Rebel Wilson to Star in Rom-Com, Isn’t It Romantic

Isn’t it Romantic, is a romantic comedy that is set in New York City. Natalie is a skeptical architect who openly hates romantic comedies and is highly convinced they are just fantasies. However, one encounter with a thief puts her unconscious and she later awakens exactly in the middle of the romantic comedies she hates and guesses what? Natalie is the main character. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Stunning Transformation Rebel Wilson | The List

Natalie is involved in a complicated love triad with a very handsome stranger called Blake who is played by Liam Hemsworth and her best friend, Josh who is personified by Adam DeVine, who is in love with a yoga ambassador personified by Priyanka Chopra. To make matters worse, all nudity and vulgar language is cut out. Boring huh? Let’s wait for the movie to come out.

Rebel Wilson and the movie’s director, Todd Strauss went through and re-watched several different rom-com to come up with this one and the movie is said to include tributes to a classic movie like Julia Roberts’, Pretty Woman. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

You might remember Rebel Wilson from the famous musical movie series Pitch Perfect where she played the famous role of Fat Amy. She was born in Sydney, Australia, and her parents were professional dog breeders, they bred Beagles. Rebel has three siblings and she was the shy one of the bunch. She was so shy her mom believed that she had one of those social mental illnesses and at some point, in her childhood, Rebel was forced to attend acting classes.

When she was almost turning 15, Rebel began to change her ways and she first joined her school debate team. In an attempt to break her shell faster, one of her school teachers encouraged her to sign up for an Australian creative tournament where she would begin to work on improv and minor public performance.

Having attended an all-girls high school, Rebel was taught that being a woman meant you could be anything you wanted and you could pursue any career you wished to. At the age of 17, Rebel traveled to South Africa with Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program, where a bite from a mosquito gave her a vision of winning the Oscars and at the same time, she began to take a keen interest in acting. Follow Rebel Wilson on Twitter

After attending Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program, Rebel came back home to Australia and enrolled at the University of New South Wales and Australian Theater for Young People, which she used to practice and perfect her acting skills.

Being shy has nothing to do with what career path you will end up taking. Rebel was not the best actor and now she is one of the most renowned female comedians in the film industry. She chose to find a style of her own rather than conform to the existing ones and she is making a huge milestone by being the lead character in the movie set to air in 2019.