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. His deep market analysis skills would see him rise through the banker’s rankers quickly and was named partner 15 years after multinational banker. While at Goldman, Peer was a market analyst and specialized in identifying distressed but potentially rewarding debts. View Peter Briger’s profile on Linkedin

Establishing Fortress investment group

In 1998, Peter left Goldman and partnered with fellow finance experts to form Fortress Investment Group. His experience with distressed debts would see him left in charge of the group’s credit division.

A few years into the firm, his department had grown into one of the largest and the highest revenue earner for the firm, accounting for close to 30 percent of total revenue. By this time, he had expanded its operations to feature distressed debts, mortgages, and companies with more than 300 support staff.

His department was, therefore, instrumental to the overall success achieved by the company. Peter Briger expertise came to test after the real estate market crash in 2008. He, however, helped his company navigate through the crisis and helped Fortress establish an even stronger foundation through further investment diversification and reduced overreliance on mortgages.

More about Peter Briger

When Peter isn’t charting new investment strategies or reviewing old ones at Fortress, he is participating in charity. The entrepreneur has over the years supported numerous charitable and non-governmental organizations in his local Princeton community.

He is also a Board Member at Caliber and Tipping Point schools. Caliber Schools is a group of education centers that help students prepare for the college education while Tipping Point provides quality education for children from low-income earning families in Francisco.

Visit: https://patch.com/new-york/new-york-city/force-innovation-two-decades-fortress-investment-group


Stream Energy Wears its Philanthropic Hat Proudly

Stream Energy, a Dallas, Texas-based energy company, established the “Stream Cares Foundation” in an effort to formalize its philanthropy efforts. Philanthropy has always been part of the company culture, but to establish an entity dedicated to charitable causes is something new in the business world. The entity moved into action following Hurricane Harvey when Stream Cares began funding recovery efforts.

Through its philanthropic methods, the company is giving back to the community. This helps the company build loyalty with customers as well as garner a certain level of respect. Stream Energy has built relationships with several charitable causes through the years including the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. A cause embraced by Stream Energy is homelessness. Working with Hope Supply Co, the two entities sponsored an event called Splash for Hope. It is an event for homeless children and the costs for entrance to the event and meals served were covered by the company and Hope. The event brings homeless children to a local water park for a day of fun.

Stream Energy also works with Hope in a collaborative effort to provide school supplies, clothes, and diapers to disenfranchised children of Texas. Providing the necessary help to the children is both rewarding and uplifting for both companies. It is heartwarming to reach out a helping hand and know the beneficiary of such help is able to take a positive step forward toward a better and more positive life.

The company not only donates financial help to those in need, but they also take the time to meet and work with the organizations and individuals they help. Stream Energy also works with Operation Once in a Lifetime and offered not only financial support, but moral support, as well. The organization offers support to veterans and their families in the Dallas area. The company provided transportation to veterans and their loved ones to attend a special luncheon at a Texas restaurant. After the luncheon, Stream Energy was the co-host of the American Girl Doll Experience. This allowed daughters of members of the military to choose an American Girl Doll and have lunch at the American Girl Café.


Graham Edwards: Business Expert, Telereal Trillium CEO and A Member of the CPS

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium, and he has served in this post from 2011. Telereal Trillium is a property company in the UK. Under the Management of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium became one of the largest property companies in the UK. The growth of the company was mainly attributed to, by the negotiations that Graham Edwards led to acquiring of the Trillium, the acquisition led to an increase of the companies’ annual returns. Averagely, the combined annual returns of the two companies amounted to one billion, which made the company the market leader in the outsourcing of property and property investment.

Before working at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards studied at Cambridge University in England where he pursued economics. Graham Edwards is a member of many associations such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants, UK Society of Investment Professionals, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Graham Edwards is respected for his role in the growth of Telereal Trillium and the role he has played as a philanthropist in the society. Subsequently, the Center for Policy Studies extended an invitation to Graham to be a member of the institution. CPS is a think tank that develops, evaluates, and promotes policies that will facilitate the flourishing of the society.

In February, CPS announced that Graham Edwards was going to be a member of the research institute. He was going to act as the chairman of the Housing Policy Group which was a new area that the company had taken an interest in. Graham Edwards has a vast experience in the field of housing, and it is expected that his experience and knowledge will be used to assist the institution to bring change in housing policies. Therefore, his primary role will be to work with the house experts to create and analyze and housing policies to bring change in house ownership and building in the state (https://www.facebook.com/graham.edwards.315428).



Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Water: Ethical, Charitable, Sustainable, Healthy, And Tastes Great Too

Imagine sitting on a beach and your soaking up the sun and all of the sudden you get thirsty. You reach for a bottle of water and after one sip, you realize that it was not your usual brand. Waiakea Water is everything that Hawaii represents in bottle form. The Hawaiian volcanic water is not your typical grocery store bottled water.

The company was founded in 2012 and the source of water is a volcano. As the snow melts and the rain falls, it goes through a natural filtration system that consists of 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. The water travels for 30 days to get to its designation. It does not get any more natural than that. Trace minerals are infused into the water during its journey making it rich in electrolytes and naturally alkaline.

To Waikea Water it is more than the great tasting water. It is also about being kind the planet that we all have to share. They are the first water bottling company in America to be certified Carbon Neutral. Part of that certification is due to their water bottle. Waikea has no desire to pollute their shores with water bottles. Instead, they created the first water bottle that is 100% biodegradable. Also, their bottles are constructed out of 100 percent recyclable plastic. This means that instead of taking 1,000 years to break down, like most water bottles, their bottle will take 15 years.

It does not stop there for Waikea. The company understands that to be healthy, you need to have something healthy to drink. Waikea has partnered with Pump Aid to provide water and help to create sanitary conditions in Africa and other places worldwide. For every one-liter of water that is bought, Waikea donates one week of drinking water. Thanks to their hard work, over 1.35 million people can get clean water to drink and have access to some basic sanitary needs.


Women and Leadership- Susan McGalla.

Business involves undertaking activities with an aim of making profits. Many myths have been associated with business and how it should be run. For example, some communities around the world still believe that women are not capable of running successful businesses. Women in such societies are left to handle household duties such as taking care of the children while the men engage in economic activities to provide for the family. However, some women have stood out to prove this believe wrong by starting and running reputable business empires.

Susan McGalla is one such woman who has proven that running a business does not depend on one’s gender but on their commitment to do what is required in their line of business. She is the proprietor of P3 Executive Consulting, a reputable company that provides consultancy in various areas. She is a role model and an inspiration to many women around the world. She has been to various forums speaking to women with an aim of inspiring them to get into business and take up leadership positions.

Speaking to the women is one of her ways of giving back to the society. Some scholars argue that businesses that engage in social responsibility are more likely to perform better than those that do not. Susan McGalla started her career from low positions in various organizations and over the years rose to be among the executive leaders owing to her performance. She believes that self-confidence is a sure way to success. The art of believing in yourself. Many women shy away from ventures perceived to be men populated. The gender bias evident in the business world ought to be got rid-off, this can be done through various incentives by both the government and non-governmental organizations to create a level ground for both men and women. The women in business should also serve also serve as a bridge for other women to get into various business positions that they qualify to hold. The measures above are likely to ensure gender-diverse leadership in organizations.