ClassDojo Continues To Create a Positive Culture

Ever since the beginning of time, when a parent asks their children about how their day went or how school was the one and the only reply of students would be “Fine.” or “Nothing.”. Parents would really want to know about their child’s performance and what is really happening at school when they are not around which is why ClassDojo is the answer and solution to this.

ClassDojo is a platform for school communication that makes it quick and easy for parents, teachers, and students to actively share and interact with what is happening during school hours.

A Fun and Empowering Community

Nowadays, advancements in technology have greatly influenced education and the environment at school consists of the smart board such as the use of iPads for each child wherein witty children tend to hack the Wi-Fi password of the schools in order for them to browse online. Effective classroom applications are a helpful tool as well as examples of classroom applications are Google Classroom, Edmodo, ClassCraft, Kahoot, and so on.

Teachers from different schools in the United States recommend ClassDojo simply because it has helped in making what they do in class in an easier and clearer understanding according to Alexandra Blais, a first-grade teacher at École Jules-Verne in Montreal North. She has been an active user of ClassDojo since the year of 2014 and has been a teacher for almost eight years. She also stated that the only source of interaction between her and the parents of her students was written notes until ClassDojo came along and made life easier.

Furthermore, the benefit of an online class application in compared to written notes in a student’s agenda is that parents tend to forget to check and not notice the written notes while online applications have push notifications where parents will be informed immediately.

ClassDojo was a system that is specifically created for desktop and smartphone use. It is an application that helps parents to connect with teachers easily by sharing information such as projects or homework assignments or by monitoring the child by sending video and pictures on a regular school day. It is a parents’ dream application indeed. Find out more about ClassDojo;

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