How EOS Has Brought A Surge Of Growth to Oral Care

Oral care is one of the most important aspects of health. Many people take excitement with oral care when it comes to brushing teeth and taking care of the mouth as a whole. However, there is one aspect of oral care that is very likely to be neglected more than others. This is the type of care when someone takes care of their lips. One thing that needs to be recognized is that the lips could be very dry in such an easy way. It also does not help when there is very little in options when it comes to taking care of the lips.

When lip balm was first introduced to the world, it was only from Chapstick. This product came in the form of a tiny stick that was easy to lose. There were also no flavors to it until a little bit later. However, there were still the same ingredients and issues that come with the lip balm. This has remained the same for almost a century. Eventually, a group of people have decided that it is time for some kind of change to the market so that people will have something that is deeply rejuvenating.

This is where EOS lip balm has come in for people. The EOS lip balm company has designed and brought forth a ton of other types of flavors and varieties for people to enjoy. They get to choose from different methods for applying the lip balm on their lips. This has been such a hit with people to the point that more people started buying lip balm. They have gone directly to the EOS products. This shows that EOS is no company that people should leave alone. There is a lot of advantage that comes with using EOS lip balm over other forms of lip balm from Chapstick.

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What’s that Orb-Shaped Lip Balm?

If you’ve recently looked for lip balm during a Walmart shopping trip, the EOS brand might’ve been easier to find than Chapstick. That’s because Evolution of Smooth is now one of the leading lip balm brands, beating the 100-year-old Chapstick brand in both sales and popularity. The seven-year-old EOS brand did something unexpected, but exciting, for both the company and women searching for great lip balm.

EOS lip balms are quite opposite of Chapstick, and it is those differences that helped the brand stick out and become a lip balm leader. The balms use only natural ingredients that smooth and protect the lips. For many millennials, an all-natural product was long overdue. EOS is available in eight exciting flavors, with new options coming soon. Chapstick, on the other hand, made few changes in style or flavor over the years. The uniquely shaped orb container holding the lip balm was also a welcomed changed the world wanted. The attractive, trendy shape of the container made lip balm fun once again. It was certainly different than the boring cylinder shaped Chapstick tube that was inside of pockets and purses for so long.

If EOS continues to handle the lip balm company in the same manner as the past seven years, one can only anticipate great things to come in the future. EOS is a brand that listened; that cared; and showed it in their revolutionary lip balm product. Say farewell to the old, boring Chapstick and grab an orb of EOS ( when you want superior chapped lip protection.