The Philanthropy of Jeremy Goldstein

After joining the workforce and serving his time as a firm clerk, he started practicing at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. Eventually, he made partner but decided to leave the firm to start his own.

Currently, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is one of the most prestigious boutique law firms in New York. He has hundreds of clients, all compensation committees, CEOs, management teams, and Fortune 500 companies. They trust Jeremy Goldstein to give them the best options to resolve all their troubles. As his career continues growing, Jeremy Goldstein’s becoming more focused on philanthropy.

With more people knowing his name, he figured he would be the perfect person to help Fountain House raise awareness of mental illness. Fountain House is dedicated to the recovery of anyone suffering from any mental illness or struggles. Not everyone who’s struggling through life has an illness, and that’s what Fountain House wants people to understand.

Unfortunately, there’s still a powerful stigma associated with the words “mental illness.” That stigma causes more damage than anything, including the illness itself. To help curve people’s perspective, Jeremy Goldstein began hosting high-profile wine dinners. At his last event, he raised over $23,000 for Fountain House’s self-help program.

October 18 of last year, Goldstein attended the Tenth Annual Fountain House Fall Fete. The purpose of that event was to introduce everyone to the new audience of leaders that would be continuing Fountain House’s comprehensive mental health model. The event also includes a small award ceremony, honoring those who’ve accomplished great deeds in the fight against the stigma.

George Petrides was honored; Petrides has suffered from Bipolar II for much of his life but manages it quite successfully. Petrides decided to share his experience with others.


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