Southridge Capital, a private equity company of choice to many business organisations

Southridge Capital is a private equity company in the United States that is dedicated to providing financial and investment advice to the public companies and other business organisations. It deals with security brokerage services and banking services. It was started just some few years back by Stephen Hich who is the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the company until today. The company has been able to go through rapid growth and development over the years it has been in operation because of the quality services it offers to its clients that makes it market itself in the world market.


Some of the services that are offered by Southridge Capital are: One, the company collaborates with other banking or financial institutions that their clients obtain credit services from. This is to give them the quality advantage of reducing the lengthy process involved in the authentification of the companies when they want to receive credit services form them. This saves them time and the probability of being denied loans by the financial companies.


Two, Southridge Capital is concerned with the financial planning and the analysis f their companies. Poor planning may lead to the collapse of business because it has many adverse consequences. One o the effects of poor planning is that it can lead to poor management of the company’s resources and this is what Southridge is concerned about their clients. The company, therefore, helps the clients in their balance sheet optimisation and the analysis of financial statements of the clients for them to make the right decisions and strategic planning from the analysis done. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Besides, Southridge Capital’s objectives are never complete if they do not give back to the community which is one of the most important responsibilities that companies should have towards the society. The Chief Executive Officer of the Company Stephen Hike together with his wife started the Daystar Foundation that is an organisation which is dedicated to supporting charity groups in the community. Some of the organisations that they assist with the help of Southridge Capital are Huss Memorial Scholarship and Ridge Field Community and save a child’s heart foundation among others.



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