Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod Reunite in Healthcare Investments

Two healthcare investment moguls, Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are now on their verge of working together again in bringing changes in the healthcare sector after years of working independently. The two have, however, a rich history, one that can be traced back to 1998 when Weisbrod founded Merlin Corporation and hired Gottlieb to manage the corporation’s investment portfolio. Merlin, however, after a few years of successful investment, collapsed and the two parted ways to make their investments individually in the healthcare sector.

Weisbrod, obsessed with the healthcare investments, created the Iguana Healthcare Partners, a corporation that majors on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare services in general. Using his experience and skills garnered from his Ph.D. education in the 70s and his experience from running the disbanded Merlin, Weisbrod was able to steer Iguana Healthcare into the right direction.

Gottlieb, on the other hand, established himself by founding and running his own investment company which he dubbed Visium Asset management. However, he did not invest in the healthcare sector as much as Weisbrod did. The company, despite performing so well in the first few years of its inception, ended up turbulently following fraudulent engagements where the FBI brought charges against the founder and owner, Mr. Gottlieb for charges ranging from tax evasion to insider trading activities.

After winding the company, Gottlieb founded another corporation, Altium Capital which he decided to align towards the healthcare sector. Altium bought a 5.61% stake at the Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc., a company currently championing the production of biotechnology products including insulin for the Asian markets. Currently waiting for approvals to expand its markets and products from the FDA, Oramed is currently working under the same roof as Weisbrod’s Iguana Healthcare. After a turbulent start, the two healthcare investment moguls are now working together again to bring positive changes in the healthcare sector, a sector they once thrived in.

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