Betsy DeVos and Dreams

Betsy DeVos has always had a temperament that’s earnest. It’s one of the things that so many people everywhere admire about her. She has convictions on her side. She doesn’t let self-doubt interfere with the things she does on a daily basis. Certitude is a concept that has ruled her existence for decades now. This Michigan lady is tough as nails. Dick DeVos can confirm that for everyone. Although she’s undoubtedly tough, she also has a heart of gold that no one can dispute. There are so many things that verify that. She has a not-for-profit organization that makes her feel excited about conquering the day. It’s called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a group that speaks up about all sorts of pertinent All-American causes. It speaks out about cultural matters. It speaks out about the arts. It even addresses things that pertain to education.


DeVos has a strong marriage under her belt. It’s a work in progress, too. DeVos approaches her marriage with all of the care in the world. That may be why she and Dick impress the others around them day in and day out. They share so much, too. Their hearts are similar in so many ways. Dick is a lobbyist and politician. That’s his core. He’s simultaneously a businessman who wants to make sense out of society. Betsy is so many things all wrapped into one. President Donald Trump realized that she’d make an impeccable Secretary of Education for the United States. That’s how she’s held that role for a while now. The position has contributed to a boost in fame for her as well. Fame isn’t something that DeVos has ever wanted for herself, however. It’s actually something that she runs away from consistently. DeVos doesn’t want anyone to idolize her. All she wants is for the people in the United States to all get fair chances regardless of their objectives. She sees so many American families struggling all of the time. They have struggles that involve all sorts of topics. They struggle to pay for tuition for their kids. They struggle to get their children to schools that are in line with their ambitions and hopes. DeVos wants to make educational choice come to fruition in America. She wants to make it come to fruition for the citizens of the world. She cares about educational vouchers, charter schools and all sorts of similar topics. Her husband’s devotion to these topics is just as pure. Since he created the West Michigan Aviation Academy, he’s sympathetic to the concerns of all sorts of American students. His academy’s students are eager to go into jobs that involve aviation. They’re often future pilots.


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