Group Is Committed To Quality With Their Expansion

OSI Group used to be a small meat store that was run by a German immigrant near Chicago, but it has grown extensively in the last 100 year to become an international food company and a powerhouse in the food industry. After the original owner of the company got older, he passed the family business down to be taken care of by his sons. His sons made his father pride and managed to expand the company thanks to some good business decisions including an important deal with McDonald’s, which was just a few stores scattered around the country at the time.

OSI Group began supplying the stores of McDonald’s with their popular hamburgers thanks to an agreement between the sons of the founder and the owner of the McDonald’s stores. Even after the popularity of McDonald’s skyrocketed across the world beyond anyone’s expectations, OSI Group continued to be one of the major suppliers for the quality food brand. They quickly figured out new ways to make it possible to meet their demand while ensuring that the food was able to stay as fresh as possible even during shipping. This is when they started using flash freezing techniques for the shipping process.

There are different trends in food around the world which means that OSI Group needs to consider their customer base on a local level in order to know how to truly serve their needs the best way possible. The local leaders of the company make sure to reach out to their customers to get feedback about what they have provided and to find out if there were any ways in which they could use improvement. While satisfying the customer with excellent customer service is important, they seek to go above and beyond what their expectations for the company are. One of the reasons that OSI Group has been able to grow so much over the years is their dedication to providing quality food for their customers. They use the latest production technologies in their business in order to stay ahead of the curve in the industry. Safety is important and they use technology such as x-rays and metal detectors in order to ensure the quality of their food.

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