Preventing Crime through technology: A new reality-Securus Technologies

Preventing Crime through technology: A new reality

Securus Technologies, whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, is a provider of technology aimed at providing solutions for the safety of the public. The company offers criminal justice and civil technology in order to abate crime. The solutions offered include correction, investigation, and monitoring.

Those working in correctional facilities, such as prisons and jail officials, all over the United States made positive comments about the use of technology in crime prevention. These officials have the task of solving and preventing crimes as well as making confinement environment safer and better.

According to Richard Smith, the chief executive officer and chairman of Securus Technologies, the company develops a new service or product at least once every week aimed at helping corrections officials and law enforcement agencies prevent and solve crimes. Feedback from the use of such technology records that the society, and this includes inmates, parolees, and their families are safe. According to Smith, the core business of Securus Technologies is building safety into what the company does. It is the company’s honor to serve and protect.

According to one of the customers, the information provided from phone calls enabled them to get a search warrant for a staff member who was corrupt. The corrupt member was arrested on allegations of introducing contraband. In this case, the monitored calls gave information the use of alcohol by inmates, sale, and use of drugs in the correctional facility. There were also reports on access to cellular devices, conversations that were suspicious, threats, money transfer, fired shots and even an admission by a civilian who sold discounted prescription drugs.

Secures Technologies can boast of satisfied clients who have greatly benefitted from their services. The company’s work has helped revolutionize the incarceration environment and helped the correctional facilities improve the safety of the public in their respective jurisdictions.


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