Sandy Chin’s Reading Program

After seeing a need for books at an elementary school, Sandy Chin jumped into action. The school that Sandy Chin would be helping is called PS11. This school is for students of low income housing. Shen wanted to make sure that the students had books readily available to them for during the summertime. Reading during that three month break of school can be very important for students. It helps them to keep their minds fresh, and remember everything they learned during the previous school year.

A lot of times when children do not read during the summer they will fall back on their reading skills. Sandy Chin is also helping local libraries to start reading programs for the students that will run over the summer. A lot of parents cannot afford to buy their children books, so being able to help put books into the hands of children is something that makes Sandy Chin feel very good about. To jump start her idea of putting books into the hands of children Sandy Chin started a book drive at PS11. People could come to this book drive and donate their used books for children in need. They would then hand the books out to the children in hopes that over the summer the children would have the material they need to keep reading. The response to the book drive was overwhelming, they received over three thousand books in one week!

Making sure that children read is important. Making sure that they have the materials they need to do this can be difficult. Books can be expensive, and when parents are already struggling to provide it makes it that much harder for them to provide books for their children. Having people like Sandy Chin to help out with issues like these is great. Sandy Chin wants children to continue to learn and get the most out of their education. Sandy Chin is helping our children read.


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