Sussex Healthcare’s Legacy Moves Into The Future

The concept of what makes a good healthcare facility is not boiled down to a simple check list. A location has to find the balance between offering quality service that make patients want to show up, and the personality to make them stand out. Sussex Healthcare is a UK based facility that has had overwhelming success in the region. It was founded by a hotel owner and dentist, which gave the facility a unique blend of service and hospitality that was never seen before in the area. However, times are changing and a company must evolve to stay current. Gazette Day recently published a article describing how this company is changing with the times.

The patients are the lifeblood of a medical care facility. If they don’t receive quality treatment, they will spread negative information and new patients will stop coming. Sussex Healthcare strongly believes in investing in the team of nurses of doctors, as they are the first ones seeing patients. They should be equipped with the knowledge to handle any illness, and the social training to give each individual specialized care they deserve. One of the nurses, Lynn Lovett, describes how much she enjoys her interacts with patients in the Upper Mend. She hopes that her presence brings joy to these individuals who are near the end of their life.

Sussex Healthcare goes above and beyond to ensure the facility is always looking to the future. They have an advanced IT team who works around the clock to keep everything functioning. In addition, they ensure all systems are using the most up to date technology. Lynn Lovett also expands on how she performs educational recruitment campaigns to bring in new patients who might be looking for treatment. Sussex Healthcare believes that having new individuals come and go, keeps the flow of ideas from drying up.

Sussex Healthcare loves to the smile on their patients faces when they leave with a satisfied experience. The living facilities have a variety of features to make everyone feel at home. While the medical treatments are always using the most advanced options.

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