Clay Siegall, and his company Company- the Seattle Genetics

It is worth categorizing the field of medicine as the one that demands not only passion but also commitment. The reason is that it entails a direct involvement with the lives of individuals and any errors in the course of duty can lead to loss of lives. The field has a lot of sections within one and those who pursue it tend to specialize as they progress through their studies. Additionally, research forms a supplementary part of the entire field. This is because medical conditions and issues happen from time to time. It is therefore worth appreciating certain individuals such as Dr. Clay Siegall for their sacrifice and effort towards taking it further by setting up the centers to facilitate the services.

He rose to fame for being the Seattle Genetics’ founder as well as its Chief Executive Officer. The center is based at Seattle, and its focus is alongside developing the targeted treatment drugs meant to facilitate the cure of different diseases that have failed to acquire remarkable mortality improvements for a long time.

In consideration of his success story, he is a graduate of The Maryland University from where studied Zoology. He progressed with his education and graduated his Ph.D. from George Washington University having studied Genetics.

The story and service of Seattle Genetics started off in 1998 when the firm was found. He is extensively known for his leadership of the institution towards the attainment of the goals of the targeted therapy sector. They managed to develop the very first antibody drug that earned approval from FDA. At the moment, it currently has several indications already approved. This adds up to the development of a significant pipeline consisting of over twenty drugs as well as a channel of the tactical partnerships alongside drug manufacturers inclusive of Genentech, Bayer, and Pfizer.

It is worth acknowledging the contributions of Siegall’s headship in facilitating the company transformations through the utilization of a proper power player concerning the role of cancer research. Additionally, Dr. Siegall is quite visionary and has several strategies towards facilitating the brightness of the center’s future.

Therefore, history will remember Dr. Clay Siegall for his contributions towards the availability of better medical services and drugs.

Here Are Some Things You Can Buy

What It’s Like: Having Enough To Buy A Country

You might not be able to buy London with a billion dollars.

Imagine what you can do with over $17 billion dollars in your hands. If you’re anything like George Soros, you would give the money away. This is what he did with $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation. You still might not be able to buy London.

There are, however, many Third World countries that could be bought out. The challenge is not imagining what’s it’s like to buy a country however. The real challenge is in understanding what a billion dollars is.

For everything that men and women pursue, there’s a dream or vision behind the pursuit. This vision is a necessary ingredient to piecing together the parts of success that we’re faced with. So when we discuss what it’s like to leverage great power in the world, we’re also encouraging you to imagine yourself with $1 billion.

Like George Soros, You Have To First Conceive The Billion

Reaching any great standard in society is about first envisioning that standard. George Soros is a world-renown financial professional. He’s one who got a jumpstart on his billions the day he imagined himself in possession of it. This wasn’t enough as George had to then learn what a billion was in real life.

Here is the real trick in any of our visions. It’s understanding the finer details. The world at large dreams about wealth and great riches. Where many fail is in learning what the responsibility of a large amount is. For most, it takes a few failures. These can even be moments when we have the money we’ve pursued.

When it’s the first time, however, then that money has responsibilities with it that you won’t see at first. It’s when you hold the money you’ve worked so hard for that you realize what it then takes to have it. Patience was the path of George Soros, and it enabled him to realize great success with a few billion to his name.

Time To Master A Trade And Better Than Anyone Else

The moment when George could understand what he wanted is a time that presented George with better strategic options. The things Mr. Soros didn’t know were no longer holding him back. This means that he could envision what he sought for in life and also see the responsibility for what they really were.Once you put into focus the financial reality, you can earn what you want also. and Follow him

Worthwhile Attention Given to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

Depression is a mental illness that affects almost 16 million adults in the US every year. Research has shown that it often begins in adulthood and is a more common occurrence in women. However, it can happen to anyone at any age without an obvious cause. Almost two-thirds of people who struggle with depression do not seek help for this condition, possibly because of the stigma surrounding depression or mental health as a whole. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

An article that was written earlier this year highlighted the eight facts which show the impact that depression has;

– Depression doesn’t necessarily have an outside cause

– Several kinds of depressive disorders exist

– Symptoms of depression are not always obvious

– Depression takes a toll on your body physically and not just mentally

– The leading cause of death in young people is suicide. Depression is one of the major causes of suicide.

