Louis Chenevert- His role at UTC

Louis Chenevert became the president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999 after serving for about six years in other levels within the company. He had earlier made a switch from the auto industry to the aerospace industry after spending 14 years at General Motors plant in Montreal. Under his management, P&W Louis Chenevert oversaw the company become profitable again since, by the time he was taking over as the president, it was not doing well at all. Chenevert used his experience to work on technology that would bring efficiency to the company. One of the things he did was to shorten the production time of engines from 2 years to nine months. With better efficiency, the company started making profits. At a time when the market was not doing very well, Louis Chenevert put in place measures that cushioned it from losses.

P&W is an aircraft engine manufacturer for both commercial and military planes. It is one of the leading companies globally in this field. The company has over 33,000 employees and the fact that he was given the mandate to lead the company after spending a short time in the company was approval of his accomplishments. With the good results he had produced with P&W the parent company United Technologies Corporation came looking for his services. P&W is a subsidiary of UTC.

At the time he was leaving P&W he had initiated the pan of building an advanced jet engine known as geared turbofan engine. As he transitioned to take up the role of CEO at UTC, he kept this idea in his mind. UTC would not only require him to deal with matters in the aerospace industry but even other technical products such as elevators and escalators, HVACs, and security systems.

AT UTC, Louis Chenevert brought back the idea of the GTF engine. He invested $10 billion in the development of this engine which despite being criticized for its huge cost at the beginning now forms the biggest budget of the company’s revenue. The engine offers some unique advantages such as less environmental pollution and low fuel consumption. It has become one of the most sought after engines in the aerospace industry.


Jason Hope and the Expanding IoT In Air Travel

Entrepreneur Jason Hope is a believer in the Internet of Things. Specifically, he believes that it is impacting air travel. It seems everything from the jaunt to the airport door to baggage pickup has hurdles in air travel these days. The savvy customer seeks more and more service, and better travel experiences, as they develop relationships with airlines. While airlines have used technology and mileage plans to establish better relationships with customers, they believe they can do even more with Bluetooth technology and the Internet of Things. Jason Hope agrees, and believes that it is in fact the strongest approach to better business in airline travel.

He thinks there will be some hurdles. For example, privacy and data breaches are an obvious risk. Bluetooth technology is connected to people’s phones very often, and this could pose a significant business risk for airlines if they were to have a data breach. Besides computer and data security, Jason Hope believes that the business practices around the Internet of Things must not make the technology obsolete. Lastly, the expense of implementing newer and newer technology could prove to be a significant hurdle for those in the travel business.

What’s on Jason Hope’s radar as far as potential increases in the use of the Internet of Things? Assigned seating, for one, is already in use in some places. It can be personalized different ways, starting with a multiple choice questionnaire performed by the consumer. It can also be based on conditions during air travel, such as the physical comfort of the passenger. How would the airline know how to move a passenger? Again, the Internet of Things proves useful. The sensors of today are so tiny they can be placed on almost anything. They can be used to measure airplane mechanics, humidity in the passenger’s chair, and baggage location.

A self-proclaimed futurist, Jason Hope believes in the more forward thinking uses of Bluetooth technology as a means to better customer satisfaction and more business. While many sensors are in place and in use at some airlines, airports themselves are next to pick up on the trend. Bluetooth technology could go as far as helping the consumer find their way through the airport on time.

References: www.wingsjournal.com/jason-hope-airlines-internet-of-things

Achievements of Lacey and Larkin

In the United State, there is a tremendous controversial debate that revolves regarding the presidential pardon. The recent one is presidential pardon issued by President Trump to Joe Arpaio who is known to be the toughest Sheriff. Joe Arpaio imprisoned Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey innocent citizens.

Ten years ago, undercover agents were sent to Phoenix Arizona where Larkin and Lacey resided and were arrested. Sheriff Joe Arpaio issued the orders for their arrest, and the two innocent gentlemen were charged with the accusation of disclosing information concerning a grand jury investigation.

Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin worked as editors in the Village Voice Media Newspaper, and that is where they published about the grand jury; unfortunately, they were not aware it was an issue under investigation.

Joe Arpaio had lots of accusation more so violating the constitutional rights, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made it known to the members of the public through their publication.

No newspaper had rights to make a publication of the stories about Arpaio. When Lacey and Larkin boldly made that publication, other newspapers took over, and the story went viral all over the United States.

