Article Title: How Is Giving AI Startup Companies A Chance To Showcase Their Products

Article Text:, also known as Jingdong, is a company in China that is currently allowing different startups to showcase their AI technology to the world., who is actually the largest retailer in all of China, has recently launched a new program known as JD’s AI accelerator. This program allows AI startups as well as companies who are just starting out to show off and demonstrate their new AI technology. The startups recently showcased were from a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, the legal business, and education.

Some of the projects are already being used by right at this very moment. One example of this would be the top company FaGouGou, which is a company that provides legal services that are powered by AI. The company has been working with’s legal team to help develop a chatbot to help people with legal advice and other legal services. This system is helping many of’s suppliers and partners with quick answers to any legal questions they may have about things such as financing, labor issues, or certifications.

An example of another startup that was showcased was one that was using AI to improve the way customer’s shop for wine. The app produced by this company, known as 9KaCha, uses’s current SnapShop technology to allow users to take photos of wine and then analyze them as well as provide recommendations. The app has a large database of wines that it is able to analyze and give information about, such as color, origin, or taste. is a company who is working hard to provide its resources to companies in China who are wanting to be successful with their new AI technology. offers things such as mentoring or training in areas such as financing, management, and marketing as well as offering them the technical support they need. Companies are also offered access to’s application scenarios that will help allow them to get their product out into the real world. 80 percent of companies that have participated in the program have succeeded in debuting their products for use by everyone.

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