Igor Cornelsen the Banking Investment Manager

Mr Igor Cornelsen Is a renowned investment manager. The entrepreneur was born in Curitiba Brazil on October 4th, 1947. It is interesting, however, that Mr Cornelsen started his career life as an engineer. He joined the Federal University of Parana school of Engineering to pursue the prestigious and competitive course in the year 1965. Igor took on Engineering for two years before deciding to switch to study Economics at the same school. He graduated three years later and went on to work for an Investment Bank.

At this time with minimal technological advances, the mathematical computation skills of an engineer were famous in the banking industry. These engineers were able to calculate compounded interests with sliding rules. Within no time at all, Mr Igor Cornelsen made a name for himself and got transferred to Rio. He was still working as an investment banker. Igor proved to be the best and earned a promotion to the Board of Directors than the CEO at Multibanco. He left to join Unibanco after the Bank of America acquired his company. After Unibanco, Mr Igor joined Libra Bank PLC and his fortunes changed for even better. His skill saw him progress then shift to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank as a member of the Board of Directors and the Brazilian representative. After seven years Mr Igor Cornelsen left the Board of Directors to start his own company as an Investment Manager.

In an interview with Idea Mensch, Mr Cornelsen shares his experience in the over forty years he has been in the banking industry. According to the entrepreneur, the idea to start an investment management company came naturally given his history with banking. A typical day in his company office involves early rising and constant updates with the current state of the market. He keeps himself busy by studying several different economies and companies while making changes to his investments accordingly. He sometimes attends meetings and symposiums and exchange views.

This investment professional ensures his ideas bear fruit by studying the best investment options and taking the right action. His efforts to create trends in the market is what excites him the most. His most significant positive habit is spending the time to acquire the right market information from Reuters. His advice to young entrepreneurs is to read a lot. His most critical belief is to base arguments on facts rather than let other people’s opinions influence yourself.