The two remain in prison for 24 days, and they got their liberty after that and filed a case against Joe. There was compensation of $3.7 million since they exposed the truth about the malpractice and corruption issues of Joe Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The charges that he faced resulted in his re-election denial and that is when Trump endorsed him.

Sheriff Arpaio discredited the Latinos, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey formed an organization that they run since it aimed at helping the Latinos to fight for their rights.

The publication that was made by Larkin and Lacey enlightened the public, and they all knew the misdeed of Joe thus making it challenging for him to make any achievement in life.

Through the Frontera Funds, Michael and Jim continue to fight for the rights of all the Latinos. Jim Larkin went to Arizona State University and pursued a course leading to Editorial work.

Additionally, he was serving as editor in New Times, and that prepared him appropriate for his career. On the other hand, Michael Lacey also schooled at Arizona State University and studied editorial works. He too served at New Times together with Larkin.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the most renowned journalists in the United States for their bold in making publications of investigative reports despite the hindrance that face them.

They have contributed to Village Voice Media Holding in a significant way making the company have a positive reputation. Besides, they are role model to other journalists that they have their freedom in exercising their career rights.

The organization that was formed by Larkin and Lacey is known as Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. It is helping the Latinos to feel valued, and no one can discredit them. They can feel the freedom since they are highly embraced by American people in the designated cities they live.

Stream Energy Wears its Philanthropic Hat Proudly

Stream Energy, a Dallas, Texas-based energy company, established the “Stream Cares Foundation” in an effort to formalize its philanthropy efforts. Philanthropy has always been part of the company culture, but to establish an entity dedicated to charitable causes is something new in the business world. The entity moved into action following Hurricane Harvey when Stream Cares began funding recovery efforts.

Through its philanthropic methods, the company is giving back to the community. This helps the company build loyalty with customers as well as garner a certain level of respect. Stream Energy has built relationships with several charitable causes through the years including the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. A cause embraced by Stream Energy is homelessness. Working with Hope Supply Co, the two entities sponsored an event called Splash for Hope. It is an event for homeless children and the costs for entrance to the event and meals served were covered by the company and Hope. The event brings homeless children to a local water park for a day of fun.

Stream Energy also works with Hope in a collaborative effort to provide school supplies, clothes, and diapers to disenfranchised children of Texas. Providing the necessary help to the children is both rewarding and uplifting for both companies. It is heartwarming to reach out a helping hand and know the beneficiary of such help is able to take a positive step forward toward a better and more positive life.

The company not only donates financial help to those in need, but they also take the time to meet and work with the organizations and individuals they help. Stream Energy also works with Operation Once in a Lifetime and offered not only financial support, but moral support, as well. The organization offers support to veterans and their families in the Dallas area. The company provided transportation to veterans and their loved ones to attend a special luncheon at a Texas restaurant. After the luncheon, Stream Energy was the co-host of the American Girl Doll Experience. This allowed daughters of members of the military to choose an American Girl Doll and have lunch at the American Girl Café.



Jeremy L. Goldstein, with a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, master’s degree from the University of Chicago and a doctorate from New York University, is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates.

The firm is devoted to advising business and compensation committees, management teams and CEO in administrative matters on compensation and corporate governance.

Goldstein chairs the Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee in the business section of the American Bar Association. In the last decade, he has worked with various large corporate deals and is among the leading USA executive compensation attorneys.

Jeremy Goldstein’s idea of JLG Associates was as a result of governance talks over a decade ago concerning conflicting interests in executive compensation. Many of the firms detached from large organizations, and that’s how Goldstein thought of an opportunity for a law firm to provide the same thing.

Goldstein says there are no shortcuts to his kind of work; therefore, he ensures his days are productive by being fully dedicated and available, and therefore he limits the number matters he accepts to only those that are extraordinary or those requiring his skills and experience.

The one corporate governance or executive compensation that excites Goldstein is the fact that shareholder rights advocates have achieved most of the changes to governance they have been looking for since the last millennium turn. Read more:  Jeremy Goldstein | Quora and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Being in this line of work for nearly 20 years makes it easy for Goldstein to make his ideas come to life since most issues being faced have been dealt with in the past. Goldstein is an effective lawyer because of his ability to know his clients better thus he can advise them even better.

He interacts with his clients socially and professionally and keeps in touch even when they don’t have a matter at hand this way clients become more likely to turn to him for advice. Goldstein advises that things which look like setbacks are opportunities and recommends one to be aggressive on acquiring new technology.

