Ara-wareness Chakerian on Mental Health

Ara Chakerian is philanthropist and businessman. Ara focuses are on cummunity efforts around health, environment and the development of the youth. In an interview, he answered several questions based around his focuses. He spoke about his latest venture is to provide outpatient radiology. Ara would provide a new device that can help treat depression. The device is called the “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, the promises of the device would become the third pillar in psychiatric care, medication, and in talk therapy. Other doctors, including himself, came to the conclusion learning how to run a clinic and group practice has its difficulty. Ara Chakerian wants to design a health care model suitable for both physician and patients. Currently, Ara opened seven facilities around the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Each room is 3,000 feet for the treatment device and the consultant areas. The philanthropist follows the trends is Digital Health care, telemedicine, and health care apps that assist with the Healthcare system. The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and other digital health devices can pickup changes in patients of depression.

Ara Chakerian talks about Mental Health Awareness month and the importance to observe and be aware of mental health and illness. The event started back in 1949 by the Mental Health America Organization. There are millions of people who work directly and indirectly in the field. There another million who suffer a mental health problem or issue.

Ara Charackerian speaks on the best way to help those in need is to get them a professional. Call for those who need help. Share experiences with another who is also suffering. It’ll help others open up. Changing the stigma around mental health and us words that won’t make sound wrong. Acceptance is the key. Taking care ones own health and becoming well-balanced throughout it. Become a part of the awareness month to know what to do, learn about it, and what is happening with Mental Health all around.

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