Talkspace: The Journey Starts Now

Life is a journey and there are many ups and downs along that journey. For many people, they are not exactly certain how to handle it or what is the best way to combat it. They are scared, confused, and lost. It is not them. It is the mental illness. Mental illness is one of those things that is hard to describe unless you have actually gone through it yourself. I have gone through it and still do go through it, so I know all about it and what comes with it. It is not a surprise to me. To others that do not have a chemical imbalance, they are confused by it.

They don’t understand why someone could feel upset or why someone could be unhappy. On paper, someone could appear to have the world at their fingertips. However, it is never that easy and never will be that easy. There is a lot more going on beneath the brain than meets the eye. Talkspace, more than anyone, understands that, and it is why they have put together the app for people out there. They want them to be able to talk to a therapist and get in touch with them and find out how they can go about feeling better more often than not.

Mental illness loves to creep in and when it does creep up, it comes on hot and heavy. It is very frustrating for a lot of people out there. They don’t know what to do and they don’t have the skills and the tools to handle it. Talkspace is going to give them a therapist that goes above and beyond to get to the bottom of it and make sure they have more good days than bad days. This is their work and this is their life.

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