Rebel Wilson’s Has Many Talents Other Than Acting

Rebel Wilson’s friends threw an amazing surprise birthday party for the Hollywood star with a special theme based on her upcoming movie.

It was a cat themed birthday in which the pals took Rebel to fun dance class in which they created their very own kind of exercise, Catzercise. They had 30 minutes to learn the routine, then they did displayed their performance for a video Rebel posted on her social media accounts.

The day was not over yet, and Wilson’s friends took her to a cake decorating class at the uber trendy Milkbar store.

They decorated their cakes to their liking and dined on pizza. This day took place on March 2nd, Rebel’s 39th birthday. She had lots of fun and was able to enjoy the company of her friends.

The cat themed birthday signifies her upcoming film this year called Cats. It is based on the play Cats, which is a popular theater production on Broadway.

Rebel Wilson is bringing her charm to the film version of everyone’s favorite play. The cast is full of big time stars including Taylor Swift, the music sensation and best-selling artist.

The Hollywood star has an interesting upbringing that made her the actress she is today. It was the at 15 years old, Rebel heard your character as a person is set. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

She got to work developing her personality, especially because Wilson was quite a shy child. This took lots of time, courage, and her mother’s persistence and love to get her there. Rebel went to the University of New South Wales to get a proper education.

Since she values education, she made sure that hers was taken care of. Rebel earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater and performance studies. She continued on to earn a law degree too. These degrees have helped the talented actress in her career immensely.

If you look at Rebel Wilson’s list of accomplishments in the entertainment industry, they are plentiful. She has been nominated and won a multitude of awards, has acted in TV, been in many films, and was a voice over for a video game.

She has endless potential and has really flexed her abilities on the big and small screen. Rebel has also acted in theater productions including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and so many more. She joined many theater production companies and clubs in school and professionally.

Some of her biggest film breaks were in the Pitch Perfect film series, Bridesmaids, and Pain and Gain. Rebel can not only act, but is a producer and writer. She created, starred in, and produced the ABC TV show Super Fun Night several years ago. The sky is the limited with this talented actress.

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