Dan Bethelmy-Rada – Lessons that can be learned from this young Global President of L’Oreal Professional Products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada heads the L’Oreal Professional Products Global president. He is young, only 40 years old and he is currently the youngest DMI General Manager in the whole company. Mr. Dan Bethelmy-Rada took over from his predecessor in 2015 January. He has served the company for close to 15 years. He is known to be good at what he does. In an interview, here is what we managed to capture about Bethelmy-Rada the pressure as well as perks he goes through as the president of this big corporate. We also sort to know how he managed so well to balance between career and family.

How he started off in the beauty industry

He explains that he has spent a big chunk of his life moving internationally. He was born in Venezuela, lived in the US for 10 years, then to Paris at 16. He fell in love with photography and loved the challenge of finding beauty even in the undervalued places and subjects. After campus International Business at Sorbonne University, he was ambitious of starting a career an international brand, building marketing initiatives as well as growing a presence worldwide. After finishing MBA, he was appointed to the position of Product Manager for LaScad and basically that’s how the journey started.

How he brings Ideas to life for the global brand

He explains that he loves photography and ideally he finds inspiration from photos as art exhibitions. He enjoys putting his ideas into photography and giving his concepts life through photography. While Dan Bethelmy-Rada says that this is not the final product, however, he likes communicating through photography, even when he is spurring a brainstorming group with a group. He also draws inspirations from trending reports as well as social media, which he doesn’t take for granted. His team brings the ideas to life and it is great.

The advice he would give his younger self

There is more time for one to continue learning and continue growing thus there is not the right time for one to start living their dreams. Bethelmy-Rada says that when he was a student he couldn’t wait to kick start his career and become successful. Nonetheless one has time but the key word here is to enjoy every moment as it comes.

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