Before founding JLG Associates, Goldstein was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. He frequently writes and speaks on issues concerning executive compensation and corporate governance.

For the NYU Journal of Law and Business, Goldstein is a Professional Advisory Board member. He is also a member of the New Leadership Council of Make-A-Wish Foundation and Fountain House member of the Board of Directors. Follow Jeremy on Twitter.

GreenSky Credit shuns trendy techisms, focuses on reducing friction

When David Zalik founded GreenSky Credit in 2006, he was nearly 100 percent sure that he had a winner on his hands. But the then-32-year-old entrepreneur was facing a market that was uncertain and a model that had never before been tested. Still, the young businessman was willing to stake essentially everything he had on the future success of his company. David Zalik had as much skin in the game as can possibly be put there.

To come up with the money, he mortgaged more than $10 million of commercial real estate, representing his entire effective net worth. Zalik could have taken on partners, but so strong was his belief in the future success of GreenSky Credit that he wanted to retain as much equity in the firm as he possibly could. This would prove to be a wise decision.

Zalik first got the idea for GreenSky Credit while working on another one of his companies, Outweb. The e-consultancy firm had a large number of clients in the home-remodeling sector. And Zalik was able to see, first-hand, the problems that this industry faced. One of the issues that Zalik saw was the constant losing of sales at the retail level to customers who had simply underestimated how much a home remodeling project would ultimately cost. It was not uncommon for customers with little or no contracting experience to underestimate the true cost of projects by up to 50 percent. When they finally were informed of the actual price, the sticker shock was frequently enough to ensure that the deal would fall through.

GreenSky Credit addresses this problem by pairing merchants with 14 of the nation’s largest creditors. Because the majority of customers for high-end home remodeling have excellent credit scores, GreenSky Credit can offer extremely attractive terms on the loans while also guaranteeing lenders a very low probability of defaults. This model has proven to be an excellent way to facilitate deals that would have otherwise fallen through.

Today, GreenSky Credit originates more than $5 billion in loans every year. Zalik seeks to grow to doing $20 billion in annual loans by 2020.


Ian King Offers Bayan Hill Publishing Readers More

Ian King has had a long history of success in the markets, including a ten year stint trading options as a head investor at the Hedge Fund Peahi Capital. More recently, he has developed an interactive cypto currency investment solution and educational tool for Banyan Hill publishing readers. Not only does he write about crypto currency but he trades them himself. With over 20 years of experience analyzing the markets and trading at high level positions, he has secured himself in the cutting edge of investment knowledge. Visit the website iankingguru.com to learn more.

As an opinion leader in the crypto currency marketplace, the tools he has created have helped new investors get started in what is steadily becoming one of the most lucrative and profitable financial markets on this planet. Crypto currency is popular among younger investors who are on their computers and are looking for ways to invest.

Also, Ian King is a weekly author and contributor on Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily. Furthermore, the three part outperforming crypto currency selector he has designed has shown to contribute to an increase in many of his followers’ portfolios. Therefore, his students look to his weekly examinations of the crypto markets on his weekly contribution to the Banyan Hill Soveriegn Investor Daily.

View: https://stocktwits.com/IanKing

Overall Ian King is a wise investor who has seen much success, and has secured a leading position in the world of crypto currency trading. This financial wizard can do just about anything. His readers are now, more than ever, carefully following him using all the tools that he has designed in order to increase the value of their own individual portfolios.

Ian King has shown value as a hedge fund manager and now as a writer, and individual crypto currency trader. People all over the world look to him for ideas and inspiration on when and how to invest in crypto currencies. Consider looking into all of the products he has made in order to learn how you can become more knowledgeable of the crypto currency trading world. Read more about Ian King at Ideamensch.

Sudan Politician- Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese statesman, politician, and a civil servant. He was born on 26th August 1954. He recently published an article on the intellectual property.

Kamil Idris insights on Intellectual property

There exist four major types of intellectual properties; patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. These are laws that are drafted and amended by the government to enable individuals or businesses that have invented something to have the rights to use them.

These laws are essential since they promote growth and development. Moreover, they encourage entrepreneurs to be innovative in creating new products, services, content, songs, among others. Without these laws, you will see another business in a commercial advertisement advertising the same product.

Intellectual property was the key cause of the ongoing trade war between China and the United States. Experts suggest that intellectual property laws are so important such that they cannot just fade in one day since they will continue to play a fundamental role in brand innovations. In today’s world, the intellectual property serves an important purpose. According to Kamil Idris, with the innovation and advancement of the internet, intellectual property laws are crucial due to the increase in internet advancements.

For instance, the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a government agency that operates under the European Union to protect patients. Patents do not represent all intellectual properties. Businesses only fill them. Business individuals are required to file patents to protect your idea from being used by another competitor. This is important in European commerce.

The European Patent Office is responsible for overseeing that all patent laws are followed in a necessary way. For such reasons, the European Union formed the Patent courts that are situated in Germany shifting from Spain. The intellectual property is very fundamental such that the World’s Intellectual property Organization has a World Intellectual Property Day to make the importance of intellectual properties known to individuals. This is a self-funded agency under the united nation. Currently, it has 191 members. The European Union Trade Secrets Directive was formed in 2016 in conjunction with European Council and European Parliament to deal with the intellectual property.



William Saito’s Advice to Startup Firms

William Saito is a renowned Japanese entrepreneur who has vast experience in investment matters. He is also a successful investor who has made a name in the various enterprises that he has ventured into. Recently, Mr. Saito gave his advice on what startup entrepreneurs need to do to get their businesses going. Mr. William Saito believes that times have changed and these days it’s easier to start up a business than in the past time. The cause for this is the high availability of resources. However, he insists that it is essential to at least listen to the experts who have been in the field for an extended period.

The following are William Saito’s beliefs concerning startups investments:


  1. Marketing

Marketing is the only way that clients can get to hear about your clients. Even for the already established businesses, it is crucial to always keep in touch with the customers. This is because the business world is very competitive and a product may lose relevance to clients if it is rarely advertised. William Saito advises that marketing should be one of the primary things that a startup business should not hesitate to invest in. He says that this practice has an immense impact in determining the success of your business.

Your company may be having employees who are highly knowledgeable in marketing. However, William advises startup firms to engage marketing consultants in their operations. This is because the external firms will bring the newest and the most effective marketing techniques that will ensure that success is attained. The external marketing consultancy firms also have hands-on experience having worked with businesses that thrived or failed. They are, therefore, highly likely to advise you accordingly.


  1. Fill a market gap

According to Mr. Saito, many firms have failed because of being started without a particular purpose. You may be having capital but invest poorly because of lack of information. William Saito advises that it is imperative for startup entrepreneurs to first identify a market gap before venturing into any entity. Filling the gap means that there exist customers in the market who are ready to take your product without having to engage in aggressive competition with others who are selling similar products. Having a clear market gap that you intend to fill also makes it easy for you to obtain funding from the financial institutions. They are sure that your venture has high chances of being successful and thus, their money is safe.


Sean Penn Adds Novelist To List Of Accomplishments With New Book; Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

While Sean Penn might be a big name in the movie industry, a lot of people don’t know that this multi-faceted creative is also a writer who is all set to launch his new book. As someone who has been on some of the biggest stages, winning some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, his impact on the movie and cinema industry has been incredible.

News reporting and interviewing was also something that interested Penn since his early days, but was never really something that he was able to take on full time. The acting was always something that managed to take the forefront of the work that he was doing, which is why there was always a lack of writing that Penn would put out. However, he did do some noteworthy interviews with political figures like Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro and many more. He has also conducted interviews with the other side, namely with people like Joaquin Guzman, who was a drug lord more commonly known as El Chapo. These interviews drew a lot of attention because of their hard-hitting and realistic take on the topics that these interviewees were familiar with.

More recently, Sean Penn decided that he would take a break from his acting career to now focus on his writing since it was something that he has always been meaning to do. He decided to come out with a novel that is titled ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ and is a book that outlines a dystopian environment in which a salesman also works for the United States Government as a contract killer. The book dives into a satirical take on the current governmental scenarios that are capturing the country and is a unique look into the mind and work that Penn wants to put out.

The book has received a good amount of praise from people who have been both captivated and taken aback by the literary work that Penn has put out. The New York Times was one of the first to talk about the book and review it. The correspondents of the paper outlined the book as a good riddle that was wrapped in a reasonable amount of excitement and eccentricity. Overall, the book seemed to see a positive outlook from those who were interested in it.


Writing a book was a far different accomplishment that Penn had made as opposed to what he used to. In a recent interview with Vogue, Penn stated his intention for going down the route of writing a book over screenplays, as he generally is used to. In the interview, he went on to unveil how he wanted to do something that would speak of his creativity, and not something that required the effort of other creative contributors or collaborators.