The Outstanding Richard Mishaan Design Firm

Richard Mishaan Design firm is a well-established firm that is located in New York City. It is owned and managed by Richard Mishaan. Richard is a famous architect who has also specialized in interior design. His career started when he was working in the Philip Johnson Office while also attending school in Columbia University of Architecture.


The Richard Mishaan Company is well known for its unique sense of creativity and taste in creating exquisite homes that usually are attractive to people seeking to buy houses. The firm collects and mixes different types of designs and decors from various periods of history. Its distinct way of blending different cultural ideas to come up with refined and beautiful homes. Unlike most designers who hit the summit of the market by developing expensive and classy structures that are usually restricted to a specific group of people, Richard Mishaan Design develops both large and small apartments that are marketable to both the low and high-class income individuals.


Over the last two decades, the firm’s work in the design market has not been overlooked. It has been honored with awards by both AD100 as well as Elle D├ęcor A-List. The firm works on diverse projects including commercial, residential, and even hospitality. In most of the projects undertaken by the Richard Mishaan firm, each room is treated as a different entity as hence it is given its luxury. The presidential suites project at St. Regis Hotel is one that he executed with utmost class and perfection. What makes it unique is their ability in interior designing to convert spaces of any size to form finesse estates. The Richard Mishaan firm key to creating a home that is full of comfort and appealing to the eyes is by use of ingenuity and restraint. Mishaan believes that beautiful artistic furniture and fine accessories can all be combined and blended in a room regardless of their cost, period and style.

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