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Otto Kolschowsky an immigrant living in Chicago implemented his business ideas in 1909 when he started a butchery to serve people in Chicago; he was devoted and passionate with his business and providing the best services Otto business proliferated establishing other butcheries in Chicago. He was helped by his sons to run the industry, and after heading the Butchery to his sons, they joined forces with Ray Kroc to supply fresh meat to the McDonald Restaurants. Ray Kroc was the McDonald Franchiser and started a Restaurant in Illinois before expanding to other parts. His devotion to the business contributed to his promotion as the CEO of the McDonalds restaurants.

The expansion of McDonald continued since they used the franchising method that was gaining popularity across the United States. With Otto sons as the supplies, there was enough meat used in food processing company. After two decades the McDonald restaurant business had expanded globally establishing other restaurants in more than ten countries. They changed the McDonald name to OSI Group since the company comprised of a group of restaurants and partners. OSI Group specialized with providing Burgers to their clients. Ray Kroc ensured that only expert employees were hired to serve the clients with the best services and he oversees the production process.

In the 1960s, OSI adopted the use of freezing and machines that simplified and made the mat supplying business more affordable. They used liquid nitrogen that’s more efficient to keep the food products as fresh as possible. OSI Group provides burgers and other food products with no additives; hence they have continuously adopted advanced technologies ensuring they give their clients meat products made naturally and therefore will not cause any effects to the consumer.

With the expansion in the number of restaurants for the McDonald, Otto sons had to build a plant based in Illinois and adopted modern technologies to ensure there as reliability and efficient supply of meat. In 1975 there was the need to make changes in the Otto Sons management they invited Sheldon Lavine to join the partnership. Sheldon served as a consultant for the OSI Group sharing his insight on the business.

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