Find Your Way with the Might Fortress Church

There are many churches in Minnesota that can help you appreciate the beauty of God. The Mighty Fortress church is one church in Minnesota that takes the beauty of God and translates it in to approachable sermons that will speak to everyone. Many like to travel and see the architecture of various churches in order to grow in appreciation of God’s work. One notable church in Minnesota include the Hopperstad Stave Church in Moorhead. Inside the church features a Viking Ship. Others hike or canoe to Sella Marie Chapel, St. John’s University in Collegeville. This church is only approachable by a hike or sailing. Many others visit the Church of Our Lady Saints in Sauk Centre for the interior artwork. The Mighty Fortress Church is a church with both beauty and a good sermon. Come as you are and find a welcoming place. Watch this video on Youtube.

The beauty of a church can be found most in the sermons. The mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota features over 21 core values. From serving others to being led by God, you can find your place within our church. We feature online streaming and many ministries to add to your experience.


The Mighty Fortress Church is run by Bishop Thomas Williams. His sermons are based upon the word of God, helping to bridge the struggles of everyday life with principle that will actually help. These instructional sermons touch the lives of people, bridging gaps between cultures, ages and social backgrounds. They will speak to you!

Comes as you are to see your life touched by the hand of God. The Mighty Fortress Church is full of individuals who are welcome to worship in their own way, converse with other likeminded people and see the hand of God in people’s life. We have a band, choir and worship team. We focus on what God has done in our lives. Everyone is welcome to hear and worship with us the life changing events that God brings to us and our fellow church members. Your life will be changed at the Mighty Fortress Church. Join us today! Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.


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