– According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the major causes of disability within the age-group 15-44. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

– Research on depression is not well funded.

– Depression no matter the severity, can be treated.

At Grand Rapids Neurocore Center, we provide testing and focus on natural treatment for depression and other disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, ADD, sleep disorders, memory, and autism. Before we embark on treatment, a test is conducted to understand your neuro profile which will help us to create personalized solutions to help treat a condition or take back your performance to optimum levels. Taking drugs merely masks the problem instead of addressing it. Neurocore’s main focus is fixing it and not just covering it up.

Grand Rapids Neurocore Center utilizes technology to identify and address symptoms. We create a secure and personalized program based on our in-depth assessment and your individual brain map to help train your brain. This comprehensive evaluation includes brainwave analysis using heart rate and breathing analysis, qEEG technology, and other diagnostic tests to paint a picture of what is going on in your brain. Your brain map then becomes a map in designing a personalized solution. The neurofeedback sessions train your brain to function more efficiently providing lasting results.


Preventing Crime through technology: A new reality-Securus Technologies

Preventing Crime through technology: A new reality

Securus Technologies, whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, is a provider of technology aimed at providing solutions for the safety of the public. The company offers criminal justice and civil technology in order to abate crime. The solutions offered include correction, investigation, and monitoring.

Those working in correctional facilities, such as prisons and jail officials, all over the United States made positive comments about the use of technology in crime prevention. These officials have the task of solving and preventing crimes as well as making confinement environment safer and better.

According to Richard Smith, the chief executive officer and chairman of Securus Technologies, the company develops a new service or product at least once every week aimed at helping corrections officials and law enforcement agencies prevent and solve crimes. Feedback from the use of such technology records that the society, and this includes inmates, parolees, and their families are safe. According to Smith, the core business of Securus Technologies is building safety into what the company does. It is the company’s honor to serve and protect.

According to one of the customers, the information provided from phone calls enabled them to get a search warrant for a staff member who was corrupt. The corrupt member was arrested on allegations of introducing contraband. In this case, the monitored calls gave information the use of alcohol by inmates, sale, and use of drugs in the correctional facility. There were also reports on access to cellular devices, conversations that were suspicious, threats, money transfer, fired shots and even an admission by a civilian who sold discounted prescription drugs.

Secures Technologies can boast of satisfied clients who have greatly benefitted from their services. The company’s work has helped revolutionize the incarceration environment and helped the correctional facilities improve the safety of the public in their respective jurisdictions.


Philanthropist George Soros Uses Humanity to Fight Inhumantity

Holding a Bachelors and Masters Degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics George Soros began his career in the banking industry. The accumulation of his multi-billion dollar personal fortune is the result of his acumen as a hedge fund manager.

Now an American citizen Soros supports liberal and progressive causes. He also makes large contributions to the Democratic Party. His charitable endeavors conducted through his Open Society Foundation involve anti-poverty initiatives, the propagation of greater governmental transparency, and the advancement of education through scholarships provided to students around the world.

Since 1979 the Open Society Foundation has devoted $32 billion dollars to promote democracy around the world. Open Society’s pro-democracy efforts began in South Africa and over the last 30 years has extended to over 100 countries.

In 2014 the Open Society Foundation responded to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa by establishing treatment centers. Open Society also works to reduce civil rights violations by law enforcement. With hate crimes on the rise in the United States Soros has earmarked $10 million dollars to combat intolerance based on race, religion or sexual orientation.

George Soros believes that last year’s Presidential election is the root cause of this unfortunate trend. He places the blame on President Trump’s doorstep. In a quote that appeared in the New York Times, he blamed then-candidate Trump’s campaign message for “dark forces that have been awakened”.

George Soros’ beliefs are no doubt the result of having personally experienced oppression and hatred in its most extreme form. Soros was born György Schwartz to Jewish parents in Budapest. Having been born in 1930 he lived through the Nazi occupation of Hungary.

Between military and civilian deaths estimates place the number of Hungarians who died during the occupation at 900,000. A 100,000 of those deaths were the result of the “Final Solution” the Nazi program to eradicate Jews. Soros survived because of a bribe his father paid to an official securing forged documents that listed little György as his Christian stepson. Learn more about George at

Over the course of several years, Soros has infused the Open Society Foundation with personal donations that would ultimately reach the $18 billion mark. These donations went unrecognized until October of this year when the extent of George Soros’ commitment to his values was revealed. Visit The New York Times to learn more about George.

As a record-setting personal donation, Soros’ contribution to his foundation is second only to the monies Bill and Melinda Gates have given to their foundation. Chief executive of the National Philanthropic Trust Eileen Heisman observed, “Given America’s place in the world right now, I think he’s making an enormous statement”.


Find Your Way with the Might Fortress Church

There are many churches in Minnesota that can help you appreciate the beauty of God. The Mighty Fortress church is one church in Minnesota that takes the beauty of God and translates it in to approachable sermons that will speak to everyone. Many like to travel and see the architecture of various churches in order to grow in appreciation of God’s work. One notable church in Minnesota include the Hopperstad Stave Church in Moorhead. Inside the church features a Viking Ship. Others hike or canoe to Sella Marie Chapel, St. John’s University in Collegeville. This church is only approachable by a hike or sailing. Many others visit the Church of Our Lady Saints in Sauk Centre for the interior artwork. The Mighty Fortress Church is a church with both beauty and a good sermon. Come as you are and find a welcoming place. Watch this video on Youtube.

The beauty of a church can be found most in the sermons. The mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota features over 21 core values. From serving others to being led by God, you can find your place within our church. We feature online streaming and many ministries to add to your experience.


The Mighty Fortress Church is run by Bishop Thomas Williams. His sermons are based upon the word of God, helping to bridge the struggles of everyday life with principle that will actually help. These instructional sermons touch the lives of people, bridging gaps between cultures, ages and social backgrounds. They will speak to you!

Comes as you are to see your life touched by the hand of God. The Mighty Fortress Church is full of individuals who are welcome to worship in their own way, converse with other likeminded people and see the hand of God in people’s life. We have a band, choir and worship team. We focus on what God has done in our lives. Everyone is welcome to hear and worship with us the life changing events that God brings to us and our fellow church members. Your life will be changed at the Mighty Fortress Church. Join us today! Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.


Greg Secker Says to Go Into Forex Trading Right Now

If you have thought about going into forex trading, now is the time to do so, according to industry expert Greg Secker. There is no reason to continue holding off for investing in forex, says Greg Secker. In fact, now is the perfect time to do so. Wage growth is going down, and many investment opportunities are disappearing. The best thing is to go into forex trading right now, so that you can add this to your investment opportunities.

Forex stands for foreign exchange. Unlike other types of trading, there are no centralized trading exchanges. However, everything will be managed by computer networks. At the same time, you do not need to be a tech geek in order to succeed with forex. Basically, you will be trading in currencies. So if you think that a certain currency is going to go down and another currency is going to go up, you can trade the two based on your assessments. Then if what you think would happen truly happens, you will end up richer.

The reason you should go into forex trading now, says Greg Secker, is because regular trading just is not as reliable as it once was. There are many things that are going wrong. It is a good idea to add a solid investment opportunity to your portfolio while you still can.

There is no need to be an expert, because there are so many tools on the internet can help you trade on Forex. That is why the learning curve is so easy.

Greg Secker is a well known investor and the founder of companies such as Learn To Trade and the Smart Charts Software. These are all part of his Knowledge to Action Group.

The Greg Secker Foundation is his arm for doing charity work. He is known as a philanthropist, an activist, and a speaker.

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization

Artificial intelligence (AI) has increasingly come into the forefront of operations for many businesses. The capabilities of this type of sentient machinery attract people because it frees them from making manual corrections and performing tasks that can now be done automatically. In the ecommerce and marketing field artificial intelligence technologies, AI, have created opportunities for marketers to keep track of their customers’ behavior patterns and predict the “next big thing.”

Playing the Game-Serving the Customer

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process where an online business owner creates and increases the desire or need for customers to visit their website and purchase their product or service. The owner sometimes enlists the services of sales and marketing professionals to help him increase the appeal and promote the products and services. Any desired reaction from visitors is recorded to get the conversion rate. A number of factors can sabotage this rate.

These include:

  • Economic changes
  • Social changes
  • Physical and mental changes

An example of an economic change would be that the targeted demographic had a sudden change in their economic status. Social changes can occur frequently due to new information or a fluctuation in society. Physical and mental changes happen when circumstances change in a person’s life. It’s not humanly possible to predict these changes. Conversion rate optimization allows the business owner to have a better handle on these changes.

Predicting the Outcome-Supporting the Customer

Every marketer knows that in order for them to keep their jobs that they must be able to support their customers. The pressure to optimize the customer experience is growing exponentially. This means that no business owner can sit back and wait for their customers to come to them. Customers now expect that businesses will understand their needs and support them instantaneously.

AI technologies have provided the means to predict the outcome for the successful maintenance and smooth running of online businesses. These technologies have made it possible to track customer behavior accurately and support their customers in ways they weren’t able to before now.

AI technologies used correctly frees the marketer to focus in on creating the perfect campaign. It also frees him or her to concentrate on the results. AI technologies have helped marketers access information quickly and efficiently. The vast array of data that is collected through the conversion rate optimization process supports the customer in many ways.

The Current Real Estate Trends in Baltimore According to Todd Lubar

The industry of real estate in Baltimore is currently doing very well. Historic landmarks and older buildings in the Charm City have been converted into chic apartment buildings. For instance, the Bank of America building now houses some unique and pricey apartments. Moreover, millennials have made Baltimore their prime destination. Compared to Washington, D.C., the Charm City is relatively cheaper, and many young professionals and recent graduates prefer buying their first homes there.

In addition to the influx of millennials moving into Baltimore, the city continues to provide a friendly environment, especially for start-up firms to flourish. The region is packed with bright entrepreneurs, and the local community is extremely supportive. Many start-ups, including Under Armour have decided to make the Charm City their permanent home. Harbor East continues to provide high-quality dining and shopping options to young professionals. There are lots of apartment and condominium options in the city, and new construction is underway. New shops and restaurants are now searching for prime real estate in Baltimore and are ready to embrace the young crowd of couples without children and recent graduates.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has been in the industries of finance and real estate since 1995. At some point, he worked as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. At Crestar, Todd learned a lot about conservative mortgage banking. He later worked at Legacy Financial Group where he had a chance to expand his lend abilities. At Legacy Financial Group, he successfully brokered loans with individuals and institutions. He worked with the company for three years before founding Legendary Properties, LLC. Check out his for more info.

After founding his company in 2002, he immediately began purchasing, rehabbing, and selling properties. Legendary Properties completed more than 200 transactions within its first year of operation. These transactions involved various types of properties. After being in the sector for 12 years, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Financial LLC. He used his new company to help borrowers who could not receive financial aid the traditional way. Everything Todd did prepared him to launch a remarkable company like TDL Global Ventures. Since he had acquired sufficient knowledge about the industry, he knew the moves to make and how to make them. Follow him on Twitter to see more and get updated on his Facebook

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