ClassDojo: Making The Connection

Education technology has come a long way over the past few years. With busy schedules, teachers and parents may find it difficult to get together and talk about a students progress in school. As modern parlance goes there is an app for that and it is called ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a communication application that was created in 2011 to help teachers, students and parents have a positive impact on a child’s education. The app can be used to reward students for good work that is accomplished during the school day. The teacher then can forward the student’s progress to the parent on their cell phone. The app is a surefire way to make sure that parents know what is going on with their child in school,

ClassDojo can be adapted for any classroom and skill level. For example, a teacher can give a student points during the school day for doing things like scoring an A on a quiz or test, helping another student who is having a tough time, or following the teacher’s rules. It helps the student to understand that doing something good can reap positive benefits for the student. It can also create classroom cohesiveness in that if one student can do well in the class for the day all of the students can achieve the same goal for the day.

ClassDojo can also help students in that they can write or make a video about their accomplishments during a school day. This kind of interaction will make a student feel good about what he or she has done during the day and hope to strive for good things down the road.

Parents can also benefit from using the app. ClassDodjo can show them a brief video from the teacher showing a students progress in any subject or if the student excels in certain areas. This app can be taken on the go and teachers, students and parents will benefit from using it.

In an age where things can be transmitted instantaneously, ClassDojo can help students be the best can be. That makes teachers and parents happy.

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