Sergey Petrossov’s Journey to Success is a Story of Hard Work and Vision

Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur has been recognized with Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology as well as Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. The CEO and Founder of JetSmarter is always looking for ways to innovate industries.

He co-founded a Russian-speaking educational, distance-learning platform and an online chat system for website customer service. He was the board advisor of a private jet operator based in South Florida. At the time, the operator had the largest Gulfstream charter fleet in the world.

Back in 2009, Sergey Petrossov flew private for the first time in his life and he noticed that the booking process took a manual approach. He identified challenges accrued to using the antiquated, physical approach. While brainstorming on what the solution could be, he realized he could leverage the rising mobile markets to create a solution for a seamless private aviation booking process. Consequently, JetSmarter’s idea was conceived.

Sergey Petrossov mobilized funding to supplement his capital to carry out the project. He put together a development team to develop an app that connects travelers with highly-ranked private jet operators. He initiated the planning phase of the app marking the beginning of the development of the app. The initial version of JetSmarter was released in 2012 to a selected few users as a proof of concept. After raising more funds as well as collaborating with vendors, Sergey Petrossov launched JetSmarter in March 2013.

The renowned tech entrepreneur also co-founded Live contact where he served as Vice President of Business Development for about three years. Sergey moved to the United States from Russia at a young age. He demonstrated his innovative spirit when he started importing and exporting tire rims while in high school. He attended the University of Florida.

JetSmarter’s highly-skilled management, technology, and advisory teams bring more than 100 years of combined experience in private air travel, technology as well as logistics. He leveraged hard work and vision to bring the highly successful app JetSmarter to life.

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