Bruno Fagali Highlights Effective Regulations That Will Protect Brazil’s 2018 Election Process from Misuse of Sate Advertising

Throughout the world, an electoral period has been one of the most anticipated times. These periods raise global attention as local citizens confer their leaders with tasks of steering their country’s growth. In Brazil, the situation is not different. Brazilians, as well as players in the electoral process, are positioning themselves for the upcoming October 2018 General Election. But as Lawyer Bruno Fagali notes, State Advertising is subject to misuse, and thus, there is a need to observe strict guidelines concerning state advertisement. Know more about Fagali at Jusbrasil.


Protection of the electoral process against misuse should, first, begin with strict adherence to the set rule by federal government managers. For instance, state-owned entities such as Petrobras and Banco do Brasil must establish limits on candidate sponsorships and publicity expenses. As advocate Fagali observes, these government-owned companies receive huge revenues and can make handsome donations. Hence, limits will serve well in ensuring the companies don’t misuse state advertisement.


Suspension of federal government entities from involvement in the electoral process is also key to limiting misuse of state machinery in publicity. State officials have to refrain from making new communications that can sway public decisions, in both social networks and mainstream media such as TV and radios. Read more about Fagali at Crunchbase.


Despite the availability of regulatory rules on elections, Bruno notes that state-owned entities have to take the first step towards a successful process. They must declare their stands in the regulations by openly obligating to suspend advertisement or promotional activities. Then, the entities and officials must be accountable for their actions and endeavor to comply with their obligations.


It is important to note that the executive organs dealing with transparency have to continue with their duties despite the challenges and the set rules. If these organs are ready to input their dedication to the fight of misuse of funds and state machinery, Brazil is set for a landmark general election that will display transparent outcomes.


About Bruno Fagali


Bruno is the founder of Fagali Advocacy, a firm that focuses on compliance, regulatory, and other branches of law. Besides running a private law firm, he is the Corporate Integrity manager for Nova SB. The Sao Paulo-based advocate studied law degree at Pontificia University as well as a Master’s degree in State law at the University of Sao Paulo